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    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    I vote no.
  2. FunFalconryFacts

    Popular shows you quit on

    Re: Une Famille Formidable - it still has a fantastic theme tune. Enjoy!
  3. FunFalconryFacts

    Popular shows you quit on

    As far as British programmes are concerned, it would have to be Have I Got News For You and Peep Show.
  4. FunFalconryFacts

    Popular shows you quit on

    For me, it was a French programme called Une Famille Formidable. For those who don't know, it is (or was) a quiet, thoughtful comedy/drama about ordinary family life, and it is something of a national treasure in France. It has been running since the early 1990s; they make 2 or 3 episodes per year, each of movie-length, and the original cast are all still in it to this day. Some of the actors who play the children of the original characters are actually their real-life children - it's that sort of programme. It is beautiful, subtle and realistic, and acted by serious actors - it is an undiscovered little French gem. Well, it was. The storylines have become sillier and more sensational over the years, until a recent episode showed the family being stranded on a desert island after their plane crashes, living there fairly happily for a couple of weeks and then being rescued, none the worse for the experience. That was the "jumping the shark" moment for me, but it had been heading that way for a while... I no longer bother to keep up with it, and I do feel some sadness about it, as I grew up watching and caring about those characters (and the actors who played them). Are there any French forumites who feel the same way, or who are still enjoying it enough to stick with it?
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    References and Homages

    He loves his football, but he's a Jets and Giants fan. :) If you're a football fan yourself, you might enjoy his football-related posts on his blog. I absolutely love them - he is knowledgable, opinionated, passionate, colourful. It is very good reading, in other words! He didn't post much about football this season, unfortunately, but I hope he'll be back to his old NFL-obsessive ways soon. If Sam Darnold starts turning the Jets around, and if Eli Manning hangs up his boots, GRRM will have plenty to say about it, you can be sure! And welcome to the forum. :)
  6. FunFalconryFacts

    What was the last time you had your "mind blown"?

    What sometimes blows my mind is that there are adults who are not stupid, who believe incredible things. I used to know an extremely intelligent man who believed that 9/11 was an inside job, after watching Youtube videos and swallowing things that could be debunked with ten minutes on Google. Similarly, religious people who are perfectly intelligent, who believe that the earth is 6000 years old, because they have grown up in a community where everyone believes that, and human beings have a very powerful need to belong to the tribe, and it is extremely difficult/frightening to break away and be the one who doesn't believe. So that's my mind-blowing moment - not that there are people who believe these things, but that a lot of them are perfectly bright. The human mind is a powerful computer, and even the cleverest among us are poor programmers.
  7. FunFalconryFacts

    Other unorthodox books like Cloud Atlas?

    A third vote for If On A Winter's Night... That was the first book that came to mind when I read the question. It's years since I last read it, and this has given me the itch to go back and revisit it!
  8. FunFalconryFacts

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    And here's one that's probably going to be unpopular among sci-fi fans, but, in the spirit of the thread - The first two books of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy were glorious and brilliant, but the later ones often felt as if he was just churning them out to a formula. Sorry, sorry, sorry! I will go and hide now.
  9. FunFalconryFacts

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    Ah, it might be British slang! It means getting to stay in bed longer than normal in the morning. I can only imagine what Orlando must be like! I live in Scotland, and even Scottish summers are uncomfortably hot for me. Orlando... You have my sympathy!
  10. FunFalconryFacts

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    Good idea for a thread - this could be fun! Alright, here we go, in no particular order - I like M Night Shyamalan's films. Tom Bombadil is one of my favourite characters in The Lord of the Rings - love him! Friends was unfunny formulaic rubbish (perhaps that's not a minority opinion really!). There is nothing pleasant about having a lie-in. As soon as I'm awake, I want to get up! James Bond was best when he was silly and funny. Fast-cut editing and shaky cam have rendered modern films and TV virtually unwatchable. And the big one that really makes me feel out of step with the rest of humanity - hot weather is horrible and uncomfortable. Roll on winter!
  11. FunFalconryFacts

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    My pleasure!
  12. FunFalconryFacts

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Good morning, falconry fans! Just wanted to mention that there is a historical precedent for Sansa using a merlin. In medieval Britain, there were quite strict rules about which bird you could own, based on your rank in the nobility. There is a wonderful 15th century book called The Boke of St Albans, still in print today, from which comes much of our knowledge of medieval falconry and hunting. In it, there is a long list of who can own what - for instance, an eagle can only be owned by an Emperor, a king uses a gyrfalcon, an earl uses a peregrine falcon, and so on. Near the bottom of the list (nothing's changed, eh?) we see - "Lady - merlin". I'm sure George, being a lover of history as we know, was aware of this and wanted to get that wonderful nugget of historical reality into the text. In fact, I think the Boke of St Albans would be a fantastic resource for anyone researching a medieval fantasy where the characters talk a lot about hunting; he may well have used it! As to the question of whether a merlin could bring down a duck - well, not physically impossible, but unlikely. Being a fantasy world, the definitions can be slightly elastic - we can always say that merlins are a bit bigger in Westeros, or that there's a small species of duck. Or that Sansa just has a big, aggressive merlin.