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    please delete

    Love it!
  2. Falconer

    Best GRRM Short Stories

    A Song for Lya And Seven Times Never Kill Man Unsound Variations I like Dunk, and I like Tuf, but the above stories are the ones that I keep thinking about.
  3. Falconer

    Most disappointing show cancellations

    Star Trek TOS Battlestar Galactica TOS
  4. Falconer

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Psst, it’s called Firefly.
  5. Falconer

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I think of it as three acts because of George’s original outline, which I’m sure you’ve all seen, so I expect in general 1. War of the Five Kings 2. The Dance of the Dragons (Aegon vs. Daenerys/Dothraki invasion) 3. The Long Night (Others invasion) I will also mention at this point that the expanded reading order makes the series very daunting to try to get into for new readers, but, I stick by it. Rather than simplifying it, I encourage them to read Act One only, as a very satisfying, self-contained “Original Trilogy” - a masterpiece of literature and of worldbuilding in its own right. That approach not only negates the complaint of the series being too long, but also of the series being unfinished.
  6. Falconer

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    Here’s how I’ve come to think of it. If you start with 1996’s A Game of Thrones and read each subsequent GRRM publication, a very satisfying worldbuilding exercise and literary experience begins to unfold: ACT ONE 1.1 A Game of Thrones 1.2 The Hedge Knight 1.3 A Clash of Kings 1.4 A Storm of Swords ACT TWO 2.1 Dreamsongs 2.2 The Sworn Sword 2.3 A Feast for Crows 2.4 The Mystery Knight 2.5 A Dance with Dragons 2.6 Fire & Blood 2.7 The World of Ice & Fire 2.8 The Winds of Winter ACT THREE (who knows, but GRRM currently promises:) 3.1 Dunk & Egg 4 3.2 A Dream of Spring Act Two is definitely a MUCH slower build-up than Act One, and of course it remains to be seen just exactly how satisfactory the payoff will be, but it really seems to this reader that each and every one of these writings has been a part of Martin’s progress towards telling the main story. AFfC was a bit of a bitter pill to swallow after waiting 5 years and expecting another home run of the caliber of ASoS, but upon re-read in the above context I have found it very enjoyable in its own right. I feel like from having read Dreamsongs and the D&E stories and F&B that I better know how to read between the lines, how to connect the dots, what sort of story elements to expect in TWoW. And like others have said, AFfC becomes a satisfactory read once you get what it’s about and you can see how its themes unify and the trajectory of its arcs.
  7. Falconer

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

  8. The trick is to look for it in a lot with multiple books on eBay. (Probably books you don’t need.)
  9. Falconer

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    The Lion King, Aladdin, etc., etc., etc.!
  10. Falconer

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Disney has no qualms about redoing an existing animated story as live action, methinks!
  11. Falconer

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    There were a few things I would have liked to see done differently with Solo: first and foremost recast the lead (he just wasn’t cool enough—sure, no-one is Harrison Ford, but, think of Nathan Fillion in Firefly, he had the swagger!). But by and large it is good, probably my #5 favorite SW movie after the OT and TFA. I think it was a victim of coming out so soon after TLJ, and even then I think it under-performed only relative to its exorbitant budget which was the fault of being reshot after Lord and Miller were fired. Nobody hated it; I think people would be happy to see sequels, or see it brought to TV. (Surely we’d see elements of it in the hypothetical Kenobi series?)
  12. Falconer

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Timothy Zahn, in his early 90s novels The Thrawn Trilogy, came up with the idea of the Unknown Regions as a mysterious place where Thrawn originated. He revisited this idea in the late 90s in The Hand of Thrawn, in which we finally go to the Unknown Regions (well, a base on the border of it, I guess) and meet Thrawn’s species, the Chiss, and we learn that the Chiss had allied with the Empire because they wanted to fight off a bigger, unnamed threat from within the Unknown Regions. The series ended with a “vision” of endless adventure, with Luke and friends exploring the Unknown Regions’ new threats and mysteries. In the early 00s, Del Rey in their New Jedi Order series ran with a different idea, of the New Republic being invaded from another Galaxy, called the Yuuzhan Vong, and they basically stated that they were the threat that Zahn was talking about (even though they were obviously not actually from the Unknown Regions). Well, later in the 00s, Zahn was brought back for a one-shot novel called Survivor’s Quest, in which he revealed that the actual threat in the Unknown Regions was something else, a species called the Vagaari. Unfortunately, this novel is rather lackluster, and Zahn obviously wasn’t given much leeway to do anything as epic as he had in the past. Or maybe his ideas had just been more evocative when they went unexplored. In the new canon, of course, in The Force Awakens we meet Snoke and learn that he is leading an Imperial-flavored faction from within the Unknown Regions. In last year’s novel Thrawn: Alliances, Zahn revealed that the big unnamed threat in the Unknown Regions is now a species called the Grysks. I’m guessing they’re a replacement for the Vagaari, and I’m guessing they are Snoke’s species, but… It is starting to get a little hard to care. Back in 1998 when Zahn made it seem like we were on the brink of something new, that Luke and friends were going to have endless adventures exploring a new region of space, it was thrilling, at least to imagine. In 2013, when the Sequel Trilogy started out, it seemed like a possible new direction they could take the story. They could have maybe done it in Ep.8, but Ep.9 can’t really get into a whole new thing. Maybe they’ll do a post-ST trilogy (movies or Zahn books) about it?
  13. Falconer

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    Yeah, great stuff! Here is a great passage from ‘The Notion Club Papers’: The drama!
  14. Falconer

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    Why the Second Age, I wonder? Is it because they want to test the waters with a property less valuable than the Third Age? I’d guess they are positioning the so-called Great Tales Trilogy to be made into movies, but IMO the First Age would do better as a TV series. (But I may be the odd duck, here; I would like to see The Hobbit + The LR redone as a TV series. Eventually!) But anyway, since it is the Second Age, is anyone other than me thinking or talking about ‘The Notion Club Papers’? It’s the best!!
  15. Falconer

    Board Issues 4

    “Notable Releases” widget needs to be updated! :)