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    Is It Sewn

    Thanks, Becca. I was hoping you could fill in the gaps!
  2. It seems to me I have seen them listed for a hefty buck but not sold for a hefty buck. My sense is AGoT is worth £125, and the others (i.e., the ones you have), are worth £50, maybe £75 for being first impressions and in great condition.
  3. Falconer

    Is It Sewn

    Hi, there! I own a hodgepodge of editions, and would like to begin to be more intentional in my collecting. Here’s a thread dedicated to question #1 for a collector: Is it sewn or glued only? I have only begun to investigate this question, and have many assumptions and gaps in my knowledge. Please help! A Song of Ice and Fire US Standard Editions - AGoT ACoK ASoS are sewn; AFfC ADwD are glued only US “Amazon” Boxed Set (AGoT ACoK ASoS AFfC) - all sewn UK Standard Editions - glued only AFfC UK Red Slipcase Edition (2005) - glued only AGoT US “Barnes & Noble” Blue Deluxe Edition (2011) - sewn UK Blue Slipcase Editions (2011) - glued only UK Red Slipcase Editions (2016) - sewn AGoT US/UK Illustrated Edition (2016) - glued only The World of Ice & Fire ? A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms US Edition - sewn UK Edition - glued only Fire and Blood ?