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  1. Becca, I own all #33 except AGOT and ACOK. Fsmdr owned both of them but she sold them and can't remember where or when or to whom. I'm trying to find those two in particular to complete a set!
  2. Becca, Could you please add AGOT#33, ACOK #33, any GRRM title #33, to my list?
  3. Becca, I'm searching for any title with letter "Z" and any title with "#29". Could you please add these to the list?
  4. Becca, I'm searching for any title with letter "Q". Could you please add this to the list?
  5. Becca, This is kind of a long list but here you go: I purchased letter U of AGoT and ACoK from Rooster. Wants: #335 - Rogues #371 - Rogues U - any title W - Rogues #216 - AGoT (MM), ACoK (MM) ASoS, AFFC, ADwD On #335 "wanted" could I also add - AGoT(MM), ACoK(MM)? Thanks!!!
  6. Becca, I am searching for a lettered copy of A Knight of The Seven Kingdoms (any letter). Could you please add this to the list as well?!
  7. Becca, I am looking for Sub Press #335 A Storm of Swords and Sub Press # 335 A Feast for Crows! Wondering if I could get added to the list. Also, I purchased Sub Press set # 371 from bruisemoon so could you please list that as not available as well? Thanks!
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