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    A Song of the Lands of the World of Ice and Fire and Blood and Dunk and Egg; GoT fan films (working on putting one together, hmu if you're interested); theories about the Big Mysteries

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  1. Ida Hearst

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    WinTerFell ...just saying But for the record and because it's fun, here are my wildest guesses: # Qyburn's project comes to fruition, bringing back dead people at a massive scale (he was actually helped by Jon et al. bringing the zombie to KL) # Jon, being dead already, is affected by that in some way (and who knows, maybe Dany has been technically dead since Drogo's pyre too) # Arya, being literally Death at this point, eventually takes control of the dead like the NK did, maybe bringing Winter south in the process (& ending up "frozen, with Needle in her hand") # Winterfell becomes the de facto capital of what's left of Westeros # Dany decides that Westeros isn't worth it and goes to Essos to rule from Volantis or something (remember the red priestess turning the smallfolk into Dany fans in S06)
  2. Ida Hearst

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    I think we saw his bones in the trailer... ...but in seriousness, I suppose he'll be back for a dramatic save at some point. Wouldn't be the first time.
  3. Ida Hearst

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Late to the party, but... that was an okay episode. Very predictable from everything we've seen before, but hey, at least we've got all the inevitable beats out of the way now. My favorite moment, which weirdly nobody has mentioned yet, was the little "show me yours I'll show you mine" scene between Arya and Jon in the Godswood. Bonding over weapons... just like Arya and Gendry, come to think of it. So the next episode will have the battle of Winterfell, I suppose... but other than that, I'm really seriously hoping for more surprises and new developments there, rather than just picking up the strands left hanging by the last season. (I felt the same about season 7's first episode, though, and there the next one sure delivered.)
  4. Ida Hearst

    Thoughts on Bran’s character development

    For what it's worth he seemed more interesting & "human" to me in this episode than in all of season 7. The "You're a man!" / "Almost" line showed him being conscious of his weirdness, but in an almost warm & funny way. He also seems more alive & active now, more in his element now that most of the major players are around for him to interact with. And then of course the last scene tying back to the last scene of S01E01 paves the way for some really interesting developments. (Most likely it's an opportunity to show how Bran has moved way beyond all of the old fights, IMO.)
  5. Ida Hearst

    Citadel's Role

    I love this part - and it becomes even more poignant when you consider that (according to Marwyn) the maesters were responsible for the decline of the dragons. Given all this, I'm pretty sure Daenerys will get around to breaking those maesters' chains eventually.
  6. Ida Hearst

    That AGoT line foreshadowing the last scene of ADoS

    So I'm through now. Here are a few more candidates, but nothing that struck me as more likely than the Arya ones. - Mormont telling Jon "The things we love destroy us every time" after telling him of Robert's death. (Unlikely - too general to be indispensable as foreshadowing, and the point comes up multiple times throughout the series.) - Osha telling Bran about the weirwoods: "They're sad. Your lord brother will get no help from them. Their weirwoods in the south were all cut down, thousands of years ago. How can they watch your brother when they have no eyes?" (I still think the eventual resolution will have to do with the Children of the Forest remaining in the weirwoods etc., but if it is, that's likely to come out a while before the final scene) - Maester Luwin encouraging Bran to become a maester (possible, if underwhelming) - Bran telling Maester Luwin "I dreamed about the three-eyed crow again last night. He led me down to the crypts. Father was there. He was said. Something to do with Jon, I think." - Osha telling Bran "Winter's got no king. If you'd seen it, you'd know that, summer boy." - Mormont telling Jon "The blood of the First Men flows in your veins, the men who _built_ the wall. I think you were meant to be here." (A tad too general for my tastes. Generally the final Mormont/Jon conversation was less interesting in this regard than I'd expected... or maybe I just missed something deep.) - Hoster Tully insisting that Brynden should have married Bethany Redwyne (that one would be awesomely esoteric)
  7. Ida Hearst

    That AGoT line foreshadowing the last scene of ADoS

    Yes the line is in the comics, but I didn't include it in the list because I cannot see how Abraham would have planned to cut it from the script for the comic. It's obviously significant and referenced in multiple later scenes (e.g. Ned killing Lady, Robb beheading Karstark, and of course Theon), and it's a central character moment for Ned / the Stark family. Yes, but the comic adds a whole scene that reads like mostly fluff ("The hour of play is done, leave the children to their frolics") to fill the page that contains these lines. In the rest of the dialog on that page, we learn that Joff is arrogant (which was amply demonstrated on the previous page), that Jon thinks Joffrey is a little shit (we knew that) and Arya repeats that she hates needlework (we knew that too - it's literally how the chapter started). I'll try to upload a picture to clarify later Not there yet, but yes I'm curious about this one!
  8. This post in the show forums (sorry) made me remember that Daniel Abraham quote about a line in AGoT he would have dropped for the comic adaptation, if not for GRRM telling him that it was relevant for the very last scene of the series: So I started a quick reread of the AGoT comics trying to spot lines of dialog that would fit the bill. Here's what I looked out for: Lines that you might expect to be cut from an adaptation -- that is, no obvious foreshadowing, no punchlines, no central character moments; Lines that foreshadow the fate of a character who can be expected to still be around in ADoS, and relevant enough to feature in the final scene; and/or Lines that contain information that could be relevant to a reveal in the final scene. This excludes some candidates that I've seen put forward on this site, such as Tyrion's "I never bet against my family" line (which is the punchline to his chapter and a central character moment, so it was unlikely to be cut in the first place). Also, Abraham "reworking" a scene implies a little more than just including a line in a scene that would have played out the same way only without the line in question. So here are my candidates so far, in mostly chronological order, with my estimates of their likelihood. The one I like best is at the very end. Illyrio saying "May the Lord of Light shower you with blessings" to Daenerys, implying he's part of the Red God crowd. (Unlikely - wouldn't have taken much reworking) The whole "where will Robert Arryn be fostered" mess. (Unlikely - would have required reworking several scenes across multiple issues) The conversation between Benjen and Jon during the feast, specifically the lines: "Daeren Targaryen was only fourteen when he conquered Dorne" ... "and Daeren Targaryen was eighteen when he died." (Possible, because it seems extraneous enough to be cut-worthy; but at the same time I don't see a scenario where this is relevant at the end.) In the same conversation, Jon saying "I will never father a bastard. Never!" (Unlikely - it's the punchline of the chapter, and it would be a really cheap bit of foreshadowing.) The "fine new lens" that was in the carved wooden box left on a table in Maester Luwin's observatory, assumed by him to be merely a cover for Lysa's coded letter to Catelyn. (A long shot, but it would make for a nice surprise.) The dragon eggs being "from the shadow lands beyond Asshai" (Unlikely - this probably would have been included anyway, if only for atmosphere, and putting it back in doesn't require much reworking) "The barrows of the First Men are everywhere in the North, your Grace. This land is old." - Ned to Robert when he asks if they've "ridden into a graveyard" on the way south. (Another long shot... but seriously the First Men rising up from their barrows at the end would be epic.) Robert tells Ned that it was Jon Arryn who convinced him to leave Viserys & Daenerys alive. (Possible - the end of the series being linked to the Jon Arryn murder mystery and revealing a whole other dimension to it would be sweet, but intuitively it seems to lack the necessary punch.) Maester Aemon calling Tyrion "a giant come among us, here at the end of the world". (Possible - it would fit with Anne Groell's claim that GRRM told Abraham the end to Tyrion's arc specifically. I have no idea what this might mean though.) I'm not through all of the issues yet, but for now here's my favorite so far. It's the scene where Jon and Arya watch the boys fight in the yard, and Jon tells Arya: This scene, as depicted in the comic, could have been a couple of panels shorter by focusing mostly on the action in the yard and getting rid of most of the dialog between Jon and Arya. It's also a line that, if you didn't know what you were looking for, you wouldn't think of as particularly significant. If you do, though... huh. What do you think?
  9. Ida Hearst

    The Updated Exodus Theory and its Corollaries

    Interesting. Norvos seems like a bit of a stretch though; it's barely a ghost of a name in the books. Volantis is clearly being built up as on the verge of a slave revolt, making it a better fit for conquest-by-Mhysa. Braavos as an end boss still makes sense.
  10. Ida Hearst

    Stannis Baratheon Predictions

    I have a sort of retrodiction that occurred to me a while ago -- that we'll eventually find out that Stannis died once before, and that Melisandre brought him back. I don't have much support for this other than "it's a feeling", but it kind of seems apt as a reason for Melisandre's absurd-seeming confidence in Stannis. (To make it really dramatic, Stannis could have found out about Cersei & Jamie, then beeen, say, poisoned or something, and reawakened as he was being spirited away to Dragonstone... but I guess I'd better stop it before I venture too far into fanfiction territory.)
  11. Ida Hearst

    Crasters White Walker arrangement

    Only the Stark-in-Winterfell thing does not work out timewise: the Others are clearly on the move way before the AGoT prologue (as they're the reasons for the empty villages, either directly or indirectly by motivating Mance to collect people & motivating people to join him).
  12. Ida Hearst

    Craster and the Others: Why?

    Never thought I'd see a Hansonian take on ASoIaF It makes sense though -- after all, they're blue and distant, with few discernible features. I'm still pretty sure they make more sense as a tool than as a species. (Specifically, a tool of one faction among the Children of the Forest - longer rationale here.) Also considering how they can only be destroyed by specific other tools (dragonglass, Valyrian steel), and then fall apart in much the same way ordinary weapons do when hit by the Others' swords.
  13. Ida Hearst

    The High Sparrow's Plan

    I think we're actually likely to see the opposite -- a huge influx of R'hllor worshippers from Essos that tramples over the Faith by sheer number and fanaticism. Volantis is clearly due a slave revolt, and I wouldn't be surprised if Melisandre (or some other Red Priestess) brings lots of freshly converted ex-slaves across the Narrow Sea all the way from ex-Slaver's Bay.
  14. Ida Hearst

    Valyrian Sphinxes, the Descolada and the Others

    First of all, thanks for the interesting read -- I've only read Ender's Game so far, this is the first thing that made me want to check out the rest too. Second -- I think the idea that the Others are a tool for self-defense and survival makes a lot of sense -- and it would also explain why we haven't seen many factions within the Others, as we have with every other "side" in this story. My personal hypothesis is that there are at least two different factions among the remaining Children of the Forest ("remaining" not necessarily in humanoid shape -- remember they're still in the trees and stones, and their greenseers may have been watching through ravens' eyes all this time), one of which is bent on reclaiming Westeros as their habitat, or at least ending the threat of humans encroaching on their last refuges once and for all. (The ones protecting Bran & Bloodraven would seem to belong to a different faction, one resigned to fading.) In this view, the irregular winters look a lot like a population control measure that is being escalated now for some reason. (I think the reason might be Summerhall, but there's no way to tell at this point.)
  15. Ida Hearst

    Summerhall is central to the series

    I don't think it's too early. Considering that the CotF (and by extension probably the Others) live on longer timescales than humans, it does not seem like a stretch that it would take ~40 years for the reaction to become noticeable. Add in some internecine conflict about whether to deploy the Others at all (assuming my factions theory turns out to be anywhere near the truth), and the timeline makes perfect sense. It would also help explain the level of desperation among the various tribes of the free folk, if the threat of the Others has been growing up north for a while instead of suddenly coming up closer to AGoT.