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    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    Shae is a eunuch
  2. Potsk

    Season 8 Official Trailer Released

    This may not be the thread for me to talk about this but I agree, her rise to the Iron Throne felt especially rushed and unrealistic. To be fair, it was the season finale, but realistically a lot of people would object to Cersei seizing the Iron Throne without a Great Council -- especially after blowing up the Great Sept and killing the regent, the queen, and indirectly the king, all on a religious holiday. With these factors in mind, the Estermonts - as relatives of both House Baratheon and House Targaryen - have a better chance of ruling the Seven Kingdoms than Cersei does.
  3. Theon in the wedding rape scene comes to mind. Anyway, it was just an example of how D&D change characters and stories significantly because they were awed by the actors' performances. The Dragon Demands wrote about this on the GoT Wiki.
  4. It isn't really because of the lack of GRRM, it's because D&D care about the actors more than they care about the characters and story. It's gone down hill ever since they started worshiping actors who can cry on cue
  5. Potsk

    Do You Think Sam Will Forge His Chain?

    We won't ever see him become a full maester unless there's a timejump epilogue.
  6. Potsk

    What is the dumbest house Sigil/ coat of arms.

    All houses that have pictures of their castles on their banners, like Frey and Hightower. It's extremely boring to look at
  7. Is it the Targaryen equivalent for crown prince, or is it just a title the crown prince usually has? It took Aenys 4 years as king to name his heir Prince of Dragonstone. If a new Targaryen monarch retook Dragonstone and took a title to go with it, would it be Prince/Princess, or would it be Lord/Lady?
  8. Then there's the works that make characters look like Disney villains, with the most exaggerated features in the universe. Here's an example.
  9. Potsk

    New Prequel Casting Announced

    A Valyrian woman in the Freehold 4,000 years before Valyrian history even began? I'm skeptical.
  10. Didn't he become pale white after resurrection? Or was that just the lighting?
  11. Potsk

    Season 8 Official Trailer Released

    Behold, everyone, you will witness the most anticlimactic and controversial ending in TV history
  12. Potsk

    Stannis Baratheon Predictions

    If he'll die, there's no cooler (pun unintended) end for Stannis than falling in battle against the Others