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  1. NonoNono

    Dany’s denial

    Dany only survived fire because of blood magic. It has nothing to do with being a Targ. Plus in the books GRRM constantly reminds us that Jon’s arm was burned.
  2. If Dany is attacking KL and essentially starting another war while Jon is hoping to make peace with Cersei, Jon will be pressed on to stop her. Doesn't mean he would fight to the death, but he could be lured to take action to stop her, and then Cersei and co. fire a ballista against either dragons or whichever is left.
  3. I think now, with what we have seen, Dany helps out and they beat the NK, maybe not in Ep3 outright but by the end of ep 4 at the latest. But after that, I assume Jon wouldn't want to start a new war with Cersei, he'd want to talk to things through because they are essentially at a stalemate, especially if she didn't attack them and has just been holding back in KL. But Dany would want to take her out, and Jon would have to intervene. So Jon VS Dany, to avoid a new war. Of course, that favors Cersei, so who knows how it would play out after. Dany could just decide to fly away, abandoning her attempts to take the throne, rather than kill Jon, and I can see Cersei then killing Rhaegal when Jon doesn't suspect it. Cersei wins. Or at least, for a time.
  4. NonoNono

    Episode 3 preview

    Hadn't even noticed Dany and Jon were far out. I think Dany's line is probably a response to Jon not agreeing that they should attack now, on their dragons, and should do so "When the dead comes", as in, when they attack, and Dany tells him they're already there.
  5. I feel that in this world, it is the stories in the west that are the original and have been distorted as they traveled east, rather than the other way around such as in our world.
  6. NonoNono

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    Could be because Jon is the king and she is pregnant and Jon tells her that if he dies then she could carry on the fight or something like that.
  7. NonoNono

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    Dany probably leaves her army and Rhaegal at Jon’s command, but flies away to DS, maybe after Jon outright tells her she must live on if she doesn’t, maybe she finds out she is pregnant, or maybe she is outright told to bug off by Sansa and co and Jon doesn’t want to cause more problems. But I really think Dany skips this one out. Maybe Drogon even flies back to WF with Jon, who knows. Dany would have some thinking to do. In the books she has a dream where she saves people fleeing from ice-armored enemies on the Trident, maybe after northeners flee the north, could be one way to regain their trust.
  8. NonoNono

    My Arya/Jon Endgame Theory

    Nissa Nissa was probably the Night Queen actually. The moon cracked. The NQ skin was white like the moon. But in the show there is not much allusions to this stuff.
  9. NonoNono

    Cersei using Euron as a cover?

    She is definitely pregnant, and knows she might lose Euron's loyalty (per Tychos' comment to her), and now that he brought back the GC she realizes she has to do something about it, so it clicks in her head to use her current pregnancy to fool him into thinking he is the father. She pretends to drink wine when with him, she didn't, she is pregnant.
  10. NonoNono

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    I think everything is lining up for her to leave after being literally rejected by Sansa in the next episode, but leaving her army and Rhaegal for Jon to command and help out. I think she won’t be there when the NK arrives. But she would be pondering what to do while at DS, and the outcome would either be Fire & Blood or she comes back to help and maybe finally earns their trust in doing so. Bran can easily reveal something like the equivalent of the red door to Dany to make her realize he’s telling the truth.
  11. NonoNono

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    No one other than Bran and Cersei know right now. Tyrion I think suspects from the start, at least in the books. In fact I remember even in the show he taunts Jaime about wanting the kid to live, and Jaime wonders if Tyrion is on his family's side, so I think he knows.
  12. NonoNono

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    Bran saw someone get their throat cut in a sacrifice to a tree. But I think the scarf is hiding Coldhand’s face, not his throat.
  13. NonoNono

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    I imagine in the books countless houses would rally against Dany and her army. Tyrion will probably regret not backing Aegon. In the show his character seems to be heading in a similar direction. I forget if Connington knew who Tyrion was in the books? If so you’d think the son of Tywin wouldn’t be allowed near Aegon.
  14. NonoNono

    The forging of Lightbringer

    If Lightbringer was made by killing the Night's Queen with a dragonsteel sword to the heart (as I believe it was), I would think it would work the same. But in the show Beric said if you kill a WW, those he turned will fall, so I don't see what the point of such a sword would be unless even a regular valyrian sword can't kill him.
  15. Sansa and Jon cannot rule the seven kingdoms together. Jon has no support outside of the north and he is losing that. He would have none as Aegon Targaryen because no one will really believe this across the rest of the kingdoms, and Sansa is making a big deal about not kneeling to a Targaryen. The ones who support Sansa don't like Targs, and wouldn't like the bastard child of Rhaegar as their king, and that is how they will see Jon. There's a reason Sam has no proof with him, and the maesters will never reveal the truth.