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  1. I think Dragonfire has nothing to do with it. Unless Azor Ahai didn't make the equivalent, there is no mention of dragons involved. I think The Last Hero, after being cursed by the Night's Queen when he was almost dead as he sought the children of the forest, struggled to cure himself from her grasp (Old Nan said the Night's King was man by the light of day, but the night was his to rule, implying some inner conflict a la Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), stabbed her in the heart with the new sword he had been forging (his previous sword had been broken by the cold), and this resulted in Valyrian steel equivalent, which can be used to defeat the others (the legend says the Last Hero had a sword the others couldn't resist, yet last we heard his sword had been broken by the cold, presumably before he had such a sword). The dragonfire claim is possibly because one would need "dragon glass", which really isn't made with dragons, it's seemingly just obsidian. So basically, you need Fire & Blood. Just like to hatch a dragon egg.
  2. Well I know nothing but what a coincidence that Bloodraven, who was known for spying everyone with a thousand eyes and one, became the « three eyed crow » who can spy on everyone. It sounds to me like becoming the TEC was an evolution of what he already was, as in he sought more power to do what he was already doing and got it. If you look at what the TEC supposedly is, and compare it to who Brynden was, the match is pretty close. If you look at what the TEC supposedly is, and compare it to Bran, they are not even slightly similar. I don’t know, we’re missing a lot of info, which we might never get, or GRRM hadn’t actually given it that much thought by the time he wrote the books.
  3. I bet in the books, when Dany returns to Mereen and wins the war, the plague rages on, so she gathers up all the sick and burn them to save the rest. A bit of convincing from a red priest and it's done. Even in the show her return from the grass sea is when she had stopped allowing others to use her mercy against her, but it wasn't made very clear unlike it can be in the books since we aren't in her head.
  4. “Oh don’t listen to it. Crows are all liars.”
  5. Didn’t Bran confirm that somehow he was the lord of light, considering Jon was “exactly where he needed to be”?
  6. Bran is not ruling. It was Bloodraven all along, he tricked everyone with prophecies and stories. Old Nan knew. “Don’t believe him. Crows are all liars.” Bloodraven is king and he will soon have himself his own dragon too. Bad ending.
  7. They'll get the Reach apparently lol.
  8. Well they'll only never know because apparently everyone is keeping quiet about it. And have no reason to, the dumb Unsullied sailed off. Bran could kill them all off anyway. Warg an iceberg or whatever.
  9. I guess Varys' letters never made it to the mail. Bran must have warged some ravens to snatch them out of the mailman's hands.
  10. It was all what it was supposed to be so that the BR could be king.
  11. I mean, it really feels like Bran manipulated everyone. But that was never Bran, he wanted to be a knight, not a king. Bran is dead, like Meera said. Bloodraven used him, he needed Bran for his warging powers. Now he rules, and Drogon is his personal warged-nuke.
  12. I don't think he cares. He is king, has a nuke, and fooled everyone. The research into magic paid off.
  13. I think Bloodraven used everyone. He tricked Bran with the visions, caught him through his emotions, his "brokenness". Bloodraven is now king, and probably can control Drogon. People want stories, that's what Bloodraven used: the power of stories, to manipulate people into becoming king.
  14. Jon ending up living up north beyond the wall is totally fine, it always made sense for him to end up there. I'm fine with almost everything, except with how stupidly rushed this season was. Should always have been two regular seasons, less spending on the big budget stuff. Arya going west was dumb. Doesn't matter that this is what she does in the books, there is no setup for it in the show, so at least have her go back to Winterfell with a line about saying she will likely not stay. But her literally boarding a ship out of nowhere is just odd, it feels too forced. And the cut from Jon killing Dany to the dragon pit, which btw made NO SENSE as a location they would go in in their position, was episode-breaking. Everything had been fine up to then. As for the council, it was stupidly bad and pointless. Show Sam at the citadel speaking with the grand maester instead, making him pick the title. Bronn? Have a scene of him on his own getting his stupid title as he sits in some fancy seat. There was no need to have them in the council together, felt like an SNL skit.
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