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  1. I think Dragonfire has nothing to do with it. Unless Azor Ahai didn't make the equivalent, there is no mention of dragons involved. I think The Last Hero, after being cursed by the Night's Queen when he was almost dead as he sought the children of the forest, struggled to cure himself from her grasp (Old Nan said the Night's King was man by the light of day, but the night was his to rule, implying some inner conflict a la Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), stabbed her in the heart with the new sword he had been forging (his previous sword had been broken by the cold), and this resulted in Valyrian steel equivalent, which can be used to defeat the others (the legend says the Last Hero had a sword the others couldn't resist, yet last we heard his sword had been broken by the cold, presumably before he had such a sword). The dragonfire claim is possibly because one would need "dragon glass", which really isn't made with dragons, it's seemingly just obsidian. So basically, you need Fire & Blood. Just like to hatch a dragon egg.
  2. When she returns to Mereen, wins the battle, but the pale mare rages on, I doubt she will keep trying to save the sick. She will have the choice to do so or burn them all.
  3. How do people explain Lyanna’s death? Can’t officially be from childbirth.
  4. Now that you mention it he and his entourage could kill Myrcella just to provoke Cersei and out of revenge.
  5. Not sure how, but I think Myrcellla dies to precipitate Aegon and Cersei’s confrontation against one another. There is a risk that Dany’s arrival could push Cersei and Aegon to make a truce of some sort, and Arianne or others in her entourage could kill her to prevent that.
  6. NonoNono

    Aegon VI

    Why she would care he is a supposed fake if he is popular and on his way to defeat Cersei? What is in her interest to avoid marrying the next king? Plus after they all find out Dany burned Quentin (as they will surely believe) I don’t see Doran managing to convince her and her sisters to turn away from Aegon once Dany shows up. If Doran doesn’t want to support Aegon, he would find himself even more distant from them.
  7. Well I know nothing but what a coincidence that Bloodraven, who was known for spying everyone with a thousand eyes and one, became the « three eyed crow » who can spy on everyone. It sounds to me like becoming the TEC was an evolution of what he already was, as in he sought more power to do what he was already doing and got it. If you look at what the TEC supposedly is, and compare it to who Brynden was, the match is pretty close. If you look at what the TEC supposedly is, and compare it to Bran, they are not even slightly similar. I don’t know, we’re missing a lot of info, which we might never get, or GRRM hadn’t actually given it that much thought by the time he wrote the books.
  8. NonoNono

    Alternative ending: Jorah wasn't supposed to die!

    Wouldn't be surprised he was the one originally to kill Daenerys, with Heart's Bane.
  9. NonoNono

    Aegon VI

    I don't think Arianne is going to live, GRRM made her a quite determined character, and such characters usually end up suffering the consequences of trying to take their fate in their own hands pretty significantly.
  10. NonoNono

    Aegon VI

    If Aegon has to marry Arianne at Storm's End because he is unable to take KL as early as he would like too, there is a possibility of Storm's End being somehow attacked and Arianne dying saving Aegon like in the legend of Durran Godsgrief. Dany is called the destroyer of lies at some point right? I seem to recall that. Maybe Dany hears that Aegon is supposedly an impostor, and it connects to her trying to take him out.
  11. NonoNono

    Dany does not have to go to Westeros

    So far she is hating ruling in Essos, and with the pale mare in Mereen it bodes poorly. It sounds like a big pain in the butt for someone to rule a bit of it, let alone the whole of it. But sure, fully embracing the Fire & Blood ideals, you'd think she could set herself to it. Yet, the Targaryens didn't, even at their peak. Why would she succeed?
  12. NonoNono

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    I think Varys' cunning is more likely to have allowed him to figure out its secrets, and even he probably doesn't know them all at all.
  13. NonoNono

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    He's the only one who still has his direwolf. Truly the Last Stark. Also Jon ending up banished to the NW is not surprising. Called that a while ago, the books make a lot of references to him being remembered as a bastard and never as a hero. Same as in The Accursed Kings where John the 1st is replaced by a bastard who takes his name and dies while he is raised as a bastard and never gets to reclaim the throne when he finds out his true heritage.
  14. NonoNono

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I bet in the books, when Dany returns to Mereen and wins the war, the plague rages on, so she gathers up all the sick and burn them to save the rest. A bit of convincing from a red priest and it's done. Even in the show her return from the grass sea is when she had stopped allowing others to use her mercy against her, but it wasn't made very clear unlike it can be in the books since we aren't in her head.