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  1. There's a quote I read on Reddit that encapsulates things succinctly. When we started this series, did anyone think the final season would end up with a teenage ninja assassin and a cheesy pirate?
  2. There's a psychological phenomenon where people hear what they want to hear.
  3. It's more useless headcanon, subtitles says he yells "Yarrggh" or some crap.
  4. This video thoroughly explains why I scored it 1/10, the worst episode of Game of Thrones.
  5. I posted this in another thread. I really wish the writers would have wrote really good strategies to defeat the dead, actually have Winterfell winning. That would have forced the white walkers to move to the forefront to stop the massacre of their forces, and then we could have had a lot of the major characters fight off with them with some actual deaths. The whole battle could culminate with them slowly losing and being overwhelmed since the walkers would put out the fires stopping the dead, and then the Night King flanking them with the major force of his army from the opposite direct, crushing everything in its path. That would then cause all the survivors to flee through the crypts. The other option is if they wanted to finish it then and there, would be let some of the heroes and Jon face a group of the white walkers and the Night King. The generals falling and the heroes falling, one of them Arya. It is then Jon against the Night King, and the Night King is clearly better, and up from behind comes Arya, stabbing the NK in the neck with her dagger, allowing Jon to recover and finish the Night King with a blow. Yes, a sort of mirror of the Tower of Joy battle. A group effort to the end of the threat, and Jon still able to finish his story arc against the Others. It would also let all the Valyrian steel to be put to good use.
  6. Jaime's story is his redemption arc. He completed it.
  7. I am going to laugh if there's a massive ratings drop off after this episode.
  8. Both Ghost and the dragons are in the preview for next episode.
  9. The only thing we saw Bran warg were some ravens.
  10. Yep, one has to actually show how the prophecies were fulfilled incorrectly. The books do this with Melissandre interpreting Stannis as Azor Ahai, and as Stannis is marching on Winterfell, she can "only see Snow" when looking for him in the flames. Meaning the visions led her to Jon through Stannis. Everyone knows what happened with D&D's choice. The fans knew it was Jon that was TPTWP, and they knew that because of the book readers. Unlike GRRM, who said he would never change things because they correctly guess something, D&D did just that. They chose Arya because it would be "unexpected", their words. So now instead of the slow build up of Jon's story arc leading him to the confrontion of D&D's Night King, we get Deus ex Arya. Often the expected happening is story fulfillment of what is promised by the author.
  11. A Mary Sue is a perfect, idealized character that does everything perfectly without the training necessary to do it. Rey and Wesley Crusher are both examples of this.
  12. Where else is there to go with the story? Three episode of Cersei? The vision of Daenerys of the throne room is still a giant elephant in the room and now we know it has nothing to do with the Others invading King's Landing. There's Bran's visions of Drogon flying over a smoking King's Landing as well.
  13. I am definitely not attempting to theorize. I won't theorize the TV show because I know they are bad writers. Those questions are just so damn obvious, I am wondering how the writing could be this bad,
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