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  1. She literally lost everything around her she cared about...two of her "children", Missandei, Jorah, had to kill Varys after he betrayed her, Jon betrayed her by divulging his secret, Tyrion betrayed her by freeing Jamie, etc etc etc. Jon rebuking her love was the final straw. Daeny has always solved her problems by fire and blood, or at least wanted to and been talked down by her advisors.
  2. 100% in agreement with this post, including Missandei, Bronn, etc.
  3. "Tis a damned shame. Had you survived this battle I was going to ride you like a Golden Company elephant."
  4. Jon TRIED to get him one on one as well, but the Swag King raised the roof, along with the dead around him and kept walking.
  5. You should probably see a proctologist...you know, to remove that stick from your arse.
  6. Should have given Jamie a dragonglass dagger hand! Arya is awesome man, c'mon. She's one of the most highly trained fighters on the show, even at her young age. I've thoroughly enjoyed her arc and her nude scene with the fake boobage was spectacular. Yeah the NK had some major swag.
  7. See ya! I think he was trying to find the NK with the crows. They're alive, they showed them after the NK went down and all the WW and wights. Lol, how did everyone miss the shot of Brienne, Jamie and Pod against the wall with a pile of dead wights at their feet?
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