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  1. neutralbhad

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    I think it makes sense narrative wise, since he was the first main POV character. Also the realm being ruled by a council is much more realistic, I would say Daeny's, Joffrey, and Cersei's arcs are GRRM's way of showing why a pure autocracy eventually fails. I feel like in the books Cersei is more likely to be guillotined if she does blow up the Sept, in Fire and Blood at one point King's Landing is in a state of total revolt with like 5 people claiming to be king/queen.
  2. neutralbhad

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    The last book was originally called A Time For Wolves. So the Starks probably get their vengeance and power restored in the last 2 books. I don't know why anyone is that shocked by the ending we got. Bran was the first major POV character and King Robert even said "you'll be a King". People thought it was a joke but it was extremely subtle foreshadowing. As I've been saying elsewhere the execution wasn't good writing wise but the overall ending was good.
  3. neutralbhad

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    She's dead. D&D may have made some dumb writing choices, but they won't do that shit. I could see a spinoff where Jon and the Wildlings fight leftover White Walkers and other horrors in the Lands of Always Winter
  4. neutralbhad

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I think the fates will be the same. Bran will be King because he's the first main POV character. Jon will go north of the wall. Dany dies. Sansa becomes Queen of the North. Tyrion is hand of the king. The characters that survived in the show survived in GRRM's original pitch. I think how the books arrive at the conclusion will be different from the show, since we have Lady Stoneheart, fAegon, fake Arya, the northern conspiracy etc. I expect it to be better than the show, if the books are ever released. Dany will go mad queen and burn Kings Landing. I enjoyed the show but the last two seasons were rushed.
  5. neutralbhad

    Loose Ends

    Some Targaryen's are immune to fire, supposedly because they have dragon blood.
  6. neutralbhad

    Arya in the Series Title

    I think Jamie is gonna kill Cersei. Arya is probably gonna kill Qyburn, and anyone else she can.
  7. neutralbhad

    Messy story

    If you read GRRM's original pitch and outline for A Song of Ice and Fire, Jon is basically the hero. He's kind of always been the tragic hero, even in the books. He also says that Jon, Tyrion, Dany, Arya, and Bran make it the longest or survive. I think he is still going that way.
  8. I mean hey, nobody except Gendry saw Arya coming. I guess in Westeros having sex gives you magic super powers, that must be why everyone is banging during the early seasons
  9. neutralbhad

    Speculation for fun: How will Arya be rewarded?

    She'll sit on the Iron Throne after stealth killing Cersei, Euron, and the entire Lannister army.
  10. neutralbhad

    Cersei's Army

    The reason the Golden Company broke the contract is because in the book they had previously made a secret deal with Jon Connington and Illyrio to help fAegon. Since neither fAegon nor Jon Connington are in the show they are loyal to Cersei. They only even brought in the Golden Company on the show because they are a famous mercenary group and to explain Cersei having an army after her dragons destroyed a lot of it in season 7.
  11. You have a lot of faith in the writers to have twists. The other twists in the show (Ned, Red Wedding, For the Watch, Stannis losing) had build up. There was nothing to build up to Arya suddenly defeating the White Walkers.
  12. Yes because Dany or Jon are going to sit on the Frozen Throne
  13. neutralbhad

    Can we talk about why everything is so dark...

    It's cheaper to film stuff like dragons and CGI stuff if it's dark like that.
  14. neutralbhad

    What will the last scene of game of thrones season 8 contain?

    Closing scene: Daenerys and Jon have just been wedded. Sansa, Bran, Arya, Sam, that one unsullied dude, Daenerys servant who fucks the unsullied dude, Jamie, Cersei with an eyepatch (she survived because enough blood has been spilled because Daenerys's heart has grown three sizes larger after finding out Cersei is pregnant and did everything she did for her children), and Brienne are shown clapping along with all of Westeros. All around Westeros fire works are going off. Jon mentions that Ghost has died off screen. D&D emerge from the crowd, flick off the viewers, and then say "Thanks for the money suckas, we're off to make Star Wars bye.". Roll credits, which are actually just the opening credits of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.