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    WoIaF versus the Silmarillion

    The World of Ice and Fire versus The Silmarillion... which book is superior at worldbuilding?
  2. That's a misunderstanding in the media reports, they didn't push it back to Season 8, they just originally thought Season 8 would cover the effects of it, but they changed their minds and decided to keep her pregnant until the end.
  3. The miscarriage was actually supposed to happen at the end of Season 7, almost immediately after Jaime left.
  4. Ghost7272

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Term Limit, it's in the word, that's what term limit means. You're just talking about having a democratically-elected term.
  5. Ghost7272

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Term limits mean no more re-elections...
  6. Ghost7272

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    I highly disagree. 1. You are asking about what makes a good ruler. 2. I disagree that every president in every country has been a failure. Your own criticism isn't logical: term limits don't make someone more focused on re-election. Kings and queens also have constraints, such as the nobility and the military. No one in a democracy wants to leave a messed up country for their children either. You can't rationally say that democracy only has disadvantages, but monarchy has disadvantages but also advantages. Especially not on these grounds.
  7. Ghost7272

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Ok, you seem to be advocating that a good leader is mentored by someone who is a good leader, and has already been tested as a leader. I think enough time has passed for my point to not be perceived as too political, something more recent than the Romans/Byzantiens: I raise the example of George W. Bush. He was mentored by his father, a President with a long history of experience from Businessman to Congressman to RNC Chair to Chinese Ambassador to UN Ambassador to CIA Director to Vice President. George W Bush also went to Yale, was in the National Guard, worked in business, worked as a campaign advisor and media liaison for his father's presidential runs, and became Governor of Texas. Despite this, his presidency is largely seen as a failure by both Republicans and Democrats. He was mentored by a good leader, his father. He had good leadership experience. Yet he still failed.
  8. Ghost7272

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    It was explained in the show, it was very clear.
  9. If there's a suitable Manderly man of the right age and temperament, that would probably be the best political alliance for Sansa.
  10. Also, crying when you've lost doesn't make you a coward.
  11. Ghost7272

    "What If" turnings points in the show

    I added one to Season 1... what if Ned had gone along with Renly and Littlefinger's plan to support Renly's claim to the Iron Throne.
  12. Ghost7272

    Theory: Book Jorah kills Jon

    I actually thought, until the Long Night episode when he died, that Jorah would be the one to kill Daenerys.
  13. Ghost7272

    Was Margaery actually the best at ruling?

    While they each strove to make sure their family came out on-top, it was a friendly rivalry between them, they weren't really at odds. Tywin tried to explain to Cersei several times why it was important to keep the Tyrell's close, and he respected them as partners (though the junior partner).
  14. Ghost7272

    "What If" turnings points in the show

    Your answer is "who knows" but that's what I'm asking people to speculate on. There's also several other plot points to choose from, if you don't find those interesting.
  15. Ghost7272

    Was Margaery actually the best at ruling?

    What I'm saying is that Tywin basically was King while Tommen was on the throne, and Margaery was Queen.