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  1. Well Ned and Stan both have the same personality type... I also find king Bobby B an absolute idiot in distrusting Stannis the Mannis....
  2. Orm


    We have it known that the mad-cunt brutalised Rhaella..... through Jaime(that is likely Danny's conception)....... And can you elaborate on the unlikely parts of it? I really didn't catch on why it's "very unlikely" that Danny's parents are not who we are told they are....
  3. Orm


    If Rhaegar+Lyanna= Danny.. is being proposed as a "Theory".... Then I must insist that Bonifer+Rhaella=Rhaegar is also a plausible "Theory"... Evidence: Bonifer and Rhaegar are described of having a sad essence/look.... And that, Aerys and Rhaegar are at least said to be nothing alike......
  4. Orm


    ........ Aegon IV really knew no boundaries at all...... The guy was as depraved as Craster it seems.....
  5. Orm


    There are theories that Craster's first wife was his mother.......(yuck)
  6. But conveniently forgets that we are told that Adam and Eve are the first and only humans.... A gaping plot hole And over 2 billion people take it seriously
  7. I recently read the Jonsa thread aswell, And if I have a say.... My thoughts on Jonrya and Jonsa is that, they are crackpots...... Honestly Gendrya and even SanGen is more possible....(although Gendrya shippers won the battle, but lost the war if we go by the show) I personally would like Arya/Gendry to happen more than Sansa/Gendry..... But if there is foreshadowing or evidence (if you can call it) for Sansa/Jon then there is evidence for Sansa/Gendry too.. The most convincing one for me would be when Jaime said that Sansa would do well for herself if she could stomach being a Smith's wife.... Then we have Ned saying he would find the 'Noble , strong , brave , gentle' type for his girls...... Gendry fits the bill..... And the "I have a son, you have a daughter" talk from Bobby B.... So I would take the non-incest one, over the incest one....
  8. Probably the most innocent healthy marital relationship in ASOIAF if it happens....
  9. Come on dude..... Isn't there enough bro on sis action with the Targs?
  10. I always thought Brandon Stark was a poor man's Robert Baratheon........
  11. It maybe that George likes peaches? Or am I being dense here?
  12. Hmm....... Seems very knowledgeable. But has a hate boner against Baratheons for whatever reason

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