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  1. I have heard about it before. but I just don't understand how and why a mother and son should be paired ... is it a theory? is it some weird wishful thinking? is it hopefully an odd joke?! ... where does it come from?!!!!
  2. something coming naturally doesn't make it healthy. I agree that her thought process isn't that weird considering he was the one guy she eventually felt mostly safe with and he became anti-toxic-knight, anti-kingsguard in her mind. but it doesn't change the fact that in reality, her interactions with the Hound were largely problematic. from their first conversation after the tourney to the last one with the blade on her throat. the fact that she was an 11yr old who hadn't even gotten her period while he was a 20something adult makes any romantic feelings on his part during that time period even worse. well, it might have crossed his mind to rape her then and there ,and no actually, saving her from the mob doesn't make him against rape necessarily. however, I'm of the mind that since he didn't rape her we cannot blame him for that even if it had passed his mind. personally, I read "I should have taken her" line as "I should have taken her with me out of the Red Keep" . also, there is no indication in the story that the Hound has a reputation for rape and Jaimie thinks the rumors about "the Hound" in Riverlands don't match Sandor. that said, I still believe Sansa's unkiss thoughts are unhealthy. since she is romanticizing a situation that hasn't been romantic at all with a person who's shown toxic behavior over and over again. and that could affect her future interactions with him, not letting her see the issues with him. the man put a knife on her throat for god's sake! now, if Sandor goes to rage control classes on the Quiet Isle and then they develop feelings for each other, that's another thing. seven hells! that is the absolute worst pairing in the whole fandom. I mean... WHY?!!!
  3. that's definitely the way the show's Eyrie seems to be built and it's one of the best castle designs in the show imo. my head canon for Dragonstone and Valyria is that they manipulated lava with fire magic to shape their dragons and such. Dragonstone hardly seems carved out of stone.
  4. FINALLY! I was just thinking of complaining about the fact that I'm pushing this ship for a year and no one seems all that interested when I saw your post! Sansa/NedD is definitely an adorable ship! as for my other favorite ships: Jan/Val , Ned/Ashara , Oberyn/Ellaria , Myrcella/Trystane
  5. sure. but the point is if Rhaegar wanted, he could do something more discreet. like, if Lyanna was Elia's lady in waiting (which is an opportunity that Rickard would jump at), no one but the Dragonstonian would know if he started an affair with her until she gets pregnant. at which point, again, he could send her to the quiet isle for the months she was showing. literally, anything would have been a better path than what he hastily did. you're probably right. but personally, I would like it better if Rhaegar wasn't right. I mean, I still think the guy had good intentions in whatever he did as I've said in my earlier posts but I think the little we know of his characterization, he would have regretted his choices if he already hadn't when he came back for the battle of the Trident. and if in the end, he ends up on the right, his actions are kind of justified, which I don't appreciate. what Rhaegar did, throwing the realm into war, causing the end of his dynasty, betraying his wife, and leaving his wife and children in his father's mercy, was just too messed up.
  6. yes, but that's not something they can so easily fix in season two because by now, every major character is pretty much established. they can't give over-serious Jace funny lines for example. which leaves new characters, most of whom , again, are people without a sense of humor. granted though, they can make an Olenna out of Jeyne(which I wouldn't appreciate) and Daemon can be in a better mood in chaos.
  7. that's one of those theories that can never be proven because all involved parties are dead and the issue is not likely to be revisited since it's not consequential anymore. BUT I just like the idea that Oberyn had poisoned Tywin to shit to death so much! I guess it's one of those headcanons that doesn't affect anything but is fun
  8. Rhaegar would have been a better king than Robert. at least as far as Long Night was concerned. I have theorized before that Rhaegar had been a powerful dragon dreamer all his life and that drowning in old prophecy tomes was just a way to make sense of it. knowing the guy had this issue and dealt with it very well for years convinces me that his beliefs wouldn't stand in the way of his kingship; not necessarily. re his decisions in the last year of his life, there is a certain urgency in his actions that I doubt simply came from his regular obsessions. the guy just had the prince that was promised and yet he thought he should immediately have his third head in the worst possible way without any waste of time. as if he was taken by a sudden series of alarming visions and dreams calling for urgency! I mean, even if it was necessary to be with Lyanna or he loved Lyanna, there were numerous ways he could go about it. the easiest way was to call her to Dragonstone as a lady to his wife. in short, I think Rhaegar was like an alcoholic who has his life under control until an unfortunate episode! that doesn't mean he can't go back to his normal self afterwards!
  9. that's true. still, my headcanon says Rhaegar was wayyy more discreet about his most private secret. that said , while it'd be pretty difficult for Varys to know about Rhaegar's visions , dreams, or his willingness to use magic, he may well know about Rhaegar's belief about some magical danger to some extent. and yet, that doesn't necessarily make him oppose Rhaegar. when the Night's Watch's plea and news about Weight Walkers came, Varys was the one who counseled for aiding the Watch when everyone else found it a joke. and if I recall correctly, that was when he told Tyrion about his experience with magic, meaning he may be one of the few who A)knows magic exists B)doesn't like it C)would like to fight the magical creatures threatening the world.
  10. but no one, save for his wife and uncle as far as we can conclude from the text, seemed to know about Rhaegar's visions and dreams. it's not like he would shout the latest thing he was dreaming just to anyone, especially since he was a very introverted person.
  11. that's a different situation though. the "truce" was forced by Daeron. the Dornish had lost their freedom in their own home, Tyrells of the Reach who had been their traditional enemies were appointed as their liege and they were outnumbered. Daeron attacked a country, took hold of it, and expected hospitality?! please! ... on the other hand, Tywin and Walder went around guest right because it suited their ambitions. Walder wasn't forced to ally himself with Robb and Riverrun and Tywin just found it an easier, more convenient solution than actually fighting a war.
  12. he will come into Bran's visions... and in time in Winterfell. maybe in Trident if the Others get there(which is one of my concrete beliefs!) . I don't know, I just can't imagine Howland in the South around anything that's not Greenseer/magical related. the fact that I don't like Mad Mouse doesn't help either. it's totally my head canon, but I think Howland is a very down-to-earth guy with zero smugness about him.
  13. well , yeah. what I mean is he is not officially a kinslayer. he's the only one who suspects he might be one and then this mysterious hooded guy with surprisingly good knowledge of Winterfell comes along and calls him a kinslayer?! the hooded man is his own illusion.
  14. but even he only suspects that. how an anyone call him out on it?
  15. yeah... at this point I'm pretty convinced the hooded man is Theon himself. who else could possibly have reason to call him kinslayer? Arya won't be the prince that was promised and end the long night(evening) by jumping from nowhere. I don't have much to back it but I just don't think that'll happen. so , there's that. also , I think magic will survive the series . not much to back that up either . but I just think it's stupid for it to be awaken for a couple of years and then vanish from the world.
  16. aaaand... that's why I always say poor Doran could never predict Quentyn cannot convince Dany to marry him and come to Dorne! between himself, Oberyn, and Tristan(still what? 12?)... how could he?!
  17. with Jaimie a kingsgaurd and Tyrion out of picture, Cersei is the lady of Casterly Rock.Tommen is her heir, the Lannister camp's king, and the key to power. it's not hard to see why Lannisters' enemies would go after him and see him as more of a Lannister than Baratheon, never mind his true parentage. especially that both of his Baratheon uncles rose against his predecessor and the most fierce of Baratheon loyalists, Stormalnders, supported Stannis.
  18. and his ships burned for it. period. we can't pretend there was no peace between Jaeherys I's time and Daeron I's between Westeros and Dorne. heck, there was so much peace that Viserys was considering marrying his heir to the Dornish heir, making the realms one.
  19. I doubt it was meant to work that way. their culture is 180degrees different. ... I mean, maybe save for architecture , though that is also lacking knowing the closest things Dornish have to a city is their shadow city. all in all, I'd say Dorne pretty much falls short of expectations. I expected something more akin to Essos with more focus on trade in their economy rather than agriculture like the rest of Westeros.
  20. while I don't agree that Oberyn , Arianne , Doran or some of historical things fall into stereotypes , I largely agree with your post. GRRM so clearly has kinda dropped the ball with the Dornish and it specially stings since Dorne should have so much potential, being so culturally different from the rest of the kingdoms. I may have said this a thousand times before but I still think the main problem with Dorne is that GRRM hasn't put enough time on it , or that he has tried to achieve too much in such a short page span. I guess he should have trimmed a character or two to flesh out the others making them more complex. like, for the life of me , I can't understand why we should meet three Sand Snakes , Doran , Arianne and Areo Hottah all in one single chapter! he should have have trimmed 2 Sand Snakes , making one representing the group with a bit more depth. like, as vile as it is, going against Tommen is not exactly worse than other things in the series, I mean the kid is technically the head of house Lannister and Martells have some bottled up grievances with house Lannister. but one just cannot get why Nym should tell her uncle of her assassination's plans in the same breath she lets us know who she is and that she was abed with some twins . and what is the deal with Obara?! come on George! cut the crap with Nym and Obara , keep Tyene in for the sake of better understanding of Arianne's plan that no one understands. cut Arys Oakheart and give his chapter to Arianne. also cut Areo Hottah ;it's not like he has used this character's potential as one of the few commoner characters.
  21. my top 3 changes with every book . but bottom three: Victarion, Arya , Asha(pre-Stannis camp)
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