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    Westeros Fantasy Football - A Primer

    i have not received an invite to dynasty it should be in yahoo mail right?
  2. Reposado

    Westeros Fantasy Football - A Primer

    posted this elsewhere but i will run keeper. yahoo keeps the draft info which is pretty much what you need to know for that league
  3. Reposado

    Westeros Fantasy Football - A Primer

    still definitely in for survivor. (formerly lanza rota if thats not obvious) as well as any continuing league i was in before, (dynasty/keeper) also in for any type of auction
  4. Reposado

    How would you rate episode 310?

    bravo. very good episode. possibly even the best of the season as an episode. closed out a very mediocre season quite well
  5. yeah. by far the biggest killer of this episodes rating. yunkaii stuff should have been pushed to next week or last
  6. no it makes sense, especially in the context of the current episode. both were well above par for their respective series, and both had one incredible scene. the red wedding and the scene with brandon and david in the radio booth. ( i dont know if this episode had a particular line as good as "it doesnt matter what you say about someone once their dead, it matters how you treat while theyre still here") annnd, both were far from the pinnacle of their series (blackwater and one wedding and a funeral) to quote the greatest scene of all time: "tell me this is a joke."
  7. whoever wrote the dialogue between robb and talisa for this episode, should have been writing robb/talisa scenes for the last two years. for the first time they seemed natural together, like two people that actually liked each other. if they had always been like this, the whole plotline would have made a lot more sense.
  8. certainly one of the best two or three of the season (maybe the best) and almost the best by a good margin. it showed a. that the writers are capable of great things when they sit down and plan to write an episode of television, and not a compilation of scenes and b. that too often, they just mash things together. the dany scenes were just stuck in there and would have been better off in another episode when they could have breathed a bit more. extending the run up to the massacre would have made the episode even better
  9. Reposado

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    yes, guess you missed it. it was olenna, although littlefinger and presumably margery at least were in on it. and its not for sure how balon dies. it could have been mel, but i think euron is the more likely culprit. or just an unlucky fall when she says the same names, shes supposed to be seeing the future, not making it happen because mary sues are always portrayed as shallow and vain
  10. Reposado

    How would you rate episode 308?

    solid i guess, not among the worst of the season, not among the best.
  11. but they cant keep the actor on retainer. they have to use him every season, or he might be unavailable when they want him again well sorta like how we call spanish, "spanish" but spanish peopel dont. im sure that folks from the east call the language westerosi. it isnt common to them, but no, it isnt surprising that he would speak it.
  12. cmon. this was only the second worst. how quickly we forget how terrible episode two was.
  13. for me, a great hour of television like last week. this one was so-so. not as bad as some of the meandering season two episodes but there wasnt a strong story here.
  14. Reposado

    How would you rate episode 306?

    better than anything weve seen this year. its actually mindboggling that the same people that built this episode ok'd the structural mess that was the first two episodes,
  15. Reposado

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    that could be, but i wish they would clarify at some point. but just because genetics and hair color regarding the baratheon family ahs been, umm, a major plot point
  16. Reposado

    How would you rate episode 305?

    Easily tnebest of theseason. Id say an 8.8-8.9. Not perfect but ittold stories. Much less a collection of scenes than most have been.
  17. Youmean, he's discovred television that is not donethat well.
  18. i feel like a lot of these high ratings are going by the high notes. to each his own and all that, but it seems a strange way to do it
  19. 7, not as good as last week, although a better bunch of scenes at the end. quite a bit of fluff in the middle, and still, its just a collection of scenes, not really a complete episode.
  20. Reposado

    How would you rate episode 303?

    well to consider that perfect television.......i would believe that they are missing out on a lot of stuff that is much much better it was a pretty good episode but far from perfect
  21. no they explained vargos motivation, and the spot he was in. having betrayed tywin already and finding himself on a foreign confident without any real allies. he wanted to diminish the value that jamie had for bolton. it hasnt been established why locke would want to do that. and as lock has been presented, doesnt make too much sense
  22. Reposado

    How would you rate episode 303?

    really should watch some more shows. anyways, this was probably the best of the season. but not better than an 8. still a bit disjointed
  23. much better than last week. both the arya and jaime stories were fuller than anything we got last week, and everything seemed to work much better as a result. really dont think think they shoudl have run them back,. the first episode might have seen like the first of a two part pilot, but that was mostly because it was bad and offered only chunks. this week was not the conclusion to that pilot, it was an actual episode of television. it would have suffered by being attached to last weeks unrelated stories
  24. Reposado

    How would you rate episode 301?

    a because the finale was valar morghulis, and b because the theme of serving is present a lot in the scenes that style of episode is possibly the thing i like the least about the show. have several of these unconnected scenes share a theme, as opposed to giving the episode any form of cohesion in plot. it gives critics something to write about doesnt do much for quality, imo