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    I take it your tongue is firmly in your cheek Raidne, or is this to be the tyranny of the masses (of alts) haha.
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    Hehe, I don't wanna bore you but here's Kant if you're interested :): The noumenal is the idea that's there's an objective world free from our perceptions. The phenomenal is the idea that the world is created by our minds, that there's categories like time, space etc which our minds shape the world with, relativity in other words. The noumenal does not exist and is a persistant problem with the mind. On numbers :P here's Eddington*, "We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about 'and'.” Even mathematics works on values and categories our mind creates. So economics isn't noumenal, it's a value, that science and art aren't actually that far different from each other as we think :) I'm convinced but I don't think this post is the greatest convincer lol I do like this Eddington quote: "Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine." I love that one :) *he organized two expeditions to observe a solar eclipse in 1919 to make the first empirical test of Einstein’s theory.
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    You were right as well of course I was critiquing the classical communist idea that economics is a noumenal base, for values lie at the heart of everything, economics is a value! The seperation of facts and values isn't actually possible, it's as if there's a noumenal world, Kant's terminology and the belief in an ultra objective world as a problem, economics as a noumenal, no no no hehe. We become more objective if we follow Nietszche's: "the more eyes on a problem the more objective you become" idea, critiquing our own and others ideas and values, and any relying on the noumenal well how can you argue against that?
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    You just put Hegel back on his feet, I think he he should do handstands, walk and meditate standing on his head, he was human after all :P
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    No no no no Marx himself said economics is the base upon which the laws and values and culture the superstructure rest upon, that is fundamental communism, back to Marx 101 for you :P <-----Philosophy grad <-----Anti-philosophy practioner :P And the answer to your question, stairs cos they keep me fit I love stairs well cool haha, elevator for me mum because she worked all her life as a cleaner and ruined her knees, but in a sense it was her choice, very hard worker my mum very proud of her :)
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    Because there is no self, thus our ego has a need to measure to create identities within ourselves and others, to create a sense of self which is ultimately illusionary and selfish. Communist values are as empty and manipulative as capitalit because both are based on economic theories, we can choose to have economics as the base from which life flows, but then you've abstracted people into workers, the Earth and the other animals as resources which even Deep Green Communism labels and catagorises the ultimately unnamable. And when you do so everything loses its life force. Theories are life-killing even the best meaning ones.
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    References and Homages

    Pyke always reminds me of Gormenghast, both gloomy windswept castles, and Steerpike is of course the infamous antagonist.