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    "My home is at my back." "Your home is in my heart."
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    Writing historical novels, short stories and fan fiction, reading, drawing, history (esp. early Middle Ages, Victorian Era and WWII)... so many things, so little room in my brain...

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  1. westeros.org So now we have the "votes" back? Interesting! (already abused mine)

  2. Hi, fellow Dark Tower fan here :D

  3. Changed Westeros & Twitter avatar to support #Blackfish in #GameOfThrones S2. Sucks but can be improved.

  4. Made Landed Knight! Pips, pips, pips!

  5. narrowly escaped controllers on the bus. innocent air of girl just out of gym helps, but next time better remember ticket.

  6. wait, now what I write here goes on Twitter... and what I write on Twitter goes here? It could be embarrassing.

  7. now I only need to quarrel on some forum, and it's déja vu all over again.

  8. can't stand it anymore. if actual gravity of situation = 20, exhasperation for past and future years of suffering = 1 billion.

  9. i dreamed I had made Landed Knight. Weird. I am not so ambitious.

  10. i dreamed I had made Landed Knight. Weird. I am not so ambitious.

  11. Didn't work... trying again to post to Westeros AND Twitter without an URL in the message.

  12. Damn, I caved in. Also wish to test short urls. http://tinyurl.com/6kv33pk

    1. Blackfish Blues

      Blackfish Blues

      It doesn't appear on Twitter... maybe I messed it up with the url. I'll have to ask but no time now.

  13. I so want to chime in again on the Unpopular Opinions thread, but I don't trust my temper.

  14. Damn, I shouldn't have dropped that discussion about Brynden and UnCat. But I was out of my comfort zone, and it was a lousy evening with better-adjusted friends.

  15. I made Hedge Knight... or mayne I had made it already... was I a Squire? Oh, the wonders of strong beer...