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  1. Mel has reason to lie to Jon though, and I think she's about as trustworthy as Baelish...
  2. SerArthurHeath

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Maybe he knows Bloodraven left but doesn't want to reveal that he broke his vows to protect him so doesn't talk about him.
  3. SerArthurHeath


    I technically did this ages ago but I feel far more attached and involved in teh forum recently- I'm a recently finished med student/ recently qualified doctor from the UK. I love rugby, musicals and performing music in addition to books. I read ASOIAF because someone on a WoT site said they were basically necessary to read ages ago. I didn't get into the books until a fair way through Clash, now I love them of course. I also follow the show. I apologise for any flippancy or sarcasm, or pedantry and strong opinions, on my part
  4. SerArthurHeath

    How would you rate episode 409?

    Thorne IS a formidable fighter in the books and show, he's a seasoned NW man, chosen to train the troops (though he may fail at that) and was a seasoned knight before that. There's no evidence that Slynt is a fighter at all
  5. SerArthurHeath

    How would you rate episode 409?

    Nah, late 2015 and I didn't see any such implication in what GRRM's editor said at all.
  6. SerArthurHeath

    How would you rate episode 409?

    Bit harsh but I agree that they are in no way boring for me. Action smacktion, pacing shmacing
  7. SerArthurHeath

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    I dunno, he came across pretty well in Jon's chapters too, and Asha's
  8. SerArthurHeath

    How would you rate episode 409?

    45 ish on camera, at least another half a dozen unless Ygritte's an awful shot
  9. SerArthurHeath

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Nah he's not, just a Thenn Warg. Varamyr is being casted for season 5
  10. SerArthurHeath

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    It's not quite the same with an episode that will be followed 1 week later, and a movie followed a year later...
  11. SerArthurHeath

    [Book Spoilers] EP409 Discussion

    Mance specifically didn't send anything like his full strength in attack. He's trying to get an idea of the Watch's strength, he does it in the books too...