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  1. Mel has reason to lie to Jon though, and I think she's about as trustworthy as Baelish...
  2. Maybe he knows Bloodraven left but doesn't want to reveal that he broke his vows to protect him so doesn't talk about him.
  3. I technically did this ages ago but I feel far more attached and involved in teh forum recently- I'm a recently finished med student/ recently qualified doctor from the UK. I love rugby, musicals and performing music in addition to books. I read ASOIAF because someone on a WoT site said they were basically necessary to read ages ago. I didn't get into the books until a fair way through Clash, now I love them of course. I also follow the show. I apologise for any flippancy or sarcasm, or pedantry and strong opinions, on my part
  4. Thorne IS a formidable fighter in the books and show, he's a seasoned NW man, chosen to train the troops (though he may fail at that) and was a seasoned knight before that. There's no evidence that Slynt is a fighter at all
  5. Nah, late 2015 and I didn't see any such implication in what GRRM's editor said at all.
  6. Bit harsh but I agree that they are in no way boring for me. Action smacktion, pacing shmacing
  7. I dunno, he came across pretty well in Jon's chapters too, and Asha's
  8. 45 ish on camera, at least another half a dozen unless Ygritte's an awful shot
  9. Nah he's not, just a Thenn Warg. Varamyr is being casted for season 5
  10. It's not quite the same with an episode that will be followed 1 week later, and a movie followed a year later...
  11. Mance specifically didn't send anything like his full strength in attack. He's trying to get an idea of the Watch's strength, he does it in the books too...
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