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    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    1. A Storm of Swords is generally regarded as the best book. This would be the third novel of the series. A Feast for Crows, the fourth book, is seen as the weakest. Personally, I appreciate Feast more than the first two, but meh. 2. It should be able to run as a sequential series, yes.
  2. 'Tis true.

    And on the off-chance that you have no idea what I'm talking about in the Geeky thread, watch this...


    Its not porn, but possibly NSFW (it includes a topless Frenchman in a bowtie for starters).

  3. 'Twas my pleasure.

  4. You me helped close down the abortion/rape thread. Good work Ser.

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    Hey all. I've lurked here for around 2 years I think and quite a bit as of late (started my first re-read and so forth). A Song of Ice and Fire is my favorite series; my first fantasy series read was the old The Dark is Rising series back in middle school. I'm 22 and going to start grad school in a couple years. I will have my Bachelor's in History in a bit and plan on either branching off to Anthropology or continuing along a history track. I watch lots of anime, read manga, and think I may be starting a re-watch of Firefly soon. Because Mal is just that badass.