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  1. Because she thinks he tried to murder her son. Not so funny, regardless of height. Anyway, I gave this one a 7. I found it slightly disappointing, although I'd be hard pressed to explain exactly why. I loved episode 3 - I guess I'm in a minority there, but it just seemed to flow better and there was a richness to the dialogue, an authenticity to the acting, that I feel was less apparent in episode 4. I was surprised and put out that LF told Sansa about how the Hound got his scars. I was really looking forward to that scene when he escorts her home from the feast and tells this horrifying story himself...I don't understand why they shifted that to LF :dunno: seems like a bit of a waste of a really powerful scene. Oh well... On the positive side, NCW is really getting his teeth into Jaime - there's an assuredness there, something simmering. I'm glued to the screen when he's on. KH is really improving as Jon - I wasn't at all impressed by him at the beginning of the series, but he's got it now :thumbsup: although I agree with many that it's a shame Ghost isn't around much. The lack of direwolves generally is a real shame. The scene at Winterfell where Robb and Bran receive Tyrion was chilling in the book, as I remember it - Shaggydog half-feral, snarling, Grey Wind taking his cue, the sense of visceral fear. I missed that, although I understand why they couldn't do it for the show, if the dogs have been difficult to work with. We were just left with Robb being a bit rude and Tyrion flouncing off to the brothel :dunno: Liking Sam though. And I quite like the actor who plays Pyp, minor role notwithstanding.
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    Poll: How would you rate Episode 103?

    I gave this one a 9, and it is definitely my favourite so far. Very interesting how it seems to be polarising folk. I found this one a delight from start to finish; it felt meaty and flavoursome and 'done' in a way that the first two weren't. They seemed choppy and a little awkward to me - lots of nice ingredients thrown into a pot of water but not yet cooked enough to eat. In episode 3 the stew has thickened and the flavours are starting to mingle, and it is clear now that this is going to be delicious. End of dodgy metaphor :leaving: All of the actors seemed more comfortable in their roles, I thought. Tyrion was pitch-perfect, where the previous week I found him a little grating, and Jon's previously immobile face hinted at the promise of expressions to come. Cersei is really growing on me. Ned and Arya went from great to amazing - I could really feel how out of place Ned was as soon as he arrived in King's Landing. Varys was good, and I liked Gillen's performance as Littlefinger. Standout scenes for me: Tyrion, Yoren and Benjen jawing away in Castle Black; Arya and Syrio; Robert/Barristan/Jaime (I loved that scene, and why shouldn't the king be sitting having a drink and a yak and a good old reminisce?) So yeah, loved it. I really feel the series hit its stride with this episode, and I feel a lot more confident now in looking forward to the rest of it.
  3. I've rated this one a 6. I felt it was weaker than the opening episode, although there were several scenes I loved, which redeemed it somewhat. Negatives: What's Peter Dinklage doing with his diction? He seems to over-enunciate every word, like a sixth-former 'doing' Shakespeare. I like him in the part, other than this, and I hope he tones it down a bit as he settles into the role. I'm finding Kit Harington quite wooden; not enough of the sulky angst or simmering resentment I remember from the Jon Snow of the books. Kit spends much of the time looking faintly stunned and more than a little vacant. Joffrey. I find it hard to believe that even naive Sansa would fall so completely under the spell of this horrid little squirt. It was plausible in the books because he was tallish for his age and storybook-handsome - she was able to remain blind to his true nature for quite some time. In the show he is just pure odious. Small gripe, but I was disappointed not to hear Catelyn tell Jon that 'it should have been him.' I felt the scene with Sansa, the Hound and Ilyn Payne was fumbled somewhat. It wasn't clear why she was frightened of either of them, particularly. Felt a bit rushed and stuck-in-there. Theon :shocked: bad, bad casting. Positives: Both of the direwolf attacks were well done. Sean Bean was the best thing in this episode, again. I hope the rest of the cast improve their game soon, because at the moment, he is carrying it for me, and that worries me. Arya :thumbsup:
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    Why thank you, Mormont. I see you're in St Andrews. I went to uni in Edinburgh and always meant to visit St A. - never did though. I hear it's lovely :)
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    Hello! Been lurking for about a month and finally decided to join. Discovered ASOIAF last autumn and whizzed through all the books in about five weeks. Brilliant stuff. I live in Wales, am not Welsh though, am 31 and have spawned two small people who take up most of my time. Some of my (now sadly dormant) interests include comic books, Greco-Roman antiquity, 19th-century literature, the French Revolution and really good coffee. Actually, that last one isn't dormant at all :blush: So anyway...hi :cool4: