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  1. Thank you then. I was doubting if you were possibly just calling me naive.
  2. ... thanks? I hope that was a compliment? If you need an update, he kept dropping hints about this being a serious thing this week. Oh, we also went bowling on Thursday, that was so much fun.
  3. Thanks. There are descriptions of the developments on that topic around the forum. Last news is, we went bowling yesterday and had a lot of fun. Uh, sorry to hear you got it, but at least it doesn't sound like you had very bad cases? And you were probably immune at least for a time. I hope weight loss was not the result of ilness, yay for being healthier.
  4. No idea where they are. 11 years?! Wasn't he like ... 4? Happy birthday to him! Pity about your cactus. Maybe some other plants handle the rain better. Maybe you should start growing rice in the desert or something. i am extremely well these days! I have a nice job now, since last year. I am just planning to move to my first own home - I am renting a tiny studio flat, starting next week, to by closer to my workplace. Aaaaaand things are going well with a certain gentleman I recently met. By which I mean, he just kept dropping hints of us having something serious and having a future together yesterday. So several areas of my life are going well, in fact!
  5. I am still seeing Donatello. We did a whole day trip on Saturday! And we are going to keep seeing each other, despite the fact that I am moving to Tiny Town I Work In. He understands my motives and that I am not moving away to avoid him or anything, and I have promised to visit very often. He keeps dropping hints of things in the future and this being serious. On the other hand, I still haven't had a chance to visit his place ... I cannot invite him here because I live with my family, but after my move (exciting! Looking forward to living alone and close to work), I am definitely going to invite him to visit. At least to be able to be in a private place ... we seem to not be able to keep our hands off each other (we hold hands and hug and lean onto one another a lot) and at least I am excited to do something more here! And I wish he invited me to see his place too.
  6. Lady O! Great to see you stop by. There are not many regulars left. This thread has been around for ages, because it seems like nobody has anything interesting to post.
  7. Call a friend and go to a pool! Summer! I am at least meeting a friend for ice cream later, she said she doesn't feel like going swimming.
  8. Yes, I wanted to plan it that way to make sure I am starting the school year (going to the camp) from the new flat already, and then get back to it immediately. It is going to be so much easier starting school trips from the same town. I hope they won't sack you just like that! Don't do anything that would cause it. I hope so too. And teenagers 14-19 are much easier to deal with in my very limited experience than the 12-14 year-olds. Had a very pleasant (but also very hot) day with the gentleman, finally.
  9. Probably next week, or maybe the Monday after that. Official day of the contract starting is the Monday after next week. Then ... you will have to find another job, right? I mean, or go absolutely crazy doing something you hate every day, but this is not something I recommend. Normal! Please don't even talk about the possibility of online schooling anymore, I am desperately clinging to the chance of normal in-person schooling this year. I want to go through this year the way my work is supposed to look like. In fact, I am starting with a 3-day orientation/getting to know each other camp in a town a bit away from where I work. Before I even get to know my students, I will have to control them in a completely different environment, away from their parents for 3 days. That should be ... challenging.
  10. Well, I guess I am hoping I will be able to delete both my account and the app soon. For now, I just "hid" my profile so people won't see it, maybe that will also help getting fewer notifications. Thank you! We still need an idea about where to go and what to do, but at least we have a day set now.
  11. I still keep getting notifications from the Dating App, and I just checked, seems like all the notifications should be turned off inside the app ... I am not interested in seeing these notifications, and definitely don't want anybody to see one of them by accident if I try to show them something on my phone or they borrow it ... Outside of the notifications, I mostly just forget the app is there at all. I met up with one person from there and I am looking forward to seeing him again (Saturday! It's been too long!) and even though I know it is not anything serious (yet), I just don't want to think about other people at all. I am very focused that way, I suppose. And feel obligations of loyalty even though there is nothing that serious. I mean, we did have some more serious topics about what we want in our lives, but didn't commit to anything. Plus this swiping left and right is boring as hell. I am glad that the first and up to now the only person I met from there is not a total weirdo, and don't feel the need to try my luck with that again, so getting notifications about it is just silly. Don't know where I was going with this post, just rambling I suppose ... ETA: I just wanted to say that I got a one-word (hi) message from a person I exchanged a feew messages with two months ago, and then the conversation died off. I don't think I need to reply to that ...
  12. I mean, I am not allowed to change much anyway. Most of the furnishing is there already. I think I understand ... I don't know what to say to help though. Maybe it gets better once you get used to it? I start work again on Tuesday, but the school year for the students starts in September.
  13. Yeah ... now two people have said they had time on Saturday - after I seriously started thinking about visiting relatives on Friday-Saturday because, well, looks like nobody has time anyway ... ah well. I will figure it out, I suppose. I picked one of them - the slightly less tiny one. I have to go through the contract now and see what's up ... looks like I am going to live on my own this month already! I am excited. Hmmmm ... don't know what to think of your situation. I am sure there are tasks at any job that one hates - but on the other hand, some parts that you like must be there as well, right?
  14. Yes. I am annoyed. I wanted to spend last week and this week having fun with friends in the city or maybe going on some trips or whatever ... but it turned out nobody is here or they have no time, so I am bored in the middle of the summer, in the free time, with perfect weather. The gentleman that I wanted to spend some time with is also stuck somewhere else, and he planned to come back to the city already, but the thing he is doing apparently is taking more time than planned now, so I haven't even seen him. I have to start work again next week and it looks like I won't be able to catch up with anybody until then!
  15. Well, of course it would be great to find something around 30 m2, but there doesn't seem to be ... one flat I looked at was 21 m2 and the other one 25 m2. The next ad if I sort them by size is already 40 m2, and accordingly more expensive. Nothing in between. I don't plan on living there for 5 years though ... in fact, I don't seem to plan 5 years in advance at all. Before 5 years pass, I will probably be able to decide if I want to stay in that town long term and then it would make sense to actually buy a sligjtly bigger flat instead of renting a studio (not very likely), or I will find a job somewhere else, I hope.
  16. I mean, yes, you live in a big city. My workplace is ... tiny. Seriously. Both flats I looked at were smaller than that. There is no good selection at all. And they both want me to decide by tomorrow. I don't know what to do. Are you alright?
  17. I am looking within lets say, half an hour walking distance from my workplace (don't have my own car, and public transport system there is ... lacking, to say the least), furnished, and ... well, I would be happy with anything quite small, I am alone and don't need that much space, anything over 35 m2 is already too much for me, also in terms of price. I called two numbers and now I am going to go look at two flats today afternoon!
  18. I think it is. Sorry about your headache, I hope it is better now. Enjoy your reading at the park. My last few days were quite boring, so I didn't have much to post about. I am looking at advertisments for flats a lot - I want to live closer to my workplace to avoid the long commute and to finally be away from my parents (yes, I know I have been saying this for years now ). But it looks like there is not much of a market for small flats to rent in that town at all. There are very few ads and obviously most of them are too expensive and too big for me.
  19. I am not a sociologist or a psychologist, but don't remember ever seeing these labels used elsewhere than US-based websites - they are not a thing in the general media and casual conversation in my language. Also this. I think I am the eastern-most person posting in this thread up to now, and I don't think the political events that were mentioned to make the cutoff dates had as much impact here to make them relevant to describe generations according to them. I suppose remembering the death of Tito and the separation from Yugoslavia would be much more relevant if you wanted to make such divisions here. Even technology didn't reach all the places at the same time.
  20. I always manage to pack too muh stuff that I end up not needing at all.
  21. I am looking at advertisments for flats to rent in the town where I work, to avoid the long commute and to finally move out of my parents' home. There are barely any flats that are suitable for me. Currently, there is only one ad posted that would be of interest for me, and that one is slightly too expensive. (Still cheaper than in the bigger cities, I suppose.) It is a very small town. I would not think of moving there if it weren't for the job.
  22. I don't think the "universally flattering" applies to me ... I have enough practice, it seems, I can still pack my things quickly and efficiently, even after a year of not travelling anywhere.
  23. I think everything only black is boring ... so I don't wear it. I have only a few black pieces of clothing, mostly not something I would necessarily choose. I need some colour. And I definitely don't choose the styles according to the style of the destination.
  24. Do you mean just head hair or hair everywhere? I am okay with the hair on my head at least. The rest of it ... I am very much not, but a hairdresser usually won't deal with that. Aha! I see you have good taste in bikinis. I have such a piece. My mother, however, hates it. She is ... very critical of many things.
  25. I am at the seaside. I already had a lot of swimming today. I am staying for a few days.
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