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  1. I wonder know my self the following thing: how many reachlords will flock to Euron if he crushes the fleets ?
  2. well actually AFAIK Theon just appearing to be alive is a deathsentence to euron. LIke Isay and have always said: Euron makes ramsay look like a choirboy. I don't think Euron is an agent of the others and I don't think hes Bloodravens puppet. but I think brynden intended for euron to be his succesor until he realised what a Fiend in humanskin he actually is. but also think Euron is responsible for rmpage of the Others. and here's the evindece that he intended/S Vic to blow dragonbinder.
  3. so my guessing is right: euron makes ramsay look like a choir boy.
  4. by uneventfull I mean: no pillaging bands, no raped townfolk, no murder, no marauding bands. Arainne is able to safely travel in the stromlands.
  5. or did Aegons conquest pacify the region: another thing that amnazes me: how "uneventfull" Arianne journey is.
  6. more likely dragonstone hidden under glamours if you ask me
  7. not to mention dareon the drunk Egg's brother died of pox
  8. Should we be surprised if the path's of areo, sam an the damphair cross?
  9. and the rumours of an 8ft. tall knight of the kingsguard championing cersei? nymeria will certainly throw their lot with her cousin then with this walking insult
  10. lady Nymeria is going ahead through the storm lands with myrcella ( as cersei wanted it also of note the GC controll all of the stormlands). which might cause her to hand myrrcella over to JonC& Aegon once she hears the news of "robert strong"
  11. @usurper's dog: you know nymeria and myrcella are going througho the same terrain as arianne and I wouldn't be surprised if she appears in Storm's end
  12. like I said mace is saved by his own stupidity And the blackfyre supporters are IMHO only the tip of the ice berg. randyl might will defect to Aegon and another part of the reach will fall to Euron after he takes Old town
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