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  1. So... because we haven't SEEN it, it cannot have happened? I'm sorry, FF, but the 'ostrich defense' doesn't work. Mel could easily be an unperson. I've yet to hear how Coldhands doesn't count. You're doing what you always do: just claim that things 'don't fit' without ever making an actual argument, because you start out by deciding x is true and refuse to deviate. In this case you've decided Brienne is an unperson and so anyone else who might fit your 'three dead people' clause doesn't count because Brienne has to be one of them. Coldhands is a perfect fit to Martin's words, especially if it turns out that he's Benjen Stark. Of course he's not a R'hllor style unperson, but Martin did not specify the 'kiss of fire' resurrection, and whatever Coldhands is, he's not a normal wight.
  2. You forget Coldhands. GRRM's comments about the word Brienne screamed and what else he said seems to suggest she's still alive, so the third person you're looking for would be Coldhands.
  3. Jon Snow, the bastard that everyone knows is a bastard, cannot become Jon Stark, and if he tried to do so I daresay he'd face a rebellion. He has no right to Winterfell, and were he to attempt to say otherwise he'd have a whole bunch of bannermen eager to remind him.
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