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  1. Cersei's really working the judges, ugh. Lysa was amazing, and Sansa - the Eyrie ending is going to be incredible. Love to see the NW fight, love Jon as a badass, LOVE THAT GHOST IS BACK
  2. that's the fastest hour of the week, and this will be the fastest 10 weeks of the year...
  3. People's reactions to the concept of rape in the books and the show are interesting. It seems like there are (1) people who dislike the non-book rape scenes that HBO has added to the show, (2) people who argue that any rape in the show is consistent with the books because the books are violent, and (3) people who don't want to call what happens in the show rape. Why aren't we having this argument about non-rape violence, I wonder? No one is arguing about the 163 crucified kids. Maybe because that was exactly from the book? Or the people burned at the stake? Also in the book. Joffrey being poisoned? book. Jaime's hand? Book. Theon's torture? Book, but off-page. The rape scenes at issue aren't book rape scenes - they're the Cersei/Jaime sept scene (consensual in the book), and the Craster's scene (not in anyone's POV from the book). It's not an issue of "oh, my delicate eyes can't take this horror," it's just people noting that HBO has added extra sexual violence scenes that weren't in the books. The reason they're doing it is because sex sells. Sexual violence sells. It's all right to point it out.
  4. no one who watches or reads this has tender sensibilities.
  5. Actually, yes, I think this will be Jon's fate. One of those 13 guys in black...
  6. What I would give to read an Other POV...
  7. this is true - I watch with a friend who has also read the books and she said it was so weird to be watching like a non-book reader and not knowing what was going to happen
  8. eh, rape is a legit discussion topic in this world. it was pretty rapey at Craster's. peace.
  9. lol I don't think saying I'm glad Meera didn't get raped is anything controversial ;)
  10. My thought also while watching. I think they're going to lose viewers after this one.
  11. Yeah. Way rapey again. And Cersei seemed to be cool with the Jaime rape. I'm v glad Meera didn't get it. Or Jojen or Bran. God, or Hodor. Ugh.
  12. I was thinking of book 5 for that entire episode - when Jon was rallying the Craster's group and saying "Mormont got stabbed in the back by his own brothers," ouch. And the White Walker stuff! Heart of Winter? Given the choice between being raised by the mutineers at Crasters and becoming a WW, I choose WW, but the crying baby was so hard to hear that I muted it.
  13. me too. I never, ever shipped them in the books, but I am sailing that ship tonight ;)
  14. I agree that he raped her in that scene, but she's very messed up and could later tell him she loves him. I mean, yes, f-ed up, but also par for the course for Cersei.
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