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  1. MostlyMoody

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    First of all, I really dislike the idea of Jaime and Brienne 'hooking up', to me that goes heavily against the relationship they have. I still think it's love, but it's platonic love, not 'let's get married and have kids' love. Now as to what might happen, I am assuming Brienne shouted 'sword' and was sent to lure Jaime into a trap to save Hyle and Pod. Although I don't see any reason she wouldn't tell Jaime the truth eventually. She trusts him and knows that he trusts her. From a readers writers perspective, there is no twist/shock because as readers we already know what situation Brienne was in, and we know that she was lying to Jaime when she met him, so there is no ' surprise betrayal' factor. So, I imagine the two of them will try to find a way to save Pod and Hyle and probably try convince Stoneheart that they are looking for Sansa and Arya. Although I don't see Stoneheart forgiving anyone. In a grand narrative Jaime has to be killed by Bran, directly or indirectly, same as Fenrir kills Tyr during Ragnarok (This is a whole another thing but stay with me here :D). So technically Stoneheart could be that indirect way of his death. However, on a smaller scale, I feel like Jaime still has a story to go through: His relationship with Cersei, Brienne, oaths he made, duty to Kingsguard and finding his identity. In short, I hope he doesn't die but it could happen.
  2. MostlyMoody

    The battle of blood

    Whatever happens at Oldtown is personally one of my most anticipated storylines.
  3. MostlyMoody

    Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    Yes, there are clues left of him being a rapist. You successfully omitted all but one of them when quoting my post. Regarding Barry, I was talking about him believing that she was dishonored by someone at Harrenhal + Brandon being a macho/take what I want guy + the drama surrounding a Starks and Ashara at the tourney. It at least warrants suspicion. Also not relevant to the point you are trying to make but the 'looked to Stark' quote is in context of Barristan regretting he could not win the tourney and crown her Queen of Love and Beauty, so Ashara looked to Stark instead. As I mentioned in my previous post I am not saying Brandon was a rapist, but it is implied and will probably never be revealed. I just like to keep an open mind about things.
  4. MostlyMoody

    Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    That is the most violent case of opinion allergy I've seen. Either case, there are clues that Brandon might be a rapist. It's not uncommon in that world and Brandon is described as hot-headed/macho dude and 'not being shy to take what he wanted' + Barry's suspicions. This is obviously not something to build a case on but it does warrant suspicion.
  5. Will you also come back here if you were wrong? I doubt it.
  6. I know what you're saying, they "might" develop romantic feelings for one another, but currently the relationship is familial love. That is what I am arguing against. xD Yeah, he is integral to the fight against the White Walkers and he will most likely be resurrected. However, he won't go south, he won't become a king or prince that was promised or anything like that. His death and resurrection will change him much like Berric is changed, he will lose a part of him and most likely won't have any romantic relationships until the very end. That is my speculation, you have your own so I don't really care to argue about that. I've seen George's pitch before, thank you. This is a crack-pot theory. Same as if we were to argue Arya and Tyrion will fall in love, or Sansa is pregnant with Joffrey's child and Danny killed Drogo to avenge her brother - which are all plot-points presented in the original pitch of the trilogy. So explain to me again, please, I am a little dim. I'd say with Roberts virility, it's more possible that Hotpie is his son, yes.
  7. Can you get us some proof for those statements? With an argument that weak, you won't be convincing anyone about your point of view. It's telling of how strangely you interpret their relationship. The possibility exists for anything. Hotpie could be Robert's bastard, get legitimized and become King. There is no direct evidence against it, because Jon and Arya thinking about each other is a familial love, but you interpret it as erotic love. What evidence would convince you? Nothing short of books ending without your theory coming true, but even that probably won't stop it.
  8. MostlyMoody

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    feels like Arya
  9. MostlyMoody

    Valyrian Steel Armor

    What app and where do you get that George approves and proofreads all of it? I am more inclined to believe the, you know, books that he wrote rather than the app that claims it is approved by the author.
  10. MostlyMoody

    Valyrian Steel Armor

    I didn't say it would be 'cooler', in fact Euron claims to have gotten it from Valyria and we have no conflicting information on that. "That horn you heard I found amongst the smoking ruins that were Valyria, where no man has dared to walk but me." So where are you getting that he got the horn from the Warlocks?
  11. MostlyMoody

    Valyrian Steel Armor

    If you could link that quote or dream that would be swell. Well dragonfire still works on all the other people who aren't wearing that single piece of magical armor. There are a 100 swords. They are there to be rare magical items but the plot doesn't revolve around them. It would make more sense if he got all of his 'magical loot' from Valyria, which would explain his madness. Warlocks are just a bunch of religious fanatics, I don't think they hold any considerable power apart from influence in Qarth.
  12. She tries to follow after him? Damn, they must be in love with each other. I know he thought about Arya, I'm saying he didn't think about Arya out of nowhere. He was being stabbed to death so he remembered the conversation that had to do with stabbing, with someone he cared about. Thanks for the link. 50% of those quotes are general stuff like " His half sisters escorted the royal princes. Arya was paired with plump young Tommen, whose white-blond hair was longer than hers. " If that is the quality of quotes that passes for remembering each other then I am sure Jon is horny for Sam and the rest of the Starks. And the other half is remembering each other with fondness. If you are dead set on shipping these two, you can obviously interpret it as romantic thoughts, nothing I can do to disprove your feelings.
  13. Oh there is setup? Well shit you got me, I give up. There's no way they love each other like siblings, it must be romantic, you're so right. I agree, it is important, Arya and Jon were obviously closer than any other Stark kids were with Jon. I definitely don't believe the whole "think about each other the most", but that's kind of a moot point unless someone goes and actually counts all the times. Arya wants many things, and I'd put vengeance on top of that list. "Stick them with the pointy end" couldn't possibly have anything to do with pointy daggers being sticked into Jon? Do tell. It wasn't enough with the underage sister/brother romance, now we gotta mix wolves in this? Where does it stop? xD
  14. MostlyMoody

    Valyrian Steel Armor

    So how about that Euron's valyrian steel armor? Did anyone call this happening in the past forums? Not Euron specifically but I don't think I've heard armor theories. As to the plot relevance, I have a feeling Euron will get engulfed in Dragon-fire probably on Danny's orders and to the surprise of everyone involved come out unscathed. Also what do you guys think will be the relevance of this item in the future, presuming Euron dies at some point. I don't expect it to be any more important or plot-crucial than any of the other Valyrian steel swords and such, but someone's gotta wear it. Also - literal plot armor.