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  1. MostlyMoody

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    I think most readers (especially on the younger side) heavily identify with Sansa and her flaws. They like Arya more because that's how you'd like to be - rebellious, wild and brave, but in reality most people are constrained by the societal norms and therefore are more like Sansa - reserved, adaptive and selfish. This might be armchair psychology and projection, but that's what I think anyways.
  2. MostlyMoody

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    Why would she involve herself with exactly the type of men she has grown disdain for throughout her travels? Why would 'they' consider pressing a claim on Winterfell? Which northmen? Why do the remnants of the BWB care about any of this? If they don't know who rules the North, isn't the assumption Boltons and Freys? If so isn't that suicide? If not, why would she go against her siblings? Why would they invade the North? How would they invade the North? When has any of this been foreshadowed apart from Ned telling her she will be a queen someday? Why would Arya accept becoming a queen? Is Nymerias pack a political faction? I'm sorry, I broke down a little bit there. I'm sure there are good, rational answers to all of this.
  3. MostlyMoody

    Jon will get wightified, a theory by Lothar Frey

    Really makes you think.
  4. Not sure which, or even if it's relevant, but... ...gods he was strong then!
  5. MostlyMoody

    The relationship between Sansa and Robert Arryn

    I doubt he thinks of Sansa as a mother figure since he naively proposes marriage to her. But yeah, he is a pawn for Sansa, although I am sure she cares for him at least a little.
  6. MostlyMoody

    Jaime Lannister and Guest Rights

    Nobody is defending Jaime and what he did to Bran. Nobody questioned the Red Wedding until a guy with a Frey profile pic started a topic defending it. We really are starved for content here, aren't we?
  7. MostlyMoody

    Did Rhaegar have dragon dreams?

    We don't really have any evidence that would show Rhaegar had dragon dreams. Also there is no real reason to retroactively add that to his character. I think it's sufficient that he was highly intelligent, obsessed and quite mad.
  8. MostlyMoody

    Dark Sister

    It's probably in his mancave. If it was in someones possession at the wall or beyond the wall, it would have showed up by now. Or it could be hidden in one of the castles for whatever reason. Would be pretty funny if The George left a one-off line in one of the books that we all missed. Like "...and a slender old, dusty sword was hanging on the wall, but Sam could never get used to those things..."
  9. I think this is the crux of your argument so I will address it. Correct me if I'm wrong. First off, as in love, there are no rules in war. Second, there is a great deal of difference in rising up in rebellion and between attacking an army under pretence of alliance and safe haven. Inside the walls, the actual slaughter of Robb and his loyalists was a breach of guests right and therefore you think it is worse than the killing of his soldiers outside. And you are right, but just because one is a demonstrably worse action doesn't mean the other action is good. Inside is a breach of guest's right, outside is a breach of an alliance.
  10. I don't think anyone is arguing pragmatism. Red Wedding was strategically the best option for the Lannisters and Freys. That does not make it moral and to bring it back to the OP, that is why readers and many characters in the books hate Freys.
  11. Robb was an idiot. Good commander, but in every other aspect he was terrible in dealing with this war. The crucial mistake was breaking his oath to Walder by marrying Jeyne. From Walders perspective the only reason he had made the alliance with the North was now gone, so he betrayed Robb, seeing as how the promise meant nothing to the King in the North. Now, this in no way excuses the butchery at Red Wedding. If we are looking at this strictly from the societal standards of Westeros (which are abhorrent), Robb and Walder were still allies. The 'right' way to do this for Walder would be to declare for the crown officially sending letters to all relevant parties. Tywin conspired with Walder and Roose to end the war quickly by assassinating Robb and it worked. It wasn't moral or right, even within Westerosi law which is why everyone in the story with any moral backbone despises Freys, not just readers, characters within this fictional world despise the Freys. Why Freys in general not just Walder? Because all but 3 or 4 were present and in on the scheme. I rest my case, and may the jury be fair and just in their decision.
  12. MostlyMoody

    Tyrion will ride Viserion

    Actually reading through the examples you provided it seems that the more foreshadowed thing is that Tyrion will become a demon sitting in a chair. (Satan?) Something to think about.
  13. MostlyMoody

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on vol 2

    Tbh I've been swayed by the pro-Jon arguments. I too now agree that he is a one-dimensional, boring character with no emotions. =]
  14. MostlyMoody

    Loras Tyrell is not on Dragonstone?

    On one hand it makes sense for Loras to betray Cersei and sail to the Reach to help his family. On the other hand, he is Kingsguard and we don't really know how seriously he takes his oath. There is also the issue of people seeing a fleet sailing all around Westeros and reporting it back to KL. And I would be interested in seeing a different Loras if he survived the oil. Burned, broken, bandaged up. how will he be now that he has lost his good looks and possibly some capability?
  15. MostlyMoody

    Tyrion will ride Viserion

    Highly unlikely, although it would be a neat fanfic to read through.