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    And in the failure of these media of procrastination, attempting to get a medical degree.

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  1. Yes, a lot of the delicious subtext falls by the wayside, but I think the compressions and simplifications (especially for Arya, Stannis and Robb) have been done very efficiently. Props from this one. The LF/Cat interaction gives viewers a chance to suss out who's behind the Dontos escape plan. That quick cut to the Hound during Sansa's beating makes me think they'll play up that subplot in the next few episodes, which will be interesting; Tyrion/Meryn was golden. Arya's scenes were fantastic. Tywin Lannister, y u so charismatic?? The BWB namedrop as nice; no doubt Arya will overhear a lot more about them at Tywin's elbow. Loved the Baratheon parley in the books, enjoyed it here. "Is he a ham?" makes me think certain ADWD theories are right on the money. And Stannis my one true king just for the "fewer" comment. :bowdown: ETA: Roose Bolton and the Tickler this week; the banality of evil indeed :D
  2. House Baratheon started the war that killed Elia. I don't see Dorne considering an alliance with them any time soon, nor the Starks, Tullys or Arryns. He didn't spare a thought for the Young Wolf either.
  3. It is known ^_^ After the fortnight-long wait for this episode, it's hard to believe Baelor is just a couple of days away; I feel spoilt!
  4. When he smuggles her to his home in the Fingers, Littlefinger offers Sansa half a pomegranate. She declines. Smacked of Persephone to me.
  5. I'm a bit of a sucker for clichés and would love to see Reek meet his end in a sudden surge of valour, saving someone else from Ramsay. Theon's a massive pillock but maybe becoming the victim will give him some sense of empathy. It would be a bit rubbish if GRRM has put him at Ramsay's right hand just so there's a POV documenting the Boltons, and he does nothing to advance the plot there. ETA: Well, unless of course Ramsay isn't nipped in the bud relatively soon and comes out on top at the end of this series... Anyone? No? No.
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