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    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    So official confirmation it will be different. And a reminder that the characters that are cut off are still relevant (though no confirmation they'll make it till the end). http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2019/05/20/an-ending/
  2. A lot of threads are just dangling there and we're left to pick up the pieces. Do the Dothraki leave for the east? Do they stay in Westeros? A wider angle is the whole Essos backstory. Was that just a plot device for Dany to travel across the land to the Khalasar, learn the ropes of conquering and governing in Slaver's Bay, endure hardships in Quarth? What's Daario's response to all this? Is he going to take revenge on Westeros with the liberated slaves? Doesn't Bran have to pay the Iron Bank? Their "investment" went belly up and I don't think the Golden Company's life insurance policy covers death by dragon fire...
  3. Squall

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    In the series it's just for shock effect, but what would GRRM do with this revelation? I presume the bannermen from the North will never learn this information (and that GRRM explicitly told D&D), but what other implications would it have? Perhaps Dany will brood over it for several chapters and slowly distrust Jon. So he will be labeled a traitor like in the show, funny thing is she turned 180 in the last episode just before being stabbed. What was that?
  4. Squall

    The Six Kingdoms

    They never show how stable the elective king will be. I presume the first few years are quiet but it could all start again after Bran dies. It's also possible the kingship becomes a regular one after 3-4 kings. It wouldn't be an outlier (HRE and early France) to have every son "happening" to be elected.
  5. I think most readers expect Dany to slowly descend into tyranny and perhaps madness as she deludes herself to be a righteous ruler. Of course it will take more than the infamous "bells" to turn her...
  6. And Essos scenes have been missing for two seasons, outside of a few name drops. What will happen there? Will the former slaves come back to have revenge on the brutal murder of the Breaker of Chains?
  7. I was surprised they remembered to take on Edmure Tully. I think most viewers have forgotten about him. And King's Landing seemed to be pretty cleaned up after two weeks when everyone was sailing away. I'm still a bit confused about Unsullied and Dothraki just going off and Sansa casually saying she'll remain Queen. I presume that's what rushing episodes gets you to.
  8. Squall

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    Those awful BTS explanations touched on the Cleganebowl. It was just an epic event, nothing more. They always wanted to shoot it, it feels just as unnecessary as wanting that undead polar bear...
  9. Squall

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    The destruction of prophecies, dreams and fan theories. I wonder which bullet points of GRRM remain in the rubble. It's difficult to maintain season 8 is part of canon... What a letdown.
  10. I'm massively disappointed, most character deaths were a letdown, they just "happened". The funny thing is, people were laughing at me when I interpreted Emilia Clarke's words of "wandering aimlessly through London" as NOT being impressed by the script, the actress was devastated. I always said the script destroyed her character and Emilia couldn't believe what was done to her arc. And I was right... And she also said "Best season EVAAAH", now we know. Next week it's over and then we'll pretend season 8 is not part of canon. What a shambles, two years for this?!!!
  11. 3/10 for technical execution and music. The plot rushing destroys the whole series. Varys had to end, but his entire arc was viciously cut short and he had a memorable talk last episode, truly a shame. And Jon Snow is useless again, all hope in that character goes up in smoke. Not only KL is burning but entire character arcs.The bell ringing madness was sadly hilarious. And Harry Strickland got 5 minutes of screen time only to die running away. That's not the man of the books, it's a mockery. The GC, a famed militia, just anonymously reduced to ashes. Scorpions are suddenly useless after making a quick kill of Rhaegal, it just suits the plot writing. Euron dies the cartoon villain death he "deserves". The death of Cersei and Jaime was a letdown, no special circumstances, just buried beneath the rubble. And there's a final mockery with small wildfire caches burning in the city. It's like saying "OK, you fools were right that wildfire would burn KL" Cleganebowl lasted a longer time than I thought but it's not really satisfying. And so also ends our beloved Qyburn, cut short like other characters. You almost hope this whole season was Bran's vision of unlikely events...
  12. I sincerely think they only remembered him when they got to episode 4. And then they went "oh crap, just paste him a few seconds in every episode. Nobody will notice that an actor isn't talking to him and let him run off into the darkness, perfect budget cut. Kit, Kit, before we leave the Winterfel set, just say a line to send him off so we're rid of him!"
  13. Squall

    Is the quality of this season low?

    It already dropped to 6.5 and I think it'll be sinking lower still. I guess they couldn't hide ridiculous plot jumps anymore for the general crowd. I still remember all the calculations to justify Beyond the wall and the teleportation travel. Now it's just too much to glance over and the fan service falls flat on its face. The technical execution took two years but I believe the storyline was always flimsy and they didn't really work that long on it. I could even imagine D&D wishing it was just one episode. Hear me out: the NK and his WW arrive at WF. The 2 dragons are just left out and they leave open a path towards Bran. The NK strolls in and Arya kills him. Goes a lot faster if they really guide the NK towards Bran. Jon and Dany immediately fly off to KL and they just burn everyone, they're a lost lot anyways. They declare themselves co-regents of the Seven Kingdoms. Voila! It's not good writing but their main intent is there (ridiculous as it is). Unfortunately they couldn't shorten it like that so they have to add a lot of filler and padding. And D&D are bad at it. Red herrings, dropped prophecies, plot armour, it's all there to stretch it to 6 episodes. And the viewer just keeps on paddling! Over and over again I see people clamoring for more episodes. You don't get much out of a squeezed lemon, it only leads to more frustration. If there were other writers, sure it could be an amazing 10 episodes, but not with these two burned out writers and HBO just let them stay on. I would have replaced them after season 4. You see in their interviews they just want to leave as fast as possible.
  14. Squall

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    I never liked Arya who seems to be coming out of nowhere doing her thing. But I think you're right here, she'll do cool things with plot armour. Though it borders on ridiculousness. I didn't take into account the people rooting for characters like they do for football players. You're absolutely right she's heading straight for the chopping block. I always found her a better conqueror than administrator but dangling a death sentence above her head is heavy handed.
  15. Squall

    What was your personal GoT breaking point?

    It seems S08E04 seems to be the breaking point for the IMDB crowd. All episodes receive between 8 and 9.9 but this one has a paltry 6.8. Many issues come together here: The feeling of teleportation with the shortened seasons. Cheesy scenes (Gendry to Arya, Jaime and Brienne) Mediocre Euron coming out of nowhere Unsatisfying closures (no mention of NK at all, Ghost just leaving) Cutting corners to rush the plot (Rhaegal's death) Ridiculous scenarios (parlay with Cersei and Cersei not killing Dany & co) Inconsistencies (Unsullied and Dothraki have mostly survived, they were invisible at the end of E03 inside the castle) I guess I'm relatively mild for this episode because I'm past the breaking point already and mostly follow the winds of winter where they take me. I'm rather amazed people break on this "mundane" episode instead of the horrible wrapup of the NK with ninja Arya. Perhaps it's just that the episode feels "empty" and viewers take off their rose-tinted glasses?