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  1. BarrileteCosmico

    How would you rate episode 209?

    For 60 minutes I forgot this was a TV show and thought I was watching a blockbuster with a 300M budget. Fcking fantastic.
  2. BarrileteCosmico

    [ADWD SPOILERS] Guide to the POVs So You Know Where To Post

    Thanks for all the hard work :D
  3. BarrileteCosmico

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    I have no major complaints but the episode left me somewhat unsatisfied. I gave it an 8 for this reason, but the episode was great. Loved Drogo pulling the tongue out of the dothraki. Very happy they make him go out as a badass.
  4. BarrileteCosmico

    References and Homages

    Wow. It is estimated that at the time of the conquest the Americas' the population was larger than that of Europe. There should be a significant majority of indigenous population, as there is no way the European settlers ever represented all of Europe. European disease and the war for conquest did with a huge percentage of this population. In places such as the southern cone the indigenous & mixed population is lower then 3%.