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  1. BarrileteCosmico

    How would you rate episode 209?

    For 60 minutes I forgot this was a TV show and thought I was watching a blockbuster with a 300M budget. Fcking fantastic.
  2. BarrileteCosmico

    [ADWD SPOILERS] Guide to the POVs So You Know Where To Post

    Thanks for all the hard work :D
  3. BarrileteCosmico

    Create your Westerosi house

    Yes lol, Valyrian swords are a must. Thanks for the compliments.
  4. BarrileteCosmico

    Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Vulcan House Sigil: Standing white bull on a maroon background. Chosen after the wild bulls surrounding the area. Motto: Virtue, Grace, Wisdom Location: Twelve Gates is a city and major business and cultural centre in the North. It is the capital of the Borrowlands, located mainly between two Rivers south of Torrhen Square, giving it lordship over some of the most fertile land in the North. While not a port city, it does have easy access to Blackwater Bay. There are plans to start a university and military academy of the highest level. House Weapon: Serenity is a longsword sword of Valyrian steel (obviously, lol), maroon-colored. It has been passed down for generations, and was bestowed made-to-order in the days of old Valyria. Sworn to: The King of the North! History: While not a great house, House Vulcan are descendant from the First Men. Oscillating in importance throughout the past thousands of years, they are currently in the rise again and are experiencing a period of great prosperity, but the War of Five Kings and Winter are a posing threat to this. While not known for their fighting prowess, it has in the past produced some of the most renown Maesters, giving it a reputation for being wise. Through this strong tradition and connections with Old Town they are planning to create the first university of the North, although on a much smaller scale than that in Old Town. It is currently working, prudently, towards Stark Restoration. Having received rumors of a wildling woman, a giant wolf and a kid traveling together it has sent messengers to try to approach these.
  5. BarrileteCosmico

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    I have no major complaints but the episode left me somewhat unsatisfied. I gave it an 8 for this reason, but the episode was great. Loved Drogo pulling the tongue out of the dothraki. Very happy they make him go out as a badass.
  6. BarrileteCosmico

    References and Homages

    Wow. It is estimated that at the time of the conquest the Americas' the population was larger than that of Europe. There should be a significant majority of indigenous population, as there is no way the European settlers ever represented all of Europe. European disease and the war for conquest did with a huge percentage of this population. In places such as the southern cone the indigenous & mixed population is lower then 3%.