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  1. Than why are they calling jayne talisa so that we dont bitch she isnt just like in the books I really think she will start a baywatch/ lifeguard program in westeros just to get over her childhood drama
  2. It will be hard for book worms like me to understand why Robb will marry Talysa as she isnt from a respectable noble family or her honor is not that a big deal as Karstark calls his kings lover "foreigh bitch" and as i said the Freys dont mind Robb sleeping around as lord Frey has lots of bastards himself The catalyst of their RW is Robb braking his betrohal to the Frey girl
  3. Of course due to the changes the Robb / Cat argument is invalid as in the book Robb already [email protected]&€ up and married Jayne so the Freys already droped him as lord and ge is much more friendly to his mother "treason" so Edmure is the one who imprison her with their father on his death bed, but this is not a complaint just an observation I just wondered who is protecting ER jayne from rape now and untill she joined the war effort as she is by far the only woman in Robb lowborn army (not including Cat& Brienne) Also i wonder what NGO is she on as except for the silent sisters who are the field nurses by the book Anyway they at least try this episode to link back to the book main plot
  4. i like the the wildlings camo pattern talysa im not that into her as she is too "in your face/pants" Robb she is going to get married to the king by sleeping with him - i dont even care if she is a maid - Jayne was a noble maid so when Robb took her, he was doing the noble thing so she wasn't disgraced but Talysa is not a noblewoman or at least not a Westeros noblewoman and the Freys wont be angry over Robb doing some westelands or essos girls but marrying one for sure will make them plan a RW
  5. The show purists / praisers are right Nothing is forbidden probably vampires and aliens will be very well received also Why talysa and not jayne (Robb loves her in the book too) they spend almost a year married while his mother in law gives her birth control potions Volantis noble famillies look more like dany than talysa but who cares this is just nitpicking Last week D&d invented the "yellow" fork of the Trident No vargo hoat/ no roose taking the harrenhal why bother roose is in the Robb "summer fun" Camp somewher between the Crag (around a day casual riding distance) and the "yellow fork" Riverunn probably wasnt build yet and Edmure is just reading and fishing while the riverlands are destroyed by Starks and Lannisters Favorite scene Ros getting abused (probably D&D wanted some slack from the purists/ complainers so they have beaten their pet character as she was destroyed by the purists forums) The rest i will save for the NwR thread And no i will not stop complaining about the show when it goes AWOL from the book logic