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  1. Silverin

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    1. Barristan wondering wether the Greyjoys are with Joffrey. Does that mean he isn't even aware that he died? They really know nothing about Westeros... 2. Barristan is overjoyed that the Greyjoys are with them. At one point it is understandable, he needs everyone on their side. But he again is not aware how much of a bad rep they have in Westeros. It seems more and more like a huge PR disaster to Dany when she finally reaches Westeros. If Barristan dies as some speculate, the only positive image/ally will perish... 3. Nice one from those of you who pointed out about the Red Sheep and Little Pigeon possible paralels with LFs fate. Btw.: I think I read somewhere that Timmet might come before Harry the heir when it comes to the iline of succession in the Vale, some speculated that.
  2. Silverin

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    But how can Arianne be sure that oh yeah that is sure is my cousine. Jon Connington who knew both Rhaegar and Elia believes he is their son. What could Arianne possibly notice on him, how on earth could she possibly confirm it? Everybody knows Aegon looked more like Rhaegar so even if he has not much Dornish features it is no proof at all to her that he is fake. How old was she when the whole thing happened? Around 5-6 years old? Connington definietly knew both parents better than she. I don't see how could Doran think his daughter would be able to tell it wether he is real or not. I mean I dont believe there was no one in Dorne who actually knew both of Elia and Rhaegar personally and wasnt a kid when the whole Rebellion thing happened. Thank you tze. I loved it so much when Ellaria said it out. I never thought about Doran's fire and blood that it is awesome, or he could actually possibly bring justice. I really dislike Doran becuause of his long wait the people who will play willl be innocent ones, and because of it I dont have any respect towards him or towards his plan.