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  1. 9. It was always going to be tough to do the last episode, but they wrapped everything up as well as was possible I think. My prediction was the final shot would be Arya and Nymeria. I'll settle for it (almost) being Jon and Ghost. Oh, and the CGI & cinematography this episode was off the chart.
  2. No, not because of the show (I will always love both). However, like many, I feel it's pretty certain and a shame that GRRM isn't going to finish them. And if by some miracle he does there is no way he could do so in two books, and if by some double miracle he managed that, then no one is going to be happy how rushed they are - he's got five times as many threads going on as the show and five times the expectation on the back of it. Given the hissy fits people are throwing about the show, then I expect book burning parties come the end. There's just no way I can see it ending well. George is not riding in on (Arya's) white horse to 'save' the story. I honestly don't think he has a story left to write.
  3. Just saying, in the absence of trained therapists, he would be the best placed person to pick up on it. And he was right! Personally I think the clues were there in the show that could push her over the edge (e.g. after all she has been though, Jon's claim and he probably being a better/loved ruler), but regardless, if you (as Varys) believe there was a 50% chance (coin) that she might turn bonkers you are going to be on the lookout for that kind of stuff and worried about it happening. I guess originally he thought that a 50% chance was better than the alternatives.
  4. But Varys is the best authority on it. He's seen it all happen before. Everyone should have believed him.
  5. If you haven't seen hints of what may be coming then all I can say is that many of us did see it coming. Or at least a big possibility of it given the hints. There have been scores of threads on both the book and TV sections here for years about it. And even if you ignore those, it's been pretty clear this season episode by episode she's been losing it (they made a very obvious effort to show her deteriorating as she gradually loses all her support structure - Jorah, the dragons, Jon, Missandei, Varys, Tyrion). We've been talking about it in the pub as an almost certainty for weeks!
  6. There have been many hints at this coming, and they laid it on even thicker this season. But even if it was completely out of the blue and she just snapped, then fine. That happens. Part of madness is that it isn't logical to other people looking on. That's why it's madness, because it is irrational and out of control.
  7. I think they were just on 'low power' as they had ended up stuck in there by accident, presumably after chasing some poor sods through the corridors, then got confused by the maze of bookcases and didn't have anyone else to chase nearby. Most 'zombies' in other shows/films seem to go offline this way when not actively chasing someone, and only power-up when they sense a victim. The impression I get was that the NK can order 'attack the castle' and they understand that, but at the end of the day they are just zombies.
  8. I think it's the opposite. GoT has raised the bar so high that people are freaking out about a perceived drop in to poor quality when it doesn't match their own fan fiction. It should be this, it must be that. OK, everyone wants different things, how you rate stuff is subjective, sure. But there was a full on AD&D fight with flaming swords and a freaking undead bear. Right there, on screen! Viewers are spoiled these days. I spent a month once waiting for a schoolmate get me a dodgy VHS tape copy of a Hartnell black-and-white Doctor Who episode that was barely visible through the snowstorm and the sound was a full second out of sync. But it was AMAZING! I know I'm not alone in being so grateful that we have this show to watch - whatever faults it has with some of the writing and some of the pacing. So what? There was a freaking undead bear fight!
  9. I loved it. For me GoT has always been 1/3 fantasy drama, 1/3 soap opera and 1/3 horror show. Ticked all my boxes.
  10. 10. I think only my 4th ever 10. Just great TV. Many were predicting this show would falter this year, but I feel it's been one of the best so far. Please keep up the pace.
  11. 8. Very solid. Enjoyed every scene. The smaller number of remaining characters helped a lot. I loved weasel soup 2.0. Can't see the fan service complaints. We've had 6 seasons of them getting dumped on from a great height and we've had what? just half a dozen scenes of revenge by the handful that remain! Anyway, it's obvious there are still going to be major bumps in the roads ahead for the Starks. Even the poop scene was interesting - the first time in 50 years something on TV has made me feel physically queasy.
  12. Yes, all this bad writing is terrible indeed! Terrible I say! We should all be on our guard!
  13. Probably the most enjoyable hour of television I've experienced in 40 years!
  14. Great. Best episode so far. 8/10. There's war a brewin' on all-sides! All the main characters are ready to go all in. And the Dany scene is the one that just switched the season into top gear. It gonna go mental from here on in. That High Sparrow is kinda getting on my nerves now, though. Although I guess he is meant to. And sad Osha died. Still... Jon and Sansa! Yay! Loved it.
  15. Lol, ok, we agree on that for sure! So annoying, Transformers gets sequel after sequel, Dredd gets none. Sigh.
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