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  1. 9. It was always going to be tough to do the last episode, but they wrapped everything up as well as was possible I think. My prediction was the final shot would be Arya and Nymeria. I'll settle for it (almost) being Jon and Ghost. Oh, and the CGI & cinematography this episode was off the chart.
  2. No, not because of the show (I will always love both). However, like many, I feel it's pretty certain and a shame that GRRM isn't going to finish them. And if by some miracle he does there is no way he could do so in two books, and if by some double miracle he managed that, then no one is going to be happy how rushed they are - he's got five times as many threads going on as the show and five times the expectation on the back of it. Given the hissy fits people are throwing about the show, then I expect book burning parties come the end. There's just no way I can see it ending well. George is not riding in on (Arya's) white horse to 'save' the story. I honestly don't think he has a story left to write.
  3. Daske

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Just saying, in the absence of trained therapists, he would be the best placed person to pick up on it. And he was right! Personally I think the clues were there in the show that could push her over the edge (e.g. after all she has been though, Jon's claim and he probably being a better/loved ruler), but regardless, if you (as Varys) believe there was a 50% chance (coin) that she might turn bonkers you are going to be on the lookout for that kind of stuff and worried about it happening. I guess originally he thought that a 50% chance was better than the alternatives.
  4. Daske

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    But Varys is the best authority on it. He's seen it all happen before. Everyone should have believed him.
  5. It's not an excuse; it's what happened. There on screen. It's not random; it is for the reason of undying messed-up love clearly between them expressed to us many times over the years (not just in season 1). It's not out of the blue. He has always loved her. And at no time has this not been the case, even when they have been at the point of killing each other. He tried to move on but couldn't. Should grey characters should only be certain shades of grey? Only move in one linear direction? I don't see this as an even remotely controversial move by Jaime. It's tragic in many ways - you could even say honourable - he knew there was a big chance it would just be for them to die together.
  6. Yeah she would be a very different man! :-) But the reason is obvious. He really did love Cersei beyond everything. This undoes nothing. He strived to become a better person, to do the right thing, but kept falling short. He is a flawed character. The idea of finally finding yourself in a happy place, respected and loved and then throwing it all away is as old as the hills. Why do people go back to smoking if they know it may kill them even after years off the stuff? Why do people go back to old abusive relationships after finally finding a nice partner. Love, however illogical or crazy is not just 'reasons'.
  7. Daske

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    If you haven't seen hints of what may be coming then all I can say is that many of us did see it coming. Or at least a big possibility of it given the hints. There have been scores of threads on both the book and TV sections here for years about it. And even if you ignore those, it's been pretty clear this season episode by episode she's been losing it (they made a very obvious effort to show her deteriorating as she gradually loses all her support structure - Jorah, the dragons, Jon, Missandei, Varys, Tyrion). We've been talking about it in the pub as an almost certainty for weeks!
  8. People don't make sense a lot of the time! Linear progression and neat bow-tied storylines are mostly not what happens in real life. Some people revert to type, some strive and never get where they are going, some go back to smoking after 20 years off it, the sociopath show his true colours after being the helpful neighbour for decades, some get killed before they finish building their house, some close friends die without saying a goodbye and so on. GRRM was doing this kind of thing all over the places in the books. Would anyone be happy (if not in the books) if show Loras killed a couple of friendly guards just because he was upset? His character has been ruined! Or (if not in the books) Drogo died weakly in bed from infection? He should have gone out in an epic battle with so-and-so, what a disservice to his character! It's just a matter of perspective imo.
  9. Agree with OP. And... It's funny that those screaming that the show had just become fanservice are the same ones now screaming that it didn't turn out how they wanted it to. It's only fanservice if it's what someone else wanted apparently.
  10. Daske

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    There have been many hints at this coming, and they laid it on even thicker this season. But even if it was completely out of the blue and she just snapped, then fine. That happens. Part of madness is that it isn't logical to other people looking on. That's why it's madness, because it is irrational and out of control.
  11. Daske

    Arya and the Horse

    I thought it was to signify that Arya was getting the hell outta Dodge. She consciously let go her thirst for revenge, and after seeing all the carnage of KL she's done with killing and that life, and is just getting away from it all (for good). I'm hoping she isn't in next episode at all - except for, after everything else is tied-up, we see her in the very last scene of the show hanging out with Nymeria. (I don't watch the trailers, so could easily be completely off-tangent if she was in the trailer!).
  12. Daske


    I think the complications of r-mail are often overlooked. Re-establishment would not be that easy. To use a homing bird you need to have already taken it by land or sea from the place you want to send to to the place you want to send from. And you may want to test out a batch of birds at least once, so that you only re-use the ones that make it. You would also need to have communication set-up the other way if you wanted a reply to a question. Mortality/lost birds would be fairly high and they would need constant breeding with each replacement generation requiring new training and with trained handlers. Communication would be tricky and not guaranteed at the best of times. During the anarchy and fall of various houses over the last few years it easily beliveable that many of the raven programmes were used up and/or wiped out, as well as the death of workers and directors of such programmes. I doubt there were just a handy bunch of spare trained ravens and human breeders/trainers in all these places that escaped the destruction waiting in the wings (!) ready to jump into action again at the drop of a hat. Setting it all back up again would require bootstrapping communication from scratch and multiple long overland journeys by new people working to a plan with the new people at the other end (and that new plan can't itself be arranged by raven!). And that's assuming anyone is left alive at these places who cares. So, pretty sure there would be vague information about some of the more remote areas for years after this kind of destruction. I mean with some of the houses completely wiped out, these places could easily fall into the hands of local warlords/gangs/opportunists who would likely be enjoying roasted raven for tea if one flew into their courtyard.
  13. I think they were just on 'low power' as they had ended up stuck in there by accident, presumably after chasing some poor sods through the corridors, then got confused by the maze of bookcases and didn't have anyone else to chase nearby. Most 'zombies' in other shows/films seem to go offline this way when not actively chasing someone, and only power-up when they sense a victim. The impression I get was that the NK can order 'attack the castle' and they understand that, but at the end of the day they are just zombies.
  14. Daske

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Christopher Tolkein's work too could fall under this umbrella, which doesn't seem right at all.
  15. Daske

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I agree fanfiction is used inappropriately all the time on this site as an insult, and it does great disservice to the many fans of this and hundreds of other shows that spend a lot of time and energy and often great skill in producing it. It's a shame. One thing you may consider, at this point in time the rest of the show is the only version we have and there is more than a reasonable chance GRRM does not or cannot finish the books himself. In which case the show will in the end be the first, and possibly only, definitive and official version of the missing story whether people like it or not. (NB I don't think the show has gone wrong at all, it's just changed focus as it approaches the end-game).