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  1. The Yronwoods were an ancient house, proud and powerful. Before the coming of the Rhoynar they had been kings over half of Dorne, with domains that dwarfed those of House Martell. Blood feud and rebellion would surely have followed Lord Edgar’s death, had not her father acted at once. Interesting that the word Arianne uses is "dwarfed." That brings to mind one dwarf, Tyrion, and I think this foreshadows him managing to get the Yronwoonds to switch sides to Dany and fight against the Martells. Cletus Yronwood died on the trip Doran sent him before reaching Dany, and so the Yronwoods might blame Doran for Cletus's death. They may ask to foster Trystane as recompense. Arianne may refuse, feeling that they may fill his head with thoughts of replacing Arianne as the ruling Prince of Dorne. That will be one of the main factors that drives the Yronwoods into the arms of Dany and Tyrion.
  2. Because Selmy compared the battle to the Battle of Redgrass Field, and GRRM likes to use history as foreshadowing.
  3. "Only their shadows," Moqorro said. "One most of all. A tall and twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood." I recall at the Battle of Redgrass Field mentioned by Barristan, along with the fight between Baelor and Maekar, we have the fight between Bloodraven and Bittersteel. Bittersteel was a dark haired strong warrior who was always bitter and angry and loathed his brother BR while Victarion is a dark haired strong warrior who is angry and bitter in the POVs we see him in and he loathes his brother Euron. Bittersteel manages to fight BR, and take out his eye. I think Victarion will kill Barristan, but Barristan will take out Victarion's eye.
  4. He got their names right it was just a bad idea from the start.
  5. Not as slow and dangerous compared to sailing using the Sunset Sea in uncharted waters that captains don't know. I think you are exaggerating, a fleet made up of Dany's army and her dragons would suffer minimal danger with pirates coming after only the ships that stray behind. Dany won't go to or stop by Asshai. "Pass beneath the shadow" referred to Drogon, whom Hazzea's father referred to as "the winged shadow" he passed over her in the fighting pit.
  6. The quickest, safest and easiest way to Westeros would be by the Narrow Sea. Dany will land in the Vale, and won't stop by Asshai. GRRM said we would only see Asshai in flashbacks.
  7. GRRM said we won't see Asshai, so Dany won't go there.
  8. The little birds have their tongues cut out, while the Unsullied only lose their manhoods.
  9. I think that is likely. When Dany and Tyrion cross the Narrow Sea to Westeros, they will make port in Lys where they will come upon Edric Storm. Tyrion will advise Dany to legitimize him, and make him her puppet Lord of Storm's End. But her actions will result in getting Ned killed given the foreshadowing: "I'm a princess too," Shireen announced, "but I never had a sister. I used to have a cousin once, before he sailed away. He was just a bastard, but i liked him. Shireen speaks of Edric Storm in past tense as if he had died. A dose of irony if Davos had Ned sent away to save his life only to die. In that case Gendry will be legitimized and be made Lord of Storm's End.
  10. Stannis and Shireen are the last of the line of the main branch. There could be a few offshoots of house Baratheon from younger sons, especially since Orys Baratheon had three sons with the Storm King's daughter.
  11. I don't think that's explained, it adds to the mystery and creepiness of the Sorrows.
  12. More like undead Gregor with parts, most likely muscle, added to him from other people.
  13. There plenty of threads for that try the search engine on this site Welcome to the forum.
  14. Drogon was in the middle of being attacked, and everyone that came near him tried to him harm. It probably took him a moment to recognize Dany, andit was easier for her to reassert dominance as she was the only maternal figure he knew.
  15. Storm's End is described as looking like a giant fist. This could foreshadow Aegon taking Storm's End.
  16. I believe that too. My guess is that she will in childbirth.
  17. I want Selmy to live long enough to hear Tyrion tell him the truth about the parentage of Cersei's children and Robert's death. I think Selmy would be disgusted by Jaime even more, and be even more glad that Joffrey stripped him of his cloak. I would also like to see his shame regarding Ned, not that I find fault with Selmy.
  18. In terms of the red dawn there is a mariner's rhyme: Red sky at morning, sailors take warning; Red sky at night, sailors delight Does this foreshadow Victarion's fate, especially with Barristan calling the red dawn a "dragon dawn"? ETA: To add to the theory of Pod killing LF: “I’ve never been frightened of shepherds. It’s the sheep who trouble me. Still, I suppose an escort might be in order.” ACoK: He[Pod] shuffled his feet, sheepish.
  19. Barristan was charged with subduing Old Wyk in the first Greyjoy Rebellion.
  20. Thanks Ran and Azador I do kind of feel bad for the slaves of the Clanker Lords, some of them might be willing to fight on Dany's side, but can't because they're chained to other slaves. Larraq is taking after his mentor already, he takes an arrow to the chest, but shrugs it off. In the Defiance of Duskendale, Barristan took a quarrel to the chest as well when rescuing his king. Nice one, Maekar was on the defense while Baelor took them in the rear. In that case, Barristan, since he was leading the defense, may play the role of Maekar and Victarion, the one bringing fresh troops to the battle, the role of Baelor. But GRRM has a habit of switching circumstances for historical parallels.
  21. Then you clearly underestimate Connington. Numbers alone don't win a battle, and Connington can surprise them in ambush along the kingsroad in the hills like Hannibal did in the Battle of Lake Trasmiene.
  22. Hannibal managed to bring them over the Pyrenees Mountains. Besides, the fighting is currently in the South near Dorne. They don't have to worry about snow and cold for a while.
  23. Tarly was at the small council in KL in ADwD Epilogue, and he managed to release Margaery and her entourage from Baelor's Sept.
  24. 1. Nice catch, one of them probably will be left behind as a hostage with Connington. 2. Arianne hasn't seen Quentyn for ten years since she was thirteen and he was eight. I agree that they probably weren't close, even before they were separated.
  25. GRRM said the inspiration for the Red Wedding was the Black Dinner where the King James II of Scotland had the sons of the Earl of Douglas were summoned for dinner, and later had them executed.
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