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    This is not mine, but I don't know where else to post it. It's hilarious and addictive, I warn you! http://textsfromwesteros.tumblr.com/ (Texts from last night and GoT combined.)
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    INFO: Interested in joining the MUSH?

    Thanks for your reply! I will continue stalking and exploring the MUSH, and I'll get back to you once I have more of those specific questions. :)
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    INFO: Interested in joining the MUSH?

    Hiya, here's a newbie who's very interested in the game. I have played written online RPGs for many years, but they were exactly that - RPGs created by writing posts on a forum after each other so the MUSH confuses me a lot and I'm only getting to understand how it works... Also, is there anywhere a concrete "how to use a mush" guide? I got as far as making the help newbie command, reading the three pages and discovering that the recommended webpage for getting a manual doesn't work... This far I've breen pretty ok figuring out stuff but it has been time-consuming. Lastly - I'm slightly confused by the most wanted character list. There are lots of characters who seem to have no relations there - why are they so wanted then? If I really don't have any preference about my character except that I'd prefer a female one, is there a way to figure out which of them is the most wanted? ps. Oh, two more questions. 1. How much time are the players expected to commit to the mush? 2. Is playing a restricted character a really really responsible job or just a responsible one (meaning should I consider it only if I have lots of time in my hands or can I consider it even without that)?
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    Hi! Here's one more new member brought by the HBO series - although not in the strict sense. I first read A Song of Ice and Fire some five years ago and I remember I liked it a lot, but it didn't become a favourite. Being a major fan of epic fantasy, the news of HBO's series made me really excited, especially when I heard it would be starring Sean Bean (and Jennifer Ehle who later dropped out though). After only the first episode I was ready to proclaim it the best TV series ever and better than the book. Fortunately, I got obsessed enough to reread the books and now I have to say I was wrong - they are even better than the awesome HBO series. Martin's writing seriously blew my mind on the second time and I now consider him among my favouritest (fantasy) writers alongside with Tolkien, Le Guin, Hobb and Kay. Anyway, I'm here to discuss the books and the series, mostly because all my RL friends who are into Martin at all have either read the books ages ago and don't remember anything, or have only started reading after being inspired by the HBO series. Having stalked a bit, I have to say I now have my greedy eyes on the Blood of Dragons mush too...