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  1. I am all for criticism. The RW was the most powerful moment I have ever read. But you just sounded like the most uptight, cynical, closed-minded, arrogant & outright most irritating person I have ever had to read a comment from. Damn man stop nitpicking every single aspect of the show. THE WIND WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BLOWING WEST!!!! HER HAIR WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CURLY NOT STRAIGHT!!!! THE WEDDING SONG WAS IN A HIGHER KEY THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!!!! This isn't the books!!! I appreciate some of the complaints, the lack of bannermen mainly. And the lack of Grey Wind action. 1) I agree I would've liked to see GreyWind attack Freys at the beginning.... but that would've made it way too obvious something was going to happen. They did show GW howling in despair later. 3) The big connection was between Robb & Catelyn. The warging capability between Robb & GreyWind was never really addressed so it would've been pretty random to see Robb all of a sudden warging out of his body into GW. And btw saying that GW's death was something barely cared for... yeah you are heartless. Who feels for a creature trying to break free & save his master getting shot multiple times defenselessly? With Arya to sit there & witness it? 5) Robb showed no confusion or despair? The entire time he was speechless, lost in the chaos... Yeah I know he wasn't frantic but he was completely dead inside & in shock. Why the hell else do you think he slowly rose and barely moved? As for Catelyn's death..... she doesn't say anything about the hair.... she THINKS it.... can you please try to comprehend the difference between a book where thoughts are seen textually.... and a TV show where that does not happen. The reason why so many non-book readers were so moved is because it was a MOVING EPISODE!! They aren't all uptight and stuck up with only ONE thought on what the episode would be like, bitching about any little thing different. This episode was phenomenal. I read the books multiple times.. and I have the ability to watch something on screen and comprehend it is a different entity than the source material it came from. I appreciated the similarities... loved the entirety of the episode.... and respected the changes as this is an ADAPTATION. Stop being so cynical and start treating this like a series that is, for all intents and purposes, a gift. Stop going into an episode expecting A, B, C, D then E to happen & just let the episode happen as it is. People like you are the reason this show could fail: you are so difficult to be pleased and refuse to just enjoy the damn show. You have to bash every little thing that is different to you. Pretend you never read the books.... I bet you wont be so critical. Sorry if that came off rude. But dear god I am so sick of seeing overwhelmingly insulting comments that are so clearly exaggerated. Sure there were disappointments... but to use horrible... and other phrases implying this was the worst episode of the series is flat out ridiculous. I don't know what shows/episodes you have been watching but you are out of your mind. The simple fact that you said GW being killed meant nothing to you just shows how up in the clouds on your throne ruling book Westeros you are... I don't care how it happened in the books... seeing GW trying to break free, right after seeing Robb is at his final moments, all while Arya is so close to reuniting with her family & almost close enough to get to GW.... thats compelling and absolutely painful. Block out ASOIAF, and step into the world of Game Of Thrones... both are amazing.... but they are two separate things. The show will never be the books... its physically impossible. But they've done a damn good job of an adaptation.
  2. The sex scene was necessary in this episode...Gendry is diligent, intelligent & responsible. But he is also a bastard that has spent his time making weapons.... on the run & having slight feelings towards Arya. Obviously a clear way for showMelisandre to put him in a vulnerable position is by means of sexual contact. This isnt the books, its HBO. How is this not expected?
  3. Because she did notice... she reacted... and the stool was moved audibly. She noticed... and thats why I keep saying to people it is akin to not kneeling... She knew the stool was moved & he couldnt reach, heard the laughter... and only acknowledged it reluctantly when Tyrion pleaded for her to kneel.
  4. Eh I have to be totally honest.. As far as I am concerned Tyrion has always been dedicated to his family because he is innately loyal, reluctantly so. He is ridiculed, scorned... and I see an affinity with Sansa. I do not in any way see him as her jailer. He is intelligent & realizes what can & cannot be accomplished. He makes the best of the situation at hand. Tyrion is diligent, strategic & tragic. His entire life would be the equivalent to present-day therapy/medication methods. I think his actions have always been admirable & respectable. Most other people in his situation would've discussed his concerns & regrets towards Sansa after bedding her. Tyrion didn't bed her. The sexual deviant he is held back from his urges. That, in itself, speaks volumes.
  5. That was a Reading Rainbow moment... with Targ undertones which I liked.
  6. lol exactly. Just like with the Theon... As a male... many, not so much me my girl would have my head, men tend to lose sight of reality & common sense when sex is involved. Theon trapped with a lunatic in a dungeon when 2 random whores appear... Yeah that sounds logical. However... the little head thinks for the big head. Same thing for the Mel scene. The way she made it play out I am pretty sure non-book readers saw her and thought that she was just an absolute sexual freak tying people up. That's why it wasn't a 2 second scene.... because a lamb that is stressed & suspects what is to come winds up tainted & toxic.
  7. Same here. It matched perfectly with the naive character with delusions of strength that Sansa is on the show. This is Show Sansa not Book Sansa. She IS more sympathetic. She is NOT a bitch. It would be a continuity issue if she ended up not kneeling as a display of contempt.
  8. > lol the forums have already been in uproar about the Sansa scene. > as far as the Gendry scene... let's be realistic. Those times were heavily sexually driven. Whores & bastards galore... medieval times weren't as prude to those themes as we are now watching on TV. Sex sells, and apparently sex calms before leechings.
  9. He is a bastard living in the slums and on the run at one point then prisoner at another. Let's be honest... he's a young guy. Very easy to manipulate a young guy when sex is involved lol. Look at HBO's whole M.O. with this show.... nudity & sex for a lot of scenes (although not as much as some people make it seem). Passion is powerful, lust is mesmerizing.
  10. We are all born nude you know... We shower nude.... we have sex nude (typically). This is an HBO series. ASOIAF has a lot of sexual themes in it. I am fully with you in not understanding why people get so uptight at the end of season 3 because of nudity. This is ASOIAF on HBO.... there are lots of non nude shows on channels like ABC Family & Nickelodeon that are available. The Mel scene was drawn out because she made the point that she wanted to make sure he didn't suspect anything. Clearly he didn't.
  11. I love the books.... but I am no Purist. Purists clearly need to pay attention to the episode. Sansa saw Joffrey, that maniacal little prick, take the stool away from Tyrion. She stood there fully aware the stool was taken away... knowing Tyrion couldn't reach with the cloak.... hearing the crowd laughing at Tyrion... and she kept her back turned to him. It was only when Tyrion tugged on her like umm hey please kneel down that she actually obliged. Then later he mentioned consummation and she breaks out the alcohol (which she only drinks when it is necessary). Then she goes on to say what if she never wants him in her bed and watches him pass out. Maybe she wasn't a blatant bitch about it but as far as I saw she knew very well Tyrion was being laughed at and stood her ground until he pleaded. Relax purists!
  12. This is exactly what it was. Listen to the way The Hound was talking to Bronn about killing him, as if it was premeditated. It was clear he walked into that bar with every intention of taking him out.
  13. Not many quotes have me laughing before I reply in rebuttal but this one definitely did it.. 1) The Jaime aspect... Just lol, are you out of your mind? Some little kid, A HELPLESS LITTLE KID, sees me kissin my sister.. damn I gotta preserve my love so I gotta brutally murder him so he doesnt tattle on me.... Dear god lol. I am so glad I dont know you where you consider the attempted murder of the equivelant of an elementary school kid a justifiable casualty to avoid people knowing he is hitting it with his sister. It is just as selfish (not greedy because how the hell is there greed involved in escaping prison) to kill your cousin to escape as it is to murder a kid so your acts of indiscretion go unnoticed. Ummmmmm be a man, if you are man enough to get with your married twin sister you can be a man and suck it up when a kid catches you in the act. Something tells me that if I was cheating on my girlfriend and some little kid sees me and I push him into oncoming traffic, a jury wont be like but wait... he was acting to preserve his love. Um no it was being SELFISH (you know... the word to describe killing Alton that you feel is so uncharacteristic) saying hey I dont wanna be caught I wanna end some little kids potential to have his own life to SAVE MINE AND MY SISTERS ASSES (again selfish btw). 2) Damn it with the Tywin character assessments. He isnt letting the girl run around free in the forests living in the lap of luxury. He is clearly aware she is an upper class northerner lying about her identity (he has alluded to knowing she is lying several times). She is more valuable alive than dead and it would come in handy to have her in a more confused and vulnerable position strategically. And again, he is having random conversation with the girl offering her food, not taking her on a vacation showering her with gold and gifts. He is ruthless to those that are of no value to him strategically or in any possible way. This cupbearer (yeah being his slave is some special honor that defies his character) has potential value and it would be very UN-Tywin like to pass up the opportunity to keep your enemies closer than your friends. 3) Is it really that big of a stretch Cersei losing it like this? She has clearly in the books been shown to be at odds with Joffreys decisions. She went insane eventually and her being tormented inside with what her son has become would be a logical precursor to her ranting and insanity to come... And how do you know she wouldnt cry? Logic dictates that a person who acts as she does very often is running from things she is battling inside.. You dont know her... none of us do shes a character out of a book. 4) She definitely acts like a strong independent wildling... She shows no fear or discretion in anything she says, basically mocking her captor. She speaks not like a whore.. but like a wildling. Shes crazy and in a lot of ways an outlaw. She was mocking the guy. I wont lie I havent really been a fan of this aspect of the show but I understand that a lot of it is for the TV crowd and entertainment value vs being loyal to the book storyline. I dont love it but I understand it. 5) Ummm what does it do as far as Shaes future role in the books? It further shows that there is the book series and the TV series and both have different arcs and demographics to please. It is being a purist to expect every single character to be the same as in the book. This is an adaptation. We cant complain about some changes that dont make sense because they are using the books as a foundation with some aspects nothing more. In conclusion, please do not say this is hate against critique or any negative feedback. I think negative feedback is just as important as positive feedback. But lets be honest this wasnt logical or articulate. This is another example of trying to seem like people welcome change then just go insane when its a change you didnt envision. GRRM approved all of the happenings in the show why cant we just accept that this show is NOT the books? I didnt go crazy loving this episode but I promise you there were no bomb threats made anywhere on account of my frustration that the episode deviated from the books.
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