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  1. Maybe all of Westeros is. That dagger indirectly started the warof the 5 kings.
  2. Stealth. And that blade was tempered in her Mothers blood and the blood of all of Westeros.
  3. I Really appreciate an episode with lost of words and no (physical) fighting. I'm not Going to like ep. 3... I find the bog battles boring. But then my favorite book is Feast.
  4. I thought he was csrrying Him down the stairs and betalt dropping him!
  5. Oh and I forgot: Osha is terrible! Overacting so much it makes my head hurt:-O Emilia Clarke used to be my favorite aversion acting-wise,but she's getting so much better this season. I can actually (almost) enjoy her scenes(and not only because of Jorah anymore). I don't know what to make of Sansa. One scene she's amazing and the next she acts more wooden than a weirwood tree. She checks in and out of the scenes totally random.
  6. Didn't love this episode:-/ I mean: Enough with the Theon-torture-scenes...we get it! Shae: Cringeworthy! Talisa/Robb-scene: I'm having trouble watching it'salmost as bad as the Shae-scenes. I did however love the scene between Joff and Tywin...Charles Dance is a master!! And it's a tragedy if Gleeson is really serious that he doesn't want to act after this. He is a rare talent. NCW is finally getting to show his range, I adore those sad puppyeyes:'-) And Margery, my favorite in the show. Didn't really take much notice of her in the books,but Dormer has just made her so much more interesting:-D
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