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  1. Hound's She-wolf

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I gave it 2/10. One point for lots and lots of dragonfire and 1 point for Arya saying the name Sandor.
  2. Hound's She-wolf

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    A hot, fucking mess.
  3. I wanted Missandei to grab Cersei and jump.
  4. Hound's She-wolf

    Potential relationship Sansa/Tyrion ?

    The only flaw in your statement (which I agree with 100%) is that D&D do not now and have never understood or been able to write Sansa's character well. They will retcon the hell out of anything to get Tyrion a suitable trophy wife if they can, and right now she is one of the few highborn ladies that we see left in Westeros.
  5. i have always thought there was a certain irony that the golden twins that Tywin loved so much might not even be his and that the son he despised was truly his. (In addition to both men having committed patricide)
  6. OK, the big twist is that Jon marries both Dany and Sansa. One is Queen in the South, the other is Queen in the North. And he moves to Bear Island since all the Mormonts are dead. just kidding Actually I think it be that another someone is revealed to be a Targ. I hope it's Jaime and Cersei.
  7. Right now my expectations are so low that I'm really only here to see the dragons. They always look pretty cool, even when bumping into each other; the flying above the clouds was awesome.
  8. Hound's She-wolf

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Why doesn't the Knight King's clothes burn off when hit with almost a minute of dragon fire?
  9. Hound's She-wolf

    Who died?

    Thank you, glad to know my favorite Ginger survived.
  10. Hound's She-wolf

    Who died?

    Did Tormund survive?
  11. I don't know, but I was enjoying it until it stopped and Arya jumped out like a damn spider monkey at his back
  12. At least the music was good because the entire rest of the episode was shit. Oh, Lyanna Mormont going out like a badass was another bright spot,. I can't even write a complete sentence because there is just too much to rant about with this episode.
  13. Hound's She-wolf

    Can the Night King re-animiated 'killed' wights?

    It looked like he re-reanimated a few dead wights when Jon was chasing him.
  14. Hound's She-wolf

    The Night King's Possible other destination?

    Welp, any other scenario would have been better than what actually happened.
  15. Hound's She-wolf


    Sadly, I think Ghost will have to face unSummer when he and unHodor come back into the crypts by the way they escaped.