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  1. It will need to be confirmed or denied by someone who was there. I read it, and it doesn't sound like GRRM, tbh (but I was not at the reading).
  2. As with all con readings, this one is going to have one immediate effect - and that is to make me want to go back and read all the connected previous chapters all over again to reassess information we have already received. It's a shame that we only just got a newly-released chapter (Arianne II); we are probably going to have to wait quite a few months before this one is published on GRRM's website.
  3. So maybe the Great Other is female. Hence the tall terrible shadow that she casts, standing at Euron's side. Would be symmetrical with the Rh'lor being male and fire-related. Could also be the same Other woman in the tale of the Lord Commander who wed her.
  4. Wow so many details. Fantastic! At a stretch I wonder of the woman with hands of white fire is the Sand Snake in King's Landing who is adept with poisons. With the white fire being metaphoric for the poisons that she seems to be able to apply with her touch.
  5. I am so fucking pumped right now. And now there is the Penny Dreadful premiere.
  6. You will probably have to be more specific about to what in particular you are referring.
  7. Enjoyed the twists of Varys popping up in Meereen and Ellaria's poisoned kiss. Anya's scenes were great. Sam started for Oldtown - apparently he is going to drive all the way, alone, through the winter. Cerise's walk of shame was pretty much spot on. Everything else was sheer flapdoodle.
  8. Rather a lame finale really. The cliffhangers are the same as at the end of book 4 really - one for Brienne and one for Jon. D+D couldn't get away from a big "Dany with crowd" scene, as in previous series.
  9. Some of the full body shots definitely look like its Lena's head superimposed on someone else's body.
  10. This is about the first time they have got a scene right - just like I imagine it in the book.
  11. I don't think that Stannis is dead. We didn't see hime die.
  12. I expect a vast meltdown, vaster than anything since the start of the floob-pocalypse, of the internet in approximately 40 minutes at the end of this particular episode.
  13. [mod] The discussion should be about the Mercy chapter. Please try to avoid thread 'drift'. [/mod]
  14. Slate magazine reports on the controversial scene http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2014/04/21/game_of_thrones_rape_director_alex_graves_says_the_sex_becomes_consensual.html
  15. GRRM discussing the sex scene twixt Jaime and Cersei http://www.darkhorizons.com/news/31776/-thrones-author-on-controversial-rape-scene
  16. I have just seen that the actor playing Pod is the son of the actor who played Rodrick Cassel.
  17. I reread it last night myself after the episode. Cersei seems to be as eager/desperate as Jaime in the books, but is quick to point out to him afterwards how foolish it was.
  18. Depending on how the battle at the Wall is handled, there is still time to introduce Dalla and Val, if Jon goes to Mance's tent right before the wildlings are attacked. I need to reread this bit of the series, my memory is hazy on the timing of these events.
  19. I guess Gilly in Mole Town will allow for some Dramatic Tension later on, when the wildling are approaching Castle Black from the South. Possibly Sam rides south to defend her/rescue her, and fat pink mastage ensues at that point?
  20. In Bran's tree vision last week, we saw brief glimpse of a horse. Am thinking that it was Coldhand's mount.
  21. GRRM comments on the episode, as reported by Dark Horizons http://www.darkhorizons.com/news/31672/-game-of-thrones-author-talks-purple-wedding NB - GRRM talks in terms of the books - referring to Joffrey as "a thirteen year old".
  22. This is really stretching the bounds of what could constitute an homage. Just about the only similarity between the two events was the mention of poison in both cases.
  23. And a major strand in Brienne's storyline is the finding and recovering the Stark daughters - through both B's own oaths to Lady Stoneheart, and B's mission given to her by Jaime along with her sword.
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