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  1. Planning to aim for Chicago in 2022 and the Glasgow in 2024. All subject to The Plague's progress.
  2. I've signed up in the hope once again of being able to make it to Chicago. DC next year is not an option I don't think.
  3. Binged over the last couple of nights, and really enjoyed it, perhaps not quite as much as S1, which was so enjoyable last year as something new and original. The productions standards - I saw quite a few continuity errors as I watched, which if I can pick up, must be absolutely glaring. While I missed Hazel and ChaCha, and the Handler got a little repetitive after a while. I still enjoyed the writing, and a special shout out to Herb from the Commission.
  4. I enjoyed A Brightness, especially the links that it built between The Sarantine Mosaic and Children. It has also given me an interest in reading more of the real world history that formed the basis of the story.
  5. Now that we are down to the last 5, now 4, it's worth watching the last few episodes. Noel and Sandi still seem to be trying a bit too hard to be humorous during their banter with each other, but they do seem to be pretty good at talking with the contestants during the baking bit.
  6. I've always wished that someone would fully develop the board game ochmir from 'Golden Witchbreed' by Mary Gentle.
  7. The usual nitpick with this episode, consistent with all the other episodes this season, is the complete disregard for the space time continuum - in that armies move around the continent with seemingly no effort or elapsed time.
  8. Yep, it was two white horses that were incinerated, and we saw Bronn eyeing up a white steed after he jumped off the scorpion wagon.
  9. I guess we now know why the actor playing Euron said he would be the most hated character on GoT by the end of the season. Getting rid of the Sand Snakes (TV version) would make it the opposite, I would imagine. Generally there was far too much blah blah blah (perhaps to celebrate National Yadda Yadda Yadda Day), I'm already getting bored with every piece of plot advancement in Winterfell involving a council of every lord there is - at least next week it looks like that won't happen.
  10. Both Christmas specials are available on YouTube. Worth watching them for some cheerful holiday stuff, especially in light of recent news about George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Richard Adams.
  11. Yep. The end of GBBO as we know it. Apparently Channel 4 are out whoring the program now for sponsors, to try to claw back some of the absurd sums they forked out to get the program from the BBC. Allegedly they (Channel 4) want to get many more hours of programming from the franchise that the BBC showed, so expect lots of spinoffs and behind the scenes stuff to pad out the actual competition coverage.
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