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  1. Actually, we decided at Lonestarcon that we are like ants. We leave pheromone trails so other BWBers can find us. This explains why, if you wander into a large common area of a convention (like the dealers room) and stop to talk to another BWBer, others will suddenly start appearing. This requires no planning, the gathering happens because of the pheromone trails. The longer you stand there, the larger the group gets, until a certain critical mass is eventually reached. Critical mass, in this scenario, is the point when the colony gets big enough that it decides to migrate to the hotel bar and take over. But on a serious note, Stubby raises an excellent point for the new people. Please let us know you are there so we can meet you! It might not happen often, but it is always sad to learn, after a convention, that there was a new person who didn't find the group.
  2. Having Grey Wind's death happen in front of poor Arya killed me. And it didn't let up after that. I can't even talk about most of it. But I have to mention, from earlier in the episode, poor little Rickon wanting to protect Bran! *heart breaks into a million pieces*
  3. Ah, I should have recognized Xrays editorial talents at work! It's a great summary, in any case.
  4. Great post, Luga! I'm so glad you included that quote from Parris, it sums things up perfectly.
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