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  1. I've had my flight cancelled while in terminal a couple times. The first time they led us out of the terminal, said the tickets gates are closed and left us to find our own accomodation in London on New Year's Eve eve. It took us hours to manage to get in touch with BA customer service and get our flight rebooked. The second time the flight was rebooked auomatically but the rest was the same (except we were stuck between border control and terminal so we needed a special manager sign off to be let out). I thought it was a usual practice to remove people with cancelled flights from terminal.
  2. At least Zebrowski stuck it out for all seasons.
  3. well I like being able to watch things legally.
  4. he did want her to not exist, though.
  5. honestly it's not only Americans that don't know European geography. A friend living in the UK was told by a nurse Poland is being bombed... And plenty of people think we all speak the same language in the East.
  6. you could try some sort of frizz control spray.
  7. well, there was this time when a doctor gave me an uterine infection (worst pain of my life, and I've had actual surgery) while doing a test and didn't recognise me the next day when I went to the emergency clinic and he was the one on call. It probably also was the reason why one of my fallopian tubes had to be removed. I can't say I overcame it in any way. He was not "my" doctor, he was just there.
  8. a couple of months late to the conversation but my current routine for wavy/curly hair: shampoo, condition (power from Lush with sweet potato and maple syrup), towel dry, and then either: leave in conditioner (f something generic from L’oréal) and Curl Power from Lush or curl activator from Cantu, then brush with a wooden brush (I don’t like combs so disagree with Isis there ), crunch up with my fingers and leave to dry. Agree on no brushing until the next wash. Both Lush and Cantu are designed for Afro hair but work wonders on my (white person, thin) hair provided I don’t use too much.
  9. look, I have a Jodie Whittaker Barbie but this season is total bonkers.
  10. interesting, it would always be qualified in some way in Poland. The one you linked would be “kapusta z grzybami”. Otherwise who could tell what kind of kapusta you’re talking about? I don’t think my family mixed raw cabbage and sauerkraut often. It was usually one or the other. Bigos is an exception. edit: it’s baked? whaaaaat. lol edit 2: I mean there’s probably as many ways to make cabbage as there are families, I don’t mean to diss anyone’s way
  11. what? lol. is that a Canadian thing? kapusta just means cabbage.
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