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  1. Maybe. They did link a number of the initial infections to a couple of night clubs, so that could be how it took over. It's from over 600 samples though.
  2. P1 (Brazilian) variant is now prevalent in Luxembourg (75%), with Delta at 25%.
  3. he goes on a hunt in Toussaint, too.
  4. good luck Bird! luxembourg’s increase (of over 600% ) is linked with the opening of nightclubs and our national holiday on the 23rd of June. It’s usually one huge street party, this year people obviously decided that’s still on. We are however vaccinating the 12-17’s now.
  5. I thought the argument for vaccinating children was mainly to stop the spread of the virus (which seems pretty unrealistic otherwise), and not about children dying.
  6. Bettel was released today, yay. The health minister also said that “1,915 people in Luxembourg tested positive after their first jab, while just 433 people had a positive result following their second jab. 298 people tested positive two weeks after their second jab.” which is kinda pointless data without knowing how many people in general tested positive since vaccinations began.
  7. also cases are rising very steeply here but for now only 3 people in hospital (2 besides Bettel)
  8. he’s on oxygen. Staying for at least 2-4 days. In “serious but stable” condition (but not intubated).
  9. yeah I'm waiting to see if they let him out today (he was admitted yesterday "for tests" for 24 hours) but we all know we don't usually hear the whole story.
  10. Isn't the 33% figure based on one early study? I wonder if there's more data on that by now.
  11. re: covid stupidity. I have an acquaintance (I hesitate to call her a friend, lol), whose father died of Covid. She still doesn't believe in Covid killing people or the vaccines.
  12. I don’t believe this was an issue anywhere in Europe. Personally I wouldn’t have a problem with it but I’m sorry this is stressful for you
  13. Romania and Bulgaria seem to have a really big problem with vaccine uptake. At first I think they didn't have enough vaccines because they ordered mostly AZ but now it looks like there's just no interest. Romania is at 29% adult population and Bulgaria at 16%.
  14. Meant to comment on this earlier. The current wave in SA seems to be mostly Delta so it seems like it’s easily taking over the South African variant. Which is bad news for them but good news for vaccine efficacy I guess?
  15. of course he would have been fully vaccinated by now had he not tried to put on a show of how safe AZ is
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