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  1. from the article: a typo, or do they think the vaccine doesn't work? :p
  2. Most countries rely on quarantines rather than flight bans these days. Poland being an exception of course, but all that means is she might have to be more creative in her flight itinerary. eta: replying to @Fragile Bird since this is a new page.
  3. won’t they have to release that info anyway when the trial ends?
  4. It’s too frustrating to not say this, so I will. @Zorral I quoted the exchange for you! It went: Altherion, Old Zog, Anti Targ. Everyone in this thread understood how the exchange went, including non-native speakers such as myself. It really wasn’t hard to get and didn’t require 5 separate people explaining this to you! I’ll shut up now, whew.
  5. I mean I don’t understand how you fail to see the bolded part.
  6. here you go, this is literally how this conversation went.
  7. what are the measures in Sweden that are not in force in most of Europe? Because most of Europe still has masks, social distancing, ban on gatherings to a varying degree, varying measures regarding re-opening of schools (temperature checks, ban on parents entering premises, ubiquitous testing). So it’s interesting to see what Sweden is doing that’s different than all that.
  8. ??? I’m not saying it’s not going to be adequately tested, I’m just saying the adequate testing doesn’t preclude certain risks which will only emerge from a sample of millions.
  9. So I'm reading that the 1976 vaccine caused an increased incidence of a certain syndrome (that may occur naturally anyway if the person gets sick), at the level of 1 per 100.000 people. If a similar risk were to occur with any covid vaccine, it would probably not be recorded anyway with a trial of 30-50 thousand people, regardless of how meticulous and well conducted your trial is.
  10. interesting, it would always be qualified in some way in Poland. The one you linked would be “kapusta z grzybami”. Otherwise who could tell what kind of kapusta you’re talking about? I don’t think my family mixed raw cabbage and sauerkraut often. It was usually one or the other. Bigos is an exception. edit: it’s baked? whaaaaat. lol edit 2: I mean there’s probably as many ways to make cabbage as there are families, I don’t mean to diss anyone’s way
  11. what? lol. is that a Canadian thing? kapusta just means cabbage.
  12. How do you make sure an area is virus-free, if it's said that up to 80% of cases are asymptomatic? In Luxembourg, which conducted more tests than it has inhabitants (!) 40-45% of cases were found to be asymptomatic.
  13. @RhaenysBee You’re not going to get a unified answer The rules themselves differ between countries and within the rules there is so much scope to interpret what they mean and what your own personal risks are. So the best thing to do is just do what feels safe to you. We put shopping in quarantine at the beginning but stopped doing it. We disinfect phones if we use them outside. But according to our authorities, the virus is spread in family and friend meetings or at work (when people forget to keep their distance) and we don’t meet with people or go to work (I met up with friends twice since March and we kept our distance both times). I mentioned before I don’t believe in closing borders. We went for a week’s holiday abroad and I believe we were much safer than many people staying at home. The only risky thing was eating out, which we don’t do when we’re home.
  14. I had a really badass avatar on ezboard. None of this cuddly monkey crap.
  15. He should also be sued by the Grimm brothers, Andersen and Thomas Mallory.
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