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  1. I feel like a lot of these points were addressed by Connie Willis.
  2. Latvia is introducing a state of emergency and banning unvaccinated people from supermarkets. Not much of an ending there. https://today.rtl.lu/news/world/a/1800437.html
  3. my grandma was in a home last year with a large portion of residents having unsymptomatic covid. I don’t think it was all that uncommon. She did die some time later but it’s not thought to be due to covid.
  4. just saw this, speaking of athletes and vaccines. https://www.news24.com/sport/tennis/atptour/tennis-veteran-chardy-suspends-season-after-reaction-to-covid-jab-20210924
  5. There is a shortage of lorry drivers in Europe in the sense that most people willing to do the job are getting close to retirement age and it isn’t a very attractive job to younger people. But it’s not an imminent shortage.
  6. I remember the times when people had to buy canisters of fuel to keep in their cars just in case…
  7. it’s not a shortage, there’s plenty of fuel, you just can’t get it
  8. we’re in Scotland now and went to a shopping mall. Around 10% of people weren’t wearing masks which was really bizarre. I didn’t realise how much of an outlier Luxembourg is in Europe but over here I’ve never seen someone NOT wear a mask in a place where it’s mandated. OTOH in Poland apparently nobody wears them.
  9. of course, they should have just said they were fully vaccinated because literally nobody cares if you actually are.
  10. Denmark’s vaccination is over 94% for all age groups over 50 and at 82 % for the 29-49 so getting it any higher will probably be really problematic.
  11. so one thing about Brexit and shortages is that the EU actively tried to maintain shipping corridors throughout the border closures [within EU], introducing certain privileges to lorry drivers such as no need to test or quarantine, and the obligation of the Member States to keep the borders open to cargo traffic.
  12. So I’m not sure of the model now because it’s changed twice since I went to school, but when I was at school, after primary you either went to a ‘classical’ high school for 4 years, a vocational school for 3 years (with a possibility to switch to technical for another 2) or to technical school for 5 years. I assume it’s sort of similar now. But everyone goes to primary for 8 years.
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