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    How would you rate episode 201?

    Also, it would have been hard to make Melisandre's eyes red but not cheezy. I thought she was a little over-the-top as described in the books anyway.
  2. Ygritte's fur

    How would you rate episode 201?

    That's interesting. Still, I was so so looking forward to a ratcheting up of the scary factor north of the Wall. The opener to the first season was pretty darn scary--but Craster's has more horror than that scene. The book Craster's Keep is more on the level of a Texas Chainsaw massacre level of dread/revulsion than the slightly shocking episode of Frontline we got. Yes, I also thought te creepy dude in the previews might be Craster. Book Craster has a droopy face and is a big hulking man. Why does a minor chaacter matter? While he himself isn't central to the story that level of horror, dread of what lies North of the Wall most certainly is. At the very least, the horror North of the Wall is a stronger plot driver than whatever Ros and her boobs will be up to. I mean, really, what does it matter if the absurd Ros (who in my mind embodies trying to sex up a story that doesnt need sexing up) does the spoiler thing mentioned above? So I think it was a weird . Even in terms of developing a commercial audience, you'd think HBO would want to grab fans of Walking Dead and the American Horror whatever show. (The new functionality of this app has become horrendous, btw, since I last used this board so I apologize for typos.) And people LOVE to be scared so I don't buy they didn't want him to be too scary. And we didnt need naked girls digging carrots from the mud: a simple "He smells of the cold" would've helped draw the connection to the Others. Further thoughts: thought LF scene was weird. I see why they wanted to set it up but it seemed like the actor, who is generally pretty perfect, suddenly developed a speech impediment: distracting. Cersei: I think Lena is great. (As is the rest of the casting. I commented on the casting many times last night. Most of the actors have done a great job of changing with the plot.) As I said above her scene with Tyrion has me really excited for their head-butting this season. I think the Joff scene people are objecting to is there to show how thoroughly Joff has gotten out of control. You could see the look in her face like: oh my god what a monster I have created! And she show she isn't a one dimensional character. There is a lot in the book to show her inner self that we obv can't get into on TV. Psyched for Arya scenes. Just hoping the abject horror of Harrenhal doesn't go the of un scary TV Craster's Keep! Also loved the wolf scenes, especially Bran's. Awesome. So psyched for this plot line. (null)
  3. Ygritte's fur

    How would you rate episode 201?

    Exactly my point. Didn't we have one fake whore training scene in last season? And enough with Ros already. Let the story speak for itself. If people are watching Season 2 it's not just for the titty scenes. (null)
  4. Ygritte's fur

    How would you rate episode 201?

    I gave it a 7. It would've been hard for the show to meet the level of anticipation, but it felt unnecessarily plodding. And I thought some of the emphasis was odd (drawn out Ros/whorehouse scene over more dread-building at Craster's Keep?), that said I do see the point about the first episode setting things up. The last Robb scene was very slow. But I never cared so much about his war stuff and today, before the show came on, I couldn't even remember his name. Totally digging the actor playing the Onion Knight. Even though I never loved the Stannis parts it was exciting to see his posse in the flesh. I think Melisandre was chosen for her acting chops (versus strict similarity appearance wise. Yet she is "cool looking" per my husband. But total let down on Craster's Keep! I re-read that chapter today: what a great build up of dread and horror I always felt in the Jon chapters, especially that one. On TV it was just kinda weird, like they were in Appalachia. However, the Tyrion/Cersei scene was awesome. And I can't wait for more of that. (null)
  5. Ygritte's fur

    How would you rate episode 201?

    Sorry--double post.