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  1. I cried. I knew what was coming, and I still cried. When Talisa said "Eddard" I started getting misty-eyed, cause I knew what was coming.. I barely held it together when Arya *almost* saved Grey Wind, but then the end, as soon as Catelyn's throat was opened, the tears started to flow. My unsullied boyfriend was like "did the black guy betray them?" (The Blackfish) "or was he just lucky?" I told him just lucky, cause he had to go pee. :(
  2. Ew I thought the Bear and the Maiden Fair at the end was awful, by the way. I hated the rendition during the show as well, seemed very out of place in that setting. My only complaint about this episode is the song playing in the credits, good episode! Har!
  3. I LOVED THIS EPISODE! Hot PIe and the wolf-pasty was amazing, I was all "awww"! Watched with my non-reading boyfriend, he really enjoyed the episode as well! He was like "poor Jaime, just saved Brienne with the sapphires thing.. poor guy"! (+ boyfriend points). I was laughing so hard when Pod came back and the whores had refused his gold! "Copious. Details." haha! I'm really enjoying the scenes that aren't in the book, surprisingly. Loved the Meerenese Knot easter egg, and my bf did not understand why I giggled at that. :D So happy. Such a great episode. Little confused by whats going on with Theon, I mean, I thought for sure it was the Bastard who swung the morningstar. Alfie Allen has a cute little ass.
  4. :lmao: Which is why if you've seen the movie that just came out Snow White and the Huntsman, its like you're watching CERSEI onscreen instead of Ravenna! Charlize Theron IS Cersei Lannister to me. Forever and always. Anna Anderson was proven to be a fraud with DNA though; there was never any doubt that Daenerys is who she says she is. Agree with most of your post though!
  5. I don't know if I'm putting this in the right place, since its more a nod to ASOIAF from an outside source... but I just made the connection that maybe Azshara's Veil (an herb found in watery parts of World of Warcraft) is a nod to Lady Ashara Dayne, who's veil would be a watery herb if she threw herself into the ocean....! Maybe not.. But still!
  6. Theon?? :ack: Might be worth muting and watching, but we almost got ROBB! Besides, I think androsexual outrage over the lack of man meat has been kept at a minimum. Whereas if there was a marked decrease in boobies, gynosexuals would be up in arms. Though the comments would get a lot less creepy.
  7. It seems like they'll be condensing Sybell and Jeyne Westerling as well, making Jeyne way less innocent and a spy to boot! I think it makes sense for the show, can't wait to see it play out. I hope Dagmer isn't Ramsay. It could be cool? But meh, I want it to be some little shit with wormy lips that you can easily hate. Plus, why would Ramsay be on Pyke? Little convenient isn't it? How the hell would he fool the ironmen into believing he's one of them? Nah, Ramsays at the Dreadfort. Not really worried about Lady Hornwood missing from the show; they'll have plenty of time to make Ramsays nature known. As someone said before, I will miss having Irri state what is known. Wonder if Jorah and Doreah weren't off somewhere private.. Doing private things to each other... When they should have been watching the dragons. Man Dany is gonna be pissed.
  8. Tywin could give up this whole warlord thing and become a speech pathologist. Just sayin. Kinda endearing that Jaime was dyslexic. <3 This episode was so amazing. Thinking Jeyne Westerling needs to be revealed for who she is! Dang it!
  9. MAN this episode was awesome! So strong! I loved every second, tbh. I was on the edge of my seat for Arya/Tywin. PHEW that was close. I like the way they got the second name out of her without it being Tywin. Petyr being there just had my heart in my throat for Arya. I love that I don't know whats going to happen, CRUCIFY ME IF YOU MUST, PURISTS, but I actually am loving the changes. Tyrion nailed it. LOVED the San/San scenes (heart is bursting with happiness)! Jon/Ygritte made me laugh so hard, loved it! I actually hated Ygritte in the books, but I might actually like this chick a bit.
  10. OH! And I don't really mind that they're adding some oomph to Dany's story line. Was that Pyat Pree carrying the dragons?
  11. I freaking. LOVED this episode! Things are actually happening! I was on the edge of my seat during Tywin/Arya scenes, does he know? Does he not know!? AHH! So good! Jon/Ygritte had me cracking up so bad! I think the riot scene was very well done, even though they weren't on horses. I LOVED the Hound/Sansa. For a second I thought they were going to turn Sansa into Lollys.. but phew! RIP Ser Rodrik! ETA: Also, excellent to know that they aren't getting rid of the Bastard of Bolton!!! Glad they aren't combining Roose/Reek.
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