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  1. The Monkey

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    What exactly is incel or alt-right promoting about this movie? Did I miss something? Arthur never expresses or hints at resentment towards women. The main reason for Arthur's descent is cut of public funding. The protests in the film are more akin to Occupy Wall Street than any right-wing movement. Hardly things the alt-right would cream their pants over.
  2. A decent season of television; 6/10 Two questions: Why did the Russians want to re-open the gate/portal? From what I gathered they never explained that part What was the hole in the ground that appeared in the Russian base while Erica and Dustin are rescuing Steve and Rabin? looks like it was made from acid? Maybe I missed something... Edit: Also, how come no one noticed the dozens of corpses at the city hospital after the gang fled?
  3. I've now binged all eight episodes of season two, and I think they really outdid themselves. It's a real struggle remembering how all the characters relate to one another, but I love the moral ambiguity and relentlessly depressive atmosphere.
  4. The Monkey

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    Stellar ending to a superb series. My one and only criticism was that the guy who directed the test that caused the disaster (can't recall the name) was a bit over-the-top in his nastiness. Maybe the sources confirm he was an asshole, but it would've been interesting to see some more nuances to his character.
  5. The Monkey

    Deadwood: The Movie Spoilers

    A fine effort, with the usual superb dialogue and acting. It would've been terrific if they could've made it longer (by way of a miniseries or something), to allow for more conversation scenes (I was sorely missing conversations between Al and Alma, and Al and Farnum). However, I understand this is as much as we could've ever hoped for, so I'm still satisfied.
  6. Best: Six Feet Under, Sopranos, The Leftovers, The Americans, Mad Men Worst: Game of Thrones, Lost, Vinyl, House of Cards, Heroes I loved the Breaking Bad finale when I first watched, but in retrospect maybe everything came together a bit too neatly for it to be one of the all-time bests. I feel the opposite with the Deadwood finale (if we ignore the upcoming movie); felt at first extremely disappointed about the cancellation which meant the show wouldn't get the proper send-off. However, on re-watches I enjoy the season three ending quite a bit. Al muttering to himself "He want me to tell him something pretty...." is a fairly great line to go out on.
  7. Let's review the court of King's Landing: King: Brandon Stark An autistic creep with zero charisma who claims to be a wizard with clairvoyance, but did nothing to stop any of the carnage in KL. Hand: Tyrion Lannister A man guilty of patricide, the most grievous sin in all of Westeros. Furthermore convicted of murdering Joffrey, but I guess he gets a pass for that, or he convinced everyone of his innocence somehow. Master of ships: Davos Seaworth A lowborn smuggler, and previous Hand to, and most loyal supporter of, Stannis, who famously tortured his own daughter to death to gain the favour of a foreign fire-demon. Master of coin: Bronn A lowborn cut-throat with no experience in finance. Grand Maester: Samwell Tarly Became somehow the most senior member of the Citadel overnight, despite having fathered Children and stealing property Lord commander of the Kingsguard: Brienne The first woman on the job, but I guess all of Westeros acquired modern values overnight? Veteran of one battle, wherein she didn't make a single tactical decision. Yupp, I can totally see how the Westorosi nobility can get behind this!
  8. Why in God's name did they make Bran such an unlikable, autistic creep if they knew he was gonna end up as king? They've made Jon dull as fucking plywood on the show, so that asshole wouldn't be the ideal candidate either, but better than this shite.
  9. The Monkey

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    Episode two retained the high quality. They manage to make radiation a more frightening antagonist than the murderer in almost any horror movie. Excellent portrayal of Soviet bureaucracy as well.
  10. The Monkey

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I give it 5/10 for the following redeeming points: The Mountain forgetting he's a zombie when he sees his brother and disregards his programming by killing Qyburn and ignoring Cersei. The shots from the streets showing the horrors of war. Tyrion and Jaime's final scene Emelia Clarke's acting as mad Dany was surprisingly good. The spectacular visuals. Everything else was truly awful. The character assassination of Jaime and Dany are utterly unforgivable.
  11. The Monkey

    Chernobyl (miniseries)

    The first episode of the new HBO/Sky mini-series Chernobyl premiered earlier this week, and it's pretty fantastic. The episode filled me with dread the way few shows have ever accomplished. Everything feels so realistic and genuine, from the acting to the sets to the bureaucracy (if you can overlook the fact that Russians and Ukrainians speak English). If the first episode is any indication, this show will be one for the ages. Trailer:
  12. Lots of shitty writing in this episode as expected, but the scene that annoyed me the most was Bronn's. Sure, the script was awful, but the very idea that some random dude with a loaded crossbow could just walk in and threaten the Hand of the Queen without repercussion is beyond laughable. No one bothered to post some guards outside the door?
  13. The Monkey

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    So Ned Stark's sword was melted and forged into two swords; now in the possession of Jaime and Brienne. Why hasn't any of the Stark children brought it up and demanded the steel back as a form of restitution? I would think at least Arya would hold a grudge against that (and would appreciate the opportunity to wield a Valyian steel sword).
  14. I'm aware that consistence in army size isn't this show's strong suit (anyone remember the Karstark troops making up half of the Northern army back in season four?), but I would none the less like to discuss the size if the opposing forces in the upcoming battle. The army of the dead: Jon said in season four that Mance's army contained 100,000 troops. Assume all those are now in the army of the dead, and add some wildling elderly and childen that weren't in Mance's army, plus some Night's Watch and whatever they picked up at the Last Hearth, the total number might be at around 120,000. The army of the living: There were 8000 Unsullied to begin with, maybe 2000-3000 have been killed in the battles thus far. 40,000 Dothraki in Essos, maybe 10,000 are gone by now. Jon hoped to have 10,000 Northern soldiers ready for the battle (unsure if this included the 2000 Knights of the Vale). That would put the total number at roughly 45,000, the majority of which as Dothraki (although they are conspicuously absent from most of the preparation scenes in WF). What do you think?
  15. The Monkey

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    Edmure Tully will appear in season 8. (Source)