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  1. I think they only punished Jon because that was the only way to keep him alive. And even if they wanted to renege after the Unsullied left. Jon is a man of honor to a fault and would not.
  2. Grey Worm and Yara were both pretty passionate supporters of Dany, I thought. I agree that it’s sad that Sam will not write positive stories about Dany, but it’s a sad fact of life that history books are written by victors and are not always reflective of what really happened.
  3. I wonder if they changed the ending when they realized in season 7 that there was no chemistry between Dany and Jon . They then gave a “romantic” ending to Jaime and Cersei (who, right or wrong, have good chemistry together) and the killing of the mad queen to Jon and Dany.
  4. I actually thought the Jon/Dany stabbing scene was more suited to Jaime/Cersei. I didn’t really feel the sense of tragedy because Jon has only briefly loved Dany. Jaime stabbing Cersei is what I suspect will happen in the books, and it will be very sad because we know that he’s loved her all his life. I think the fact that those other killings were not a problem for Tyrion and us was exactly the point. Killing the slaver and reneging on the bargain was dishonorable but we didn’t care because he was a slaver. Same with the masters who were crucified—they were just awful. It reminds me of the “first they came for...” posts that you see all the time. Of course, some people have questioned Dany’s acts right from the beginning, so my comment doesn’t apply to everyone.
  5. My thought was that he was escorting the wildlings back home I thought Drogon took her to Dragonstone, where she was born. There is no new lord there so she can Rest In Peace. I laughed too. Their house will be gone in one generation
  6. They are used to defending themselves with strong city and castle walls and no one has adapted to the fact that they are dealing with a dragon, not soldiers on foot or horse. Cersei invited them in to protect themselves by coming within castle walls, so they are all doing so. Normally, people out in the open would be at risk, but instead they have become sitting ducks for Drogon to burn.
  7. I agree regarding his rings. The little spiders can get good money for those rings. I think he was having Martha poison Dany. He said something about trying again at dinner time.
  8. Except now, killing the child would have no purpose for the plot.
  9. That was my takeaway. Actually, I wish Dany had executed Martha too. That could have led to her believing that even children are not innocent. In turn that could have led to her justification (to herself) of the massacre.
  10. I enjoyed CleganeBowl, but only because it was impossible for Sandor to succeed without dying himself. He had to “dig two graves...” I have always been a fan of Jaime and Cersei dying together, but imagined a murder suicide situation. To make it work, they should have skipped the Jaime/Brienne sex or given him some sort of jolt to make him realize that although he liked and admired Brienne, he belonged with Cersei. I also did not like Cersei ‘s blubbering at the end. I am fine with her showing some emotion to her twin that she would never show others, but this was uncharacteristic. Also, she should have been looking for Jaime in the crowd. One of the things I really liked in AFFC was that Cersei never lost faith that Jaime would return to save her, even though we knew he crumpled up her letter. More of that feeling would have made their end work better. This felt unearned. I also agree with others that she needed a monologue and a bigger belly.
  11. I got the impression that their strength was related to Dany’s feelings. Here, she’s furious, so Drogon’s flames are powerful. In the previous episode she is victorious and complacent, and Rhaegal and Drogon are weak.
  12. Maybe not save her, but to give her a less painful death than Dragon fire? I didn’t get the impression that Missendei wants KL to be set on fire. I saw it as a rallying cry (vs. begging for mercy). One last shout out of her loyalty to Dany. Well, Rhaegal was injured, which is why Jon didn’t ride him, but I agree that team Dany tends to do a lousy job of keeping an eye out for danger
  13. I still think Qyburn did that of his own volition because we never hear Cersei talking about it. I thought that Dany was realizing that she is the only one without real friends. Even Missendei is her employee. I think Drogon will die in episode 5 and Dany will have to figure out how to be a queen without dragons. That’s when she will become better at building relationships with Jon and Sansa, among others. I think that Kings Landing has to be attacked by land and sea at the same time, for it to be effective, right? I feel like we learned that from Stannis. I thought something similar! The old gods have shown their abilities via Bran, R’hlor through bringing people back from the dead. I thought it would be a shining moment for the Drowned God, but I thought it in connection with Tyrion. I thought he would drown and then come back up riding Rhaegal. Clearly did not happen, but an undrowned Rhaegal still could! That could be what inspires Euron’a fear in the preview. Missendei’s last moment was nicely done. Just before she said it, I said Dracarys. Perfect last word. In real life , Jon and Dany should have just married and been done with fights over claims by now, but I appreciate the desire of D&D to keep the tension going until 15 minutes before the end of the series, so I will give them a pass. (Last 15 minutes will be used to tie bows on everything.) Same is true for Jaime and his mysterious intentions. He will definitely kill Cersei but I get that they have to keep Arya in the mix. I think it would be hilarious to bring Daario back now that Dany is with Jon. Did Dany get the prophecy with 3 fires, mounts, and treasons in the show? I can’t remember. If so, have we seen them come true? I liked that as soon as he became her equal, Gendry asked Arya to marry him. Glad that Varys finally got some useful lines!
  14. He changed his mind after hearing of the ambush at sea. He knows he’s the one to kill Cersei and will probably die in the process. he doesn’t want Brienne to mourn him
  15. Not really. Jaime didn’t call Tyrion out on his virginity. He merely set up the scene. But your point about irony is still valid.
  16. Yelled “oh dear god” twice at the stupidity of the Brienne/Jaime scene. Goaded into sex by Tyrion? Yuck!
  17. 1. Maybe he needed to know in case Sam and Bran died in the battle 3. Bran was just waiting to forgive Jaime to end his redemption arc. Probably Jaime plays a bigger role in final battle and Westeros moving forward and needed to have closure with Bran to do so. I think that the reason so many of the named characters have survived is to do just that. iron islands— Yara North — Sansa westerlands — Tyrion Vale — Robin Riverlands — Edmure stormlands — Gendry (and Arya?) Reach — Brienne and Jaime (they’ve shown a desire to give fans what they want so Jaime + Brienne is definitely happening, though I don’t like that) Dorne — Greyworm and Missandei Last Hearth — Tormund
  18. I was kinda glad that the Dothraki died so quickly. Not a big fan of their culture of attacking people and raping women. However, was hoping to see some wight cavalry attacking Winterfell, which would have been cool. I thought Bran went away to summon the NK... Is he though? Now that the NK is done, does he serve any real purpose? I guess we’ll see. BTW, I wish they’d left Varys in KL to spy on Cersei. He has done nothing useful in the north.
  19. I assume it’s because the outside walls are too thick to punch through but the inside walls are thinner. AA is a R’hllor related prophecy and TPTWP is Targaryen/the Seven. They could be referring to the same person or situation, but told from different religious or cultural narratives. His family being slaughtered was his fault not his punishment. Not a Rhaegar fan!
  20. This might be a source of debate in the next episode of Sansa vs. Dany. Regarding the battle, I am no military tactician but...shouldn’t they have used the trebuchets before the Dothraki rode out? Or shouldn’t they have started with dragons burning all the wights? The dragons didn’t start spewing fire until the wights were mixed with the people so some good guys probably got burned. Also, the moment Dany found out that Jon could ride Rhaegal, shouldn’t she have tried to teach him how to dracarys? Might have made Jon more useful in the battle
  21. I don’t think any of those 4 are dead. We would have seen final shots of their bodies with dramatic music. agree on the Bran disappointment.
  22. I agree with your sentiments. I did not think that Drogon died. I thought he was mourning Jorah and wounded. But I could be wrong. If he did die it would be nice to see Dany lead without the threat of dragons. I liked that Theon and Jorah got proper ends. I liked that Dany finally showed some emotion and it was for Jorah. It’s hard to believe that Arya snuck up on the Night King like that but I can buy that he became arrogant in his victory. I was kinda hoping that Bran would slit his own throat and that would kill the NK and the WWs.
  23. Yes, but maybe that Ned promised to tell Jon about his mother the next time they saw each other...and they never met again. He may not be comfortable with that type of promise. Also, maybe he thought it more honorable that she have full information now, rather than letting her dragons and army save the world and then “stating his claim”.
  24. Love this! Just like what Robb Stark did in season 1
  25. Maybe they didn't feel a need for a Stark scene because they will all survive? I think that Theon, Jorah, and Jaime are all being set up for heroic deaths, so they need to have settled their other biz. Theon showed Sansa, whom he watched being raped during his time as Reek, that he is back to being Theon; Jorah reconnected with his family and gave some final good advice to Dany; Jaime apologized to Bran, knighted Brienne, and had some time with his brother. I actually enjoyed Arya + Gendry (though I was totally not expecting it). It was not overly graphic, but at the same time showed how much she had grown up. Plus, I'm just happy that SOMEONE is having sex with a person who is not a close relative! Now, if only they could give Arya a flattering hairstyle, I would be happy. I was actually worried that Brienne would be the one who wanted to lose her virginity before the war, but the knighthood was a much better scene for her. I think she smiled for the first time in the series! I did wonder if Arya is being set up to die, but I think she might end with a pregnancy. It would be cool if the person who has been so attached to death for so long could end up with a life growing inside of her. It was nice seeing Gilly again! Lots of feels tonight, and her scene with the little girl who wants to fight was touching. Who knew Pod could sing? A man of many talents!
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