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  1. You missed the part about Aemond threatening to have his dragon burn them. Not a big deal for most people but Vhagar just burned the girls’ mother so that was pretty vicious. I do think the Blacks children and portrayed more favorably in general, but it makes sense. Luke and Jace have not been taught to hate their uncles, while Aemond and Aegon have. Naturally the younger ones are not as viscous. They did bully Aemond in the previous episode, but I got the sense that they learned that from Aegon, not their mother.
  2. They might replace Addam with Laenor returning.
  3. Just as I was complaining (yelling at the tv because I am watching alone) about the murder of Laenor and the speed of Rhaenyra and Daemon getting remarried, they completely threw me for a loop with the last scene. Might be the happiest ending possible, but could in the future raise questions about the legitimacy of Rhaenyra and Daemon’s children. Very sad funeral for Laena. I liked Jace going to comfort his cousins, even if he had to be prodded to do so. But someone needs to take scissors to the boy’s bangs… Daemon giggling was stupid and unnecessary. Apparently Alicent is talking openly to both her sons about Aegon becoming king, since Aemond referred to Helaena as Aegon’s future queen… Really enjoyed Aemond claiming the dragon. I think it made more sense to show this one than Laena’s claiming. It gave me more respect for the boy and was reminiscent of Harry Potter first flying his broom. The fight that led to the maiming was well done. Even though I knew what would happen, it was suspenseful. The aftermath was also suspenseful, but once again, someone gets away with treason— l this time Alicent. At least this time Criston showed a lick of sense. By the way, Graham McTavish is criminally underutilized…
  4. They would probably say it’s a sign that the gods are against her and use that to justify disinheritance
  5. I think it’s because Daemon was introduced as a jerk whereas the others were treated more gently at the start of the series
  6. Yes, but that’s a big deal isn’t it? It’s one thing for everyone to know about the affair with Harwin, but for Criston to change loyalties without everyone knowing there was a story behind it and discussing it is strange. And there is an easy logic to it too. Alicent pleaded his case after the wedding and in return he became her shield. But I think that should be mentioned.
  7. Like some others, I felt the time skip was a little too much because it missed showing the relationship between Rhaenyra and Harwin and Daemon and Laena, as well as Laenor’s depression over Joffrey and Alicent’s descent into bitchiness. An episode in between would have been good. 6 pregnancies and a masturbation scene. Somewhere, D&D are shaking their heads at the missed opportunities for graphic sex scenes… The ladies aged up so much but Criston Cole looks the same? I think a few grey hairs would have been in order. Speaking of him, I take it he is no longer Rhaenyra’s sworn shield? He wasn’t outside her bedchamber and he didn’t go with her to Dragonstone. But it’s strange that it’s not mentioned at all. Another thing they could have covered in missing episode. I liked the introduction of the boys. Jace is my favorite character in the book so I look forward to seeing him. I did feel sorry for Aemond being bullied—I do like the fact that they have created some empathy for characters that I found insufferable in book. I did have expect his eye to go in this episode, but I guess Rhaenyra and family can come for a visit later on. I liked Laena and Harwin but I agree that their deaths lacked the emotional punch because we didn’t see them long enough to get attached.
  8. Didn’t the High Septon nab Loras Tyrell for it in GoT?
  9. To be fair, who wouldn’t be? Man is hot and her husband is old!
  10. Paving the way for Cheese’s grand entrance into the story
  11. Btw, I was not able to post on previous episodes due to account issues so I will say it here. The opening credits would be better if they displayed a family tree from Aegon the conqueror down to this generation and added children as they were born.
  12. I really love this series so far. Really gripping episode IMO and nice setup for blacks vs. greens in the future. Gotta say, if I had not read the novella, I would be Team Alicent all the way. They have done a great job of making her someone sympathetic to root for. At the same time, they have created enough doubt about Rhaenyra to make it a true choice between the two women. I also like the Criston Cole storyline and how he became Team Alicent. Although I know the future, I was genuinely afraid he might kill himself. That’s good direction! I’m so glad he offed Joffrey. I was thinking “that doofus gots to go!” But Laenor named his youngest after him, so I guess he does get to linger in that sense. I gotta say that the changed/added storylines in this show seem much better than those in GoT. How the hell did Laena age so much when Rhaenyra and Alicent still look so young? also Viserys looks too sick for someone who has to hang around for another 16 years!
  13. Lots of insightful comments here but I am surprised at how many people thought Daemon’s violence against the criminals was random. Seems to me that they are paving the way for Blood and Cheese.
  14. This will make the Jaime-Brienne shippers very happy. Very nicely researched!
  15. I think they only punished Jon because that was the only way to keep him alive. And even if they wanted to renege after the Unsullied left. Jon is a man of honor to a fault and would not.
  16. Grey Worm and Yara were both pretty passionate supporters of Dany, I thought. I agree that it’s sad that Sam will not write positive stories about Dany, but it’s a sad fact of life that history books are written by victors and are not always reflective of what really happened.
  17. I wonder if they changed the ending when they realized in season 7 that there was no chemistry between Dany and Jon . They then gave a “romantic” ending to Jaime and Cersei (who, right or wrong, have good chemistry together) and the killing of the mad queen to Jon and Dany.
  18. I actually thought the Jon/Dany stabbing scene was more suited to Jaime/Cersei. I didn’t really feel the sense of tragedy because Jon has only briefly loved Dany. Jaime stabbing Cersei is what I suspect will happen in the books, and it will be very sad because we know that he’s loved her all his life. I think the fact that those other killings were not a problem for Tyrion and us was exactly the point. Killing the slaver and reneging on the bargain was dishonorable but we didn’t care because he was a slaver. Same with the masters who were crucified—they were just awful. It reminds me of the “first they came for...” posts that you see all the time. Of course, some people have questioned Dany’s acts right from the beginning, so my comment doesn’t apply to everyone.
  19. My thought was that he was escorting the wildlings back home I thought Drogon took her to Dragonstone, where she was born. There is no new lord there so she can Rest In Peace. I laughed too. Their house will be gone in one generation
  20. They are used to defending themselves with strong city and castle walls and no one has adapted to the fact that they are dealing with a dragon, not soldiers on foot or horse. Cersei invited them in to protect themselves by coming within castle walls, so they are all doing so. Normally, people out in the open would be at risk, but instead they have become sitting ducks for Drogon to burn.
  21. I agree regarding his rings. The little spiders can get good money for those rings. I think he was having Martha poison Dany. He said something about trying again at dinner time.
  22. Except now, killing the child would have no purpose for the plot.
  23. That was my takeaway. Actually, I wish Dany had executed Martha too. That could have led to her believing that even children are not innocent. In turn that could have led to her justification (to herself) of the massacre.
  24. I enjoyed CleganeBowl, but only because it was impossible for Sandor to succeed without dying himself. He had to “dig two graves...” I have always been a fan of Jaime and Cersei dying together, but imagined a murder suicide situation. To make it work, they should have skipped the Jaime/Brienne sex or given him some sort of jolt to make him realize that although he liked and admired Brienne, he belonged with Cersei. I also did not like Cersei ‘s blubbering at the end. I am fine with her showing some emotion to her twin that she would never show others, but this was uncharacteristic. Also, she should have been looking for Jaime in the crowd. One of the things I really liked in AFFC was that Cersei never lost faith that Jaime would return to save her, even though we knew he crumpled up her letter. More of that feeling would have made their end work better. This felt unearned. I also agree with others that she needed a monologue and a bigger belly.
  25. I got the impression that their strength was related to Dany’s feelings. Here, she’s furious, so Drogon’s flames are powerful. In the previous episode she is victorious and complacent, and Rhaegal and Drogon are weak.
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