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  1. The Mother was not at all merciful tonight. That was epic!!! Almost every cast member was represented. I thought that Melisandre never looked more beautiful than the moment she looked at the melting icicles with glee. She completely thought that it justified her sacrifice of Shireen. Then to find out that half of Stannis’s men deserting him would have been a real shock. But it pissed me off when she left Stannis before the battle. I liked that Selyse committed suicide. It made me think for a moment that Stannis could remarry and produce more heirs. Boy, was that wrong! At first, I thought they sold Stannis short by not showing the battle, but I’m glad they had him kill off two other people before he died. And I’m glad that Brienne killed him, not either of the Boltons. Whatever he did, Stannis deserved to die at the hands of someone honorable. I didn’t like how they cut away to Ramsay killing some random person, though. I thought it was disrespectful (and I’m not a Stannis fan). Stannis deserved a fully on-screen death. RIP House Baratheon. I was okay with Sam asking to go to Old Town, but in the books, I liked that Jon immediately took leadership decisions like sending him (and the others away). It really brought “Kill the Boy” out for me. When Theon pushed that horrible girl Myranda, I literally jumped up and chanted, “Theon! Theon!” Good riddance! I’m so, so, so glad they kept the jump--it’s one of my favorite moments in the book. However, that was a much higher wall than I imagined in the book. Not sure how they could survive that one. Ninja Arya was AWESOME! The way she leaped onto Meryn Trant was very well done—I wonder if that was Maisie or a stunt person. I think that his may have been the most satisfying death so far in the show. I initially objected to D&D making him a pedophile, because I thought it was unnecessary to portray him as so evil, but it worked for the scene. Arya’s acting at the “death”of Jaqen was probably Maisie’s best acting all year. So glad they kept her blindness. Looking forward to that next season. Dorne: The moment that Jaime and Myrcella had that father-daughter moment (which I loved BTW), I was very afraid that he would die. However, Myrcella dying in his arms was very moving and could be the impetus for more Jaime action in the future. I’m glad that Ellaria also died too (I’m assuming that she swallowed more of the poison, not an antidote), though I would have liked to see Doran punish her. (However, I wasn’t sure if Doran supported the murder because he nodded for Elalria to come forward and wish Myrcella farewell.) She picked the MOST INNOCENT of the Lannisters to die. I doubt very much that Oberyn would have approved. However, this does leave Trystane open to marry Dany, whose husband conveniently died in the previous episode. Meereen: Daario as the voice of reason? WTF? But I felt that it ended up well. Tyrion does belong in the city, trying to rule. I think I will enjoy Jorah and Daario on the road together. Perhaps Jorah will give him grayscale! The reunion of Tyrion and Varys promises some funny dialogue in the future! I liked that they ended with Dany meeting the khalasar. Not sure why she got rid of her ring, though. It’s not like they wouldn’t recognize her… Cersei Confession and Walk: LENA. HEADEY. ROCKS. A very courageous portrayal. Just like in the books, that scene made me like her more than ever. She brilliantly portrayed how Cersei started with her head held high and ended up afraid and humiliated. I just wish we had the benefit of her thoughts, though of course that would not work with this medium. I thought that the scene would be rushed due to time, but it was long enough for it to uncomfortable and to see the range of emotions that were necessary. I have to confess that I did laugh a little at the Septa’s continual chants of “Shame!” I got a mental picture of the actress going to her next audition and explaining that she was the Shame lady in GOT and that although she had one line, she said it 20 times. I hope we see more of Kevan Lannister in the next season. It will be nice to see him right the season and Varys return to off him. Now that 2 of her children are dead, we can also see Cersei’s true descent into madness.. I’m so glad they kept Jon’s Julius Caesar moment. It was fantastic! Interesting that they used Benjen as a lure for him. I guess D&D do believe that the audience can remember and related to things in Season 1. That’s great, but it makes me miss the Jaime/Tyrion/Tysha reveal all the more. My only concern was that his eyes were open at the end. That usually signifies death in TV and movies. I know about the Melisandre resurrects him theories, but I was hoping to avoid that.
  2. Stannis is free to remarry and have more children! But will it happen?
  3. I like the references to Cersei burning down cities, because it supports the idea of Jaime eventually killing her Valonquar-style. (BTW, I wonder if we'll get the rest of the Maggy scene next week?) I always hated that Jaime abandoned Cersei when she called for his help, because I felt it was motivated by her infidelity. It's a fine reason for him to be pissed off, but not sufficient for him to leave her to die IMO. (I remember yelling WTF and various versions of that when I read that part in AFFC.) I do believe that he will eventually kill her, but having him do it to save the city is much more satisfying than his motive being jealousy. Also, given that Myrcella seems to be fully Team-Martell, I wonder if they are setting up a Jaime & Myrcella vs Cersei &Tommen clash. In particular, if Tommen launches an attack against the Faith and initiates some sort of massacre, becoming Joffrey 2.0, I can see Jaime thinking Myrcella would be a better ruler than him. The Dance of the Lions. But this is pure speculation on my part.
  4. I tried to quote a bunch of stuff, but it didn’t work for some reason, so sorry for some redundancies. • I thought this was an excellent episode for acting for all characters. I feel like some of the direction the actors get is “look completely expressionless”—this especially applies to Dany, Sansa, and Arya--and I think that has hurt the show. However, when they are allowed to show expressions, the results are great. The North • Very happy for the inclusion of “Egg, I dreamed I was old,” as well as the reminder that Maester Aemon was a Targ (for the non-book readers). They’ve left out a number of my favorite quotes, so happy to hear that one. RIP Maester Aemon. • Theon-Sansa interaction was fantastic. I hope Sansa soons finds out the true extent of Theon’s damage. I also enjoyed Sansa needling Ramsay about his bastard status, though I expected her to remind him of how valuable she is to him. • 2 mentions of Balon Greyjoy! Suggests that he and Yara will come back into the storyline and D&D are reminding the show-watchers about him. • Masterful misdirection in Theon climbing the stairs—only to go directly to Ramsay, rather than helping Sansa. I really thought he would try to help her and then be intercepted by Ramsay and tortured. Having him willingly give her up was more powerful. • Someone mentioned the idea that Brienne would be flayed. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ramsay try to hunt Brienne and having her kill his dogs and then go after him! The other women he hunted were relatively helpless—Brienne is not. • Stannis—Melisandre interaction: Part of me hopes Stannis will sacrifice Shireen because that would be a great OMG WTF moment that this season needs. On the other hand, if Stannis chooses to send Melisandre back to the Wall for her suggestion, then she will be available to help Jon after the assassination/attempt. • I actually didn’t have a problem with the attempted rape of Gilly. In fact, I’ve been wondering how she has managed to survive so long at the Wall without being attacked. Of course, if the attempt had been successful, I would probably not have been okay with it. It helped illustrate the danger to Sam and Gilly and gave us a reminder that the direwolves exist (since we won’t see Summer until next year and Nymeria is AWOL.) I only hope that they don’t make Sam abandon the Watch to leave with Gilly. I also thought the sex scene afterwards was okay. Gilly seems to be unfortunately used to abuse, and clearly values Sam’s life and safety above her own. Given the danger that they are in, I thought it made sense for her to have sex with him while they still could. In fact, I found myself chanting, “Fat pink mast!” the whole time. Meereen • I loved Jorah entering the fighting pits and the reveal to Dany. However, Dany’s reaction pissed me off. If, after losing Barristan, and being surrounded by people giving her conflicting advice, she isn’t at least a little happy at the return of Jorah, then she deserves the chaos that she is facing. Even though Jorah initially betrayed, her, she’s got to understand that he advised her well • I actually like Dany and Daario’s love scenes, perhaps because it’s one of the few places she doesn’t get the “act expressionless” direction. King’s Landing • Really excellent scenes IMHO, which may be related to the presence of several very experienced actors. This season, Jonathan Pryce is MVP among new characters, Lena Headey among the regulars. Diana Rigg, Natalie Dormer, and Aiden Gillen are also very experienced. • The scene with Cersei and Tommen reminded me so much of the scene in Season 1 between Cersei and Joffrey. I think that Tommen will start a war with the Faith and be killed by them in the process, allowing for Myrcella to claim the throne. Unlike others, I thought Cersei was quite sincere in her statement that she would d anything for her children. The tear down her face (when Tommen was not able to see) suggested that to me. • I assumed that LF’s gift of a handsome young man was Lancel. However, I don’t know how he would know anything about Lancel and Cersei’s affair or Lancel’s role in the murder of Robert. (Tyrion and Bronn seem the most likely – other than Lancel—to reveal the affair. Tyrion chose not to do so, but Bronn still might tell Jaime about it.) Also, as others have mentioned, if Lancel had previously confessed his sins, what could LF tell QoT that would cause the High Sparrow to act? Gendry doesn’t make a lot of sense either, since reveal Tommen as a bastard would not help Marg or Loras in any way. QoT wants revenge on Cersei, but she want the safety of her grandchildren first and foremost. I did wonder if LF could be keeping (f)Aegon somewhere, ready to be unleashed and wed to Marg, but I’m not sure that’s realistic. • Cersei being thrown into a cell was the PERFECT way to end the episode. Dorne • Myrcella is more whiny in the show than in the book, but I can live with that. I did like her statement to Jaime that he does not know her. Like others have said, I think he will tell her the truth (or at least contemplate it) • I was okay with the Tyene gratuitous nudity—which I normally don’t support. I thought it was good characterization to separate the Sand Snakes from each other. Obara is straightforward and blunt. Tyene is the seductress. Now, we need to see what Nym’s approach is. However, since she didn’t let Bronn die, it felt a little like the scene went nowhere. I do like the suggestion that they will play out the Arianne/Darkstar roles. Will wait to see where this heads.
  5. They do seem to be going out of their way to make Dany seem heavy-handed, but I think we'll see a scene with Dany and Hiz that makes it more even with them or he will come to see the advantages of the match. The way she talked about being wrong and him being right about the pits seemed to me like an attempt to treat him with respect and like an equal (sorta). I don't think we got to see enough of his reaction to know whether he's relieved, upset, or excited about the marriage, so I'll hold off on labeling it as rape for now.
  6. Does Show Cersei believe that Sansa has something to do with Joffrey's murder? I could be wrong, but I think she blames Tyrion only. Of course, I didn't do a season 4 re-watch before season 5 started so I could be wrong.
  7. Victim of the Double Post disease that has been plaguing this thread.
  8. Not sure if this counts for you, but Tyrion said it right after the Red Wedding, or some variation. I created a lot of furor on this board.
  9. Wherever he is, I hope Bran is getting a better haircut!
  10. Dany will justify it by saying she didn't kill him, the dragon did. That's how she justified it in an earlier episode. "My dragons made no such promise and you threatened their mother." I know. I was surprised that Roose didn't mention it. I was happy with the stone men being included--that was fun. I really expected a mention that Tyrion had previously met Jorah's dad at the Wall and didn't believe the concerns about white walkers. That would have been a nice tie-in to season 1. I've seen a lot of comments about the lack of subtlety in the show,but from my experience watching other shows without the benefit of having read the book on which they are based, subtlety is difficult in this type of story, with so many twists and Characters, in this medium.
  11. LOL I read the transcript and it's hilarious how all the names are distorted. I read somewhere that there is a new trend around television shows, specifically dramas, in that they are designed to be re-watched multiple times because that is how people are consuming television now.
  12. I never thought I'd miss Arianne, but the Dorne ladies were annoying.
  13. Good call. Plus, they can whitewash Jon a little because he won't have to force Gilly to leave behind her baby.
  14. Given the amount of time/dialog allocated to Dany's story, there just isn't enough time for Barristan, Tyrion, Jorah, and Daario. Someone had to go, and at this time Barristan probably made the most sense. I don't like it, but I think there are things that have to be done for a TV adaptation, particularly one that is 10 episodes per season. I think it was more about getting him out of town while she arranged for Loras's arrest. I tell you, now that I've lowered my expectations of faithfulness to the original story and even a tightly written script, I'm enjoying the show a lot more than I have since Season 1. Likes: Jaime getting out of doing any hard work due to his one hand. A the same time, stopping a sword with it. I also like the Jaime going to rescue his daughter story more as a valid reason for not going to rescue Cersei than I did him running around the Riverlands with Brienne. At the same time, I loved the look on his face when they saw Tarth. NCW is an awesome actor and should have been put forth by D&D for an emmy for some of his work on this show. Stannis as father. I know it's not book Stannis and rather out of character, but I still like it. I feel like Davos is getting shut out. They'd better give him something useful to do soon! Jorah tossing Tyrion around. Wondering if that was a stunt person or Dinklage getting manhandled. Jorah may serve as good alcohol rehab for Tyrion, who was irritating for most of ADWD. Dislike: I really thought Barristan was going to tell the whole Knight of the Laughing Tree story... I hope it comes out at some point. Too many Sand Snakes. Since they all seem alike (and similar to Ellaria) I'm not sure we needed all three. In the book, they all had different skills and personalities but that doesn't seem to apply here. None will get enough screen time. But I'm willing to wait and see. Melisandre's lack of subtlety with Jon. I literally burst out laughing when she bared her breasts to him. Seduce him, yes, but a little more subtlety, please. I didn't buy that Cersei would let Tommen go by himself into danger. Even people who HATE Cersei think she loves her children. That seemed out of character. As someone mentioned above, the Sparrows are too much like ISIS. I liked them better when they were genuinely trying to protect the smallfolk, septons, and septas. I also thought it was out of character for Cersei to suggest rearming them. I would have liked to see her try to win the High Sparrow over and then begrudgingly allow them to rearm. Also would have liked to see her convince Tommen to sign a decree to that effect.
  15. Perhaps he's using her as bait to get the North to rise against the Boltons. Also, he can now tell Cersei that Sansa ran away to WInterfell from KL and the Boltons are sheltering her. There goes the Boltons' cover from KL.
  16. Ser Barristan and Grey Worm fighting off the Sons of the Harpy is the most exciting thing on GOT in a while. Profanities galore came out of my mouth. Now that's a change from the book that was powerful!
  17. I am thrilled to be in the company of Stannis, the rightful king of the 7 Kingdoms. It's like Lara from Dr. Zhivago. And thanks for the song. Would love to hear you sing it! Maybe a YouTube video? ;)
  18. In real life, names do get pronounced differently by people. But in a TV show where it's hard enough to keep track of people and places, I feel like taking an hour to pronounce all new names,recording it, sharing it with the cast and crew, and asking people to be ask consistent as possible would be time we'll spent. It doesn't have to match GRRM necessarily, it just has to be consistent.
  19. I noticed the same thing. However, they do tend to pronounce names inconsistently in the show (e.g., Tyrells are pronounced 2 different ways in the same conversation in Season 3). Also, when GRRM pronounces Cersei, it sounds more like Ser-Say to me and they all say Ser-See on the show. So GRRM's pronunciation may be different in Cerwyn's case too...
  20. I believe Ser Muradin’s post was less about a teenager having sex and more about D&D’s use of a classic soap opera ploy of rapidly aging up a character so that you can include more mature storylines. It’s frankly a little lazy IMHO. However, Natalie Dormer has mentioned in interviews that there was a scene in last season that she was uncomfortable doing because Tommen’s character was approx 13 at the time, and they ended up changing that scene. I’m assuming it’s the scene when she sneaks into Tommen’s bed room and presumably she was supposed to engage in some sort of sex act with him. I’m glad they didn’t end up showing that, but it would have made the transition from sweet, innocent (love my kittens) Tommen to “I want to have sex all the time” Tommen less jarring. Also, if Tommen was 13 last season, it appears they didn’t rapidly age him up much because Show-Tommen was 8 in the first season. However, if Tommen is only 13, then how is he ruling Westeros in his own right and without a regent? This whole ambiguous age thing is kinda annoying, but maybe also related to fact that actors age faster than characters.
  21. I'm wondering if Bronn will also take on the role of telling Jaime about Cersei's infidelity with Lancel. Something has to happen to make Jaime finally break up with Cersei. On a side note, I kinda miss the part in Tommen's wedding when Cersei and Jaime were terrified about Tyrion jumping out and killing him. And then Cersei refused to dance with Jaime. Utterly unimportant to the plot and they were probably right not to include it, but I liked their vulnerability as parents in that moment and then immediately wanted to throttle Cersei for being such a jerk.
  22. I actually like the fact that they showed the Septon in the brothel to demonstrate his hypocrisy and corruption, rather than just referring to it. Show vs. Telling works for television. However, it's the choices they make in how to show stuff that sometimes bothers me. They seem to consistently show things in the most graphic manner possible, usually objectifying women. The crotch zoom in this case, the brothel scene with the unsullied in the first episode, the rape at Craster's Keep that they decided to show on screen (because apparently if they showed a girl being dragged into another room, we wouldn't have understood that she was being raped), etc. The rare exception is the mutilation and many scenes of torture for Theon. I don't think the answer is more male nudity, BTW, but I gotta wonder why lingering full frontal nudity was necessary to get the point across in this scene.
  23. Oh yes, definitely pervs. Full frontal female nudity for no real purpose. And to add insult to injury, they do it at the cost of really interesting stuff. They wasted time on that scene that could have been used on the Jane's execution, including the original plan to hang him and then Jon remembering the Stark way. I always liked that part. I thought it made sense actually because it makes the future walk of shame less misogynistic and more about the way they punish all people. My objection to making her younger is that there are not many roles for older actresses, so why take away this one? Plot wise, it may not really matter. Is it improved acting or is it just that the character is now allowed to do something other than sulk and scowl? Mostly good about the changes made, even though I prefer the book version. Have come to accept that the show plots are not as tight (but they also didn't take 10 years to write each season). One question --Why bother coloring Sansa's hair that awful color if they didn't really hide her as Alayne in the Vale or Winterfell?
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