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  1. this. in fact, the thing that i kept thinking throughout the episode is that they are really making the watch look good. not like a rag tag bunch of losers and crooks but real men doing what needs to be done. i think they needed their moment since they really have looked like a weak bunch of idiots so far. i also thought the horn blowing off screen was stannis arriving. i still think it's him - it was not the watch and it wasn't the wildings, so we'll see stannis next week for the end of season cliff hanger. that really does make sense when you think about it.
  2. aye. and he said what he could have had if just said the word. hmmmmmm.
  3. aw sam, you sweetie. it is indeed open to interpretation. and yeah, ygritte seems to really be trying to prove something. poor girl.
  4. yes, the dress was overkill. also hard to see how arya gets on the boat to braavos. i like that the show is throwing surprises at the bookreaders. i agree. the episode seemed to be a "let's tie up loose ends" episode. also, what was up with the beetle conversation? i'll have to rewatch it since i'm sure it's meant to convey something.
  5. get out of here!!!!!! the lemoncakes are going to lose it. in all honesty, it's happening too quickly. we knew it was coming for sansa but it feels like it happened overnight. one day she's crying because lysa's squeezng her hand too hard and the next she's walking around like the master game player. far too fast.
  6. what!!!!!! sansa thought of it herself????? sansa's playing the game already? hmmmmm.
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