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    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Completely agree with this take on Tywin. The best view we have of this character in the books is from his children, and all of them have "issues" that would tend to cloud the picture.
  2. shaggydork

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    I think Cersei is gaming Tyrion. She is being insincere, which shouldn't be a surprise. It seems to have worked given Tyrion's reaction at the end of the scene. Cersei is very clever; it's interesting how this scene is juxtaposed with Tywin's comparison of Arya to her.
  3. shaggydork

    How would you rate episode 207?

    Good, 7/10, although a step down from last week. The Jon/Ygritte scenes were a little slow. I'm becoming disappointed with the north-of-the-wall setting--too barren. Arya/Tywin scenes were outstanding as usual. I am totally buying his interest in her, although it's superficially unlikely. I'm enjoying Qarth (and Dany's story in general) more than I did in the books, but Dany herself is coming across as a bit too crazy. I get that they're playing up the "coin flip" Targaryen sanity, but I think it might be hurting the character.