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  1. Ser Harwyn "Hardstone" Plumm (obv) Ser Forley Prester Ser Lothor Brune Mary Mertyns Martyn Rivers Ulmer of the Kingswood
  2. Is the "6 dragons to visit Winterfell" story from the main series no longer canon and just a story? or is it just 6 Targs and not physical dragons? The only time it could have been possible for 6 dragons is before Rhaena's death but then she avoided court life for her last decade or so. The formation of the Company of the Rose was another aspect I'd hope to read more on but not mentioned either.
  3. Didn't they say Alys had a dragon already? I imagine Cannibal is already there if its him or a new dragon which has less than 20 years to grow before the extinction date. Old P&Q said Viserys never became a dragon rider? Baela would be the first dragonrider to have a 2nd mount? This is why I thought the first quote was referring to an affair between the two causing strife as opposed to more dragonriding. Interesting if we get another clash of dragons before 153!
  4. I'm picturing Alliser Thorne as Mr Strickland now.... The Redfort entry claims Mychel Redfort is Horton's heir but he is actually his youngest son. In the Stonehelm entry, it says that the current lord is Clifford Swann (as per Dance's appendix) and that his sons are Donnel and Balon. Whatever happened to Gulian Swann and his sons; Donnel and Balon?
  5. The Kingswood Brotherhood entry claims they were terrorizing during the reign of Aerys I instead of Aerys II.
  6. A question for Ran: The "New Info" symbol that appears on the entries and disappears when you read the entry. Was this new to the last big update in the Spring? I don't remember it as a feature before the update so I'm wondering when the next update comes along will it wipe all my reading progress? I just remember I had to go through every entry again just to make sure I hadn't missed anything.
  7. It is only available on Apple Products. Android still doesn't have it. Luckily my girlfriend has an iPad!
  8. Will the wiki be closed to editing from the 28th for a little while? I imagine many summer children steaming in to be the first to add new information.
  9. The Hornwood entry claims that Lord Manderly is courting the widowed Donella. From the text in the books, this doesn't appear to have been the case. This doesn't sound right in the Karhold entry either: "After the execution of Lord Rickard Karstark, the current lord of Karhold, his uncle Arnolf..."
  10. The Eastwatch entry claims there are only 18 castles on the Wall.
  11. Didn't Jeor explain to Jon that he took the black so Jorah could take over? The bequeathing Longclaw chapter? ( In AGoT, Jeor said he was acquainted with Stannis which must have been from RR and Stannis wouldn't be the type to hang out with 'new loyalists'. I speculated that Jeor was part of the force to take Dragonstone since he must have some naval experience to add to the effort.)
  12. Brilliant, thanks for the update. The release is still August, yeah? I wonder if the update will be another general addition of new characters/locales or a focus on Dunk & Egg bits...
  13. Ran, is there any update plans for the app or is everything on hold until after TWOIAF is released?
  14. I think GRRM may have changed Arianne I to AM reminiscing about the conversation with Doran and to move things along, we get a better introduction to her escort and we get a DotD foreshadowing at Ghost Hill.
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