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  1. Will the wiki be closed to editing from the 28th for a little while? I imagine many summer children steaming in to be the first to add new information.
  2. Didn't Jeor explain to Jon that he took the black so Jorah could take over? The bequeathing Longclaw chapter? ( In AGoT, Jeor said he was acquainted with Stannis which must have been from RR and Stannis wouldn't be the type to hang out with 'new loyalists'. I speculated that Jeor was part of the force to take Dragonstone since he must have some naval experience to add to the effort.)
  3. I think GRRM may have changed Arianne I to AM reminiscing about the conversation with Doran and to move things along, we get a better introduction to her escort and we get a DotD foreshadowing at Ghost Hill.
  4. Can Prince Daemon Targaryen be changed to the only Daemon Targaryen now? With the new excerpt, the first Daemon Targaryen is now Daemion Targaryen. I tried to do it but it was going to making me delete Daemion even though his name has been changed.
  5. That was Beric's seventh life. I know the Faith isn't R'hllor but it feels like it is the last life of the miracle and 7 is a holy number. Which Mountain Man do we think the older big bellied man is? I don't think it was Dunsen because it would have distracted Arya from Raff. He did swear enough for Shitmouth. Tobbot? Eggon?
  6. Who is the Septon and the Maester mentioned? They weren't in Arianne I.
  7. I think this needs updating. {{Date| }} The resulting link is still AL. Didn't GRRM confirm that the correct term is now AC?
  8. It is definitely Ser Andrew Estermont that helps escort Edric Storm to safety, I read the chapter last week. While on the topic of Estermonts, has there been any further clarification of their family tree? As ASoS, AFfC and ADwD appendices all contradict each other. I'd assume ADwD is the canon one now but I was wondering if it had been clarified at all.
  9. Doran still has Trystane in Dorne so he still has an heir if anything does happen to Arianne but I think it is a matter of trust by sending her. She needs to be of some use otherwise the Sandsnakes are doing all the leg work and if she is ever expected to rule, she needs to contribute to the game.
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