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  1. Filming on Game of Thrones (for actors) takes so little time though. Bronn has so few scenes he could still do it.
  2. The programme has taken to use accents (for the most part as an identifier). The North of Westeros (for the most part) is the North of England. And there are quite a lot of Northern actors in the show, but as I said, even within the small part of North-West (Lancashire different from Yorkshire), even within the same town, there can be differences in the pronunciation of names. So it does reflect reality, from which common sense hails.
  3. Because people in England all speak the same? ;) People pronounce things differently in different streets. 'Look' can be pronounced three different ways in the North West of England. It's all perfectly reasonable. England (for whatever reason) has so much variation that consistency in towns/families is not always there. The show in my eyes is quite realistic in this regard.
  4. It's life. Names get pronounced differently, even by the name person depending on whom they are speaking to. I like it, just as I liked what sounded like Welsh accents in Volantis.
  5. Yes, go to your username top right, then manage ignore prefs. It's my most used profile tool in this forum. ;)
  6. I'lljust agree to disagree then. The problem I have is that so many have such illogical and limited understanding of a great many things, adapting a complex work like Ice and Fire primary amongst them that there is nothing to be gained from debate, since understanding is in short supply. I tend to ignore the more laborious ones, but they tend to try and invest a lot threads. Even the casting threads which I favour.
  7. Littlefinger is a plate-spinner, not omniscient. He is perhaps the best plate-spinner in the entire show. Quite understandable considering his steady rise to power and temperate disposition. The question is, how many plates can he maintain for how long.
  8. I think Theon has had some realistic sex scenes, and they are (were :D ) not shy about showing his todger.
  9. I have a different view, that's the culture being presented. In the time when they can stick men naked up there, they do, Olvyvar, Dario etc.
  10. I know, my point is that I disagree and believe it is. Marg is a person of power and she objectifies men.
  11. It's the dynamic of the culture. Men rule WEsteros so women are objectified, but when we see women in power (Marg, Dani, Cersei), men are objectified. It's even.
  12. I watched it. Wow yeah, five at the front, four at the back. Bit of a huge mistake there.
  13. Until he isn't or is referenced in the third episode, we don't know, do we?
  14. There is some merit in that article. By necessity the programme needs to be tighter and they have hacked away at large chunks. We now have two versions of the great story. :D
  15. That is further along in the plot, and the book. I am talking about episode 2.
  16. When I mean that Kevan could take it, that isdown to his role as general of the Lannister armies and the de factor Lord of Casterly Rock, but it is not in his nature to cause further internecine conflict and weaken the family as a whole.
  17. There are no rules for it. It's just who has the most power and makes the play. In Westeros traditionally the Hand would act as the de facto regent. Kevan could take it away from Cersei, but he is not that foolish.
  18. Walk of Shame tomorrow....hope it's warm. :D
  19. Yars. I also like you in The Manchurian Candidate.
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