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  1. I loved this episode, but of course I love the series anyway. What's a bit annoying to me is..ok I might be entering troll territory here ..but: I am so sure if we were told this episode was written by someone who isn't GRRM, A LOT of people, -including Elio and Linda - would find so many things to bash. So many DOWNS and not so many TOPS. I can see how this board would be filled with "Cersei would NEVER say that!" "Varys giving a map to Tyrion lol, why do they think they are better writers than GRRM!" "Sandor and Bronn scene was SO WRONG!"... My point is..all these people who are now saying "this is how you adapt" are annoying the seven hells out of me. All episodes have this much diversions from the books, or had managed to keep the spirit of books to this degree overall. This episode was not so different than others in terns of adaptation or diversion from books.
  2. Book reader here, I gave it a 9, rated this as the highest this season so far. I'm watching the show with a friend who didn't read the books, so that probably helps me take it easy with diversions from the books. Just some random stuff after reading some posts in this thread: * Myrcella crying: Absolutely nitpicking her some you folks. Sure, they might have her smiling and laughing to show "her character" but this way it's much better to show non book readers (who has no idea where is this Dorne place, is that far?) that she is only going there because Tyrion thinks it must be done / it is not someplace close etc.. If she seemed not minding the situation at all, Cersei would look to be just bitcin' for the sake of it. * Littlefinger / Arya : For me, that scene was fun to watch but not exciting as I know Arya's storyline and I was comfortable knowing she won't get caught. My non book reader friend was all "omg omg he will recognize her.. omg look he knows it Arya!!!!" * Lorch / Arya / Jaqen: Forget what ı said. I knew Arya won't be caught yet I for got that for a second and was really worried about the situation when he was running off to tell Tywin. That death scene wasn't funny at all. * Robb/ Jeyne / Catelyn: Was happy that they are reminding people that Robb is promised to marry someone else. They should keep reminding to make the way to Red Wedding. * Riot: Loved those scenes too, I just wished they had introduced in High Septon previous episodes to make his death matter more. Church will be a player in future seasons so they could have made the septon a bit more important imo. * Dragon Stealing: LOVE it. I was bugged with noone ever trying to kill Dany and steal dragons -would love if someone explain it to me with something other than "Qarth culture" - also a nice way to get her into HotU.
  3. Herkese teşekkürler....de benim doğumgünüm 30 eylülde :) demek ki napıyomuşuz, facebookta hesap açarken nasılsa sık girmiyorum diye bilgileri sallamıyomuşuz.

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